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Who's your favorite actor/actress and your favorite film they were in??


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My favorite Actress by a smidge is Vivien Leigh for GWTW and my favorite actor is Gary Cooper---my favorite of his films is hard to pin down, I might say Garden of Evil one day or The Cowboy and The Lady on another. It's his whole body of work that makes me love to watch him.

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Wow...I have too many favorites. And usually, my favorites have a whole bunch of films I like to their credit - that is generally why they are favorites!


The best I can do is my top 4 actors, who I adore pretty much equally:


*Gary Cooper - Ball of Fire (although ask me tomorrow and I'll tell you Mr Deeds Goes to Town, and ask me the next day and I'll tell you Sergeant York).

*Errol Flynn - Captain Blood, with The Charge of the Light Brigade in second position.

*Charlie Chaplin - The Kid

*Rudolph Valentino - The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, with The Eagle in second position.

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Favorite Actress - Maureen O' Hara ----The Quiet Man.Also The Long Gray Line

Runnerups Linda Darnell - A Letter to Three Wives

Joan Bennett - Woman in the Window

Barbara Stanwyck - Double Indemnity

Eleanor Parker - Detective Story

Claire Trevor - Murder, My Sweet

I really don't have a favorite actor, but what I think are four good choices

John Wayne - The Searchers - Fort Apache

Henry Fonda - The Ox - Bow Incident - The Grapes of Wrath - Fort Apache

James Stewart - The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Winchester ' 73

Tyrone Power - The Long Gray Line


Honorable Mention

Gregory Peck - The Gunfighter

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Lon Chaney - "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"

Jimmy Stewart - "It's A Wonderful Life"

Takashi Shimura - "Ikiru"

Bela Lugosi - "Murders in the Rue Morgue"

James Dean - "Rebel Without A Cause"

Edward G. Robinson - "Little Caesar"

John Wayne - "Stagecoach"

James Cagney - "Angels With Dirty Faces"

Humphrey Bogart - "The Big Sleep"

Cary Grant - "Mother Goose"




Ingrid Bergman - "Notorious"

Barbara Stanwyck - "Double Indemnity"

Grace Kelly - "Rear Window"

Kate Winslet - "Finding Neverland"

Joan Crawford - "The Unknown"

Bette Davis - "The Petrified Forest"

Kim Novak - "Vertigo"

Fay Wray - "King Kong"

Claire Trevor - "Stagecoach"

Vivien Leigh - "Gone With The Wind"

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I'm going to cheat a little and have a musical and non-musical category.


fave Musical actor: Fred Astaire Easter Parade

fave musical actress: Judy Garland Meet Me in St. Louis


fave actor: Cary Grant Bringing Up Baby and North by Northwest

fave actress: Katharine Hepburn The Philadelphia Story


so hard!!!!


Sandy K

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My favorite actresses and films are:


Bette Davis~Little Foxes and Now Voyager

Katherine Hepburn~Alice Adams and Holiday

Claudette Colbert~Since You Went Away


My favorite actors and their films are:


Cary Grant~In Name Only, Penny Serenade

Gregory Peck~To Kill A Mockingbird and Roman Holiday

William Holden~Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

Jimmy Stewart~Harvey and It's A Wonderful Life


I could go on and on. Too hard to choose just one.

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Oh what fun! I'll do a list, too... :)




1. William Powell ::: My Man Godfrey


2. Robert Montgomery ::: Hide-Out (surprise!)


3. Bing Crosby ::: We're Not Dressing


4. Fred Astaire ::: Easter Parade


5. The Marx Brothers ::: A Night At The Opera


6. Gary Cooper ::: Ball of Fire


7. Cary Grant ::: Charade*


8. Frank Sinatra ::: High Society


9. Donald O'Connor ::: Singin' In The Rain


10. James Stewart ::: It's a Wonderful World


11. Gene Kelly ::: Anchors Aweigh


12. Bob Hope ::: The Ghostbreakers (# 12... Can you believe that?)


13. Tony Curtis ::: The Defiant Ones


That's all for now... I won't bore you with the actresses ;)


* I just saw Charade for the first time last night and thought it rocked! Go Cary Grant!

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Oh, this is fun!




1. Joan Crawford in: This Woman is Dangerous

2. Barbara Stanwyck in: Christmas in Connecticut

3. Marlene Dietrich in: Blonde Venus

4. Bette Davis in: A Stolen Life

5. Constance Bennett in: After Tonight

6. Theda Bara in: Cleopatra

7. Garbo in: The Painted Veil

8. Norma Shearer in: Marie Antoinette




1. Dennis Morgan in: This Woman is Dangerous

2. Clark Gable in: GWTW

3. Robert Taylor in: Camille

4. Tyrone Power in: Marie Antoinette

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Ingrid Bergman in NOTORIOUS

Bette Davis in DARK VICTORY

Greer Garson in RANDOM HARVEST



Gene Tierney in LAURA

Marlene Dietrich in THE SCARLET EMPRESS

Greta Garbo in CAMILLE

Myrna Loy in THE THIN MAN

Ginger Rogers in TOP HAT

Carole Lombard in MY MAN GODFREY

Alice Brady in MY MAN GODFREY

Deborah Kerr in THE INNOCENTS

Wendy Hiller in MAJOR BARBARA

Rosalind Russell in HIS GIRL FRIDAY

Betty Grable in MOON OVER MIAMI

Simone Signoret in ROOM AT THE TOP




Cary Grant in NOTORIOUS

William Powell in THE THIN MAN

Ronald Colman in RANDOM HARVEST

James Cagney in PUBLIC ENEMY



Tyrone Power in THE MARK OF ZORRO

Robert Taylor in WATERLOO BRIDGE

Fred Astaire in TOP HAT

Edward G. Robinson in LITTLE CAESAR


Gregory Peck in YELLOW SKY



Vincent Price in HOUSE OF WAX

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hello...geez there's so many, but i'd have to say my favorite lady and gent actors would have to be, Myrna Loy and William Powell, in the Thin Man series...I watch these series of movies over and over, never getting tired of watching them. kdo

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Cast my vote for Humphrey Bogart! And "Casablanca" is by far my all time favorite film with "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" coming in 2nd place! And Jack Nicholson as my 2nd favorite actor. Walter Brennan shows in 3rd! Thanx to everyone who's contributed to this thread. It's become my favorite part of the site!

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Hey Miss G! We like alot of the same things, don't we? In other words, never hesitate to suggest a movie to me... I'll probably do nothing short of go out and buy it the next day ;)


I've seen Charade on the schedule countless times... Finally, I caught the last hour. I'm lucky it repeats itself on the 10th so I can record the thing. Hot movie... :)



kdo said:


hello...geez there's so many, but i'd have to say my favorite lady and gent actors would have to be, Myrna Loy and William Powell, in the Thin Man series...I watch these series of movies over and over, never getting tired of watching them.


Hey kdo! Welcome to the boards! My mother just loves those movies... She wants to watch them all. We are on After The Thin Man right now and I love the part where Powell chases down Asta with the note. He is so adorable when he peaks around the side of the couch.



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Yes we do---great minds think alike! ;)


Since you enjoyed what you saw of Charade, you might also really like Stanley Donen's first co-production with Cary: INDISCREET, costarring Ingrid Bergman. TCM will probably be airing it as part of this month's tribute. It's a very funny, witty and sophisticated romantic comedy.


Miss G

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Thanks, pintorini... You and me both :x Infact, my actress one goes pretty much hand in hand... *lol*


1. Ginger Rogers ::: Once Upon A Honeymoon


2. Virginia O'Brien ::: Du Barry Was A Lady


3. Myrna Loy ::: I Love You Again


4. Joan Crawford ::: The Last of Mrs. Cheney


5. Carole Lombard ::: My Man Godfrey


6. Margaret Dumont ::: Night At the Opera


I scraped this one together, a much smaller list I admit... The ladies are just less memorable, I guess ;)

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Jimmy Stewart Harvey

Yul Brynner The King And I

Paul Newman Cool Hand Luke

Clifton Webb Three Coins In The Fountain

Joseph Cotton Shadow Of A doubt

Leslie Howard Of Human Bondage

Cary Grant Holiday

Humprey Bogart Caine Munitny

Henry Fonda Grapes Of Wrath

Fredic March The Best Years Of Our Lives

William Powell Life With Father


Bette Davis Jezebel

Kate Hepburn On Golden Pond

Vivian Leigh A Street Car Named Desire

Carole Lombard My Man Godfrey

Myna Loy The Best Years Of Our Lives

Irene Dunne Penny Serenade

Doris Day Midnight Lace

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In my opinion Elizabeth Taylor has consistently given the best performances in her films of any other actress on the planet....."Cat on a Hot Tin Roof", compare her portrayal to the 1998 Showtime version with Jessica Lange. "Father of the Bride", "Suddenly Last Summer", "Taming of the Shrew", "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf", "Butterfield 8".


Another actress that I am most fond of is Shelly Winters. She has always had a strong prescence on screen. Compare her performance as the mother in the 1962 version of "Lolita" with Melanie Griffith's performance in the 1997 remake. Other memorable performances to me are "Night of the Hunter", "Alfie" and "A Place in the Sun".

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Humphrey Bogart: Casablanca

Jimmy Stewart: It's a Wonderful Life

Cary Grant: This is a tough one...probably Bringing Up Baby or Notorious

Edward G. Robinson: Key Largo

James Cagney: Angels with Dirty Faces

Errol Flynn: Captain Blood



Vivien Leigh: Gone with the Wind

Lauren Bacall: Key Largo or To Have and Have Not

Katharine Hepburn: Bringing Up Baby or The African Queen

Barbara Stanwyck: Double Indemnity

Jean Arthur: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

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