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TCM/AOL/Warner insidious alliance

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I have been a faithful fan of TCM from the day it started (at least from my cable company). I saw it as excellent entertainment, educational and just plain fun. So why am I griping now? This deal with AOL members being the only people able to vote on what movie will be issued under the Warner DVD label is just way too uncomfortable. It smacks, first of all, of elitism, something that even Ted Turner in his heyday would not have stood for. TCM has chosen to omit a huge percentage of population from participation simply to serve the corporation's overall marketing strategy. I have absolutely no interest in changing my ISP to AOL. It reeks.


Second, it signals the end of TCM's independence as a programmer. Now even the old movie channel is becoming nothing but a mouthpiece for AOL/Time/Warner.


Isn't it enough that this country's communication structure is folding in on itself with all this "consolidation?" Simply put, consolidation is just another word for monopoly -- one of those old fashioned ideas from that era of movies that I loved watching on TCM until they got lost in newer programming.


As an individual, I cannot do anything about this insidious alliance. But with enough pressure from those folks who can't vote (not that I really want to -- there are some real cliches in that list of movies in my opinion), perhaps the management at TCM will see the wisdom of sticking to its successful original plan: providing access to an astounding film library. Access that should be to all subscribers, not just to a select few.

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I think people are making a little too much of this.


The voting has no effect on the TCM's programming, and probably very little on the releases.


I can see how one can be opposed to the capitalist principle involved, but the act couldn't be more minor. TCM has simply sponsored a poll being conducted on a subscription service. They've also advertised for a number of books, movies, shows and their own Now Playing Guide; all of which cost money.


ISPs aren't races and religions being discriminating against. They're just services that you can choose to pay for if you think what they provide (a vote) is worth it.

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Whats the big deal? I have aol and I didn't care to vote for a DVD since I simply record the movies from TCM which usually show good clean prints.

Oh! And it saves me money too since a VHS tape is only about $1.99 now.



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I'm with rtcarter47 on this one. Right on, rt!


I just wasted thirty preciously sacred minutes of my life searching for the way to participate in the TCM DVD vote. After jumping through several hoops to finally find the answer in this TCM forum (a "joy" that required me to submit personal info to Screen Name Service - yeah, right, like I'm going to give SNS my real address), I'm more than a tad incensed to learn that only members of AOL (hawk ptooey!) can participate in the TCM DVD vote.


In the memorable words of Joe E. Brown: Awwwww, snail frookie!

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