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Fox Film pre-code Box Set


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I read in the NY Post this morning that Fox Films is releasing on Tuesday a new box set of it early 1930s films. I've looked on Amazon and found nothing about it. Does anyone know what the name of the box set is and what's in it?



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Forbidden Hollywood is a Warner Bros/TCM box set. I know Fox is showing a number of their pre-codes at the Film Forum in NYC this winter so the writer of the NY Post article may have gotten his wires crossed.

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From Criterion Forum:


Trusted source tells me that Fox is working on a precode boxset. The speculation is that it will include THE STORY OF TEMPLE DRAKE, POWER AND THE GLORY, QUICK MILLIONS, CALL HER SAVGE and HOOPLA.


Now Temple Drake is a Paramount movie that is rare, quite amazing, and has never been released in any medium. So why, may you ask is Fox releasing it, and not our kind friend Universal. Well, the complicated story goes something like this. Ostensibly, Selznick bought the rights to the film, as a star vehicle for his precious wife Jennifer Jones. It all fell through, and now his son, is negotiating with Fox.


This boxset is still high speculation, and if reality, months away. However, this will excite any precode lover, and I know there are many of us.

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