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Listening to this to help me sleep. Love Debussy. I like to use my imagination when I listen to classical. His music makes me imagine I'm living in the early 20th century, wearing one of those long, fluffy dresses and writing in my diary in the grass of my garden surrounded by flowers, hoping my beau will come and visit me.


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Love Debussy, eh RUDY?

How about these interpretations of his work?  ;)  (heh.  and some think electronic music is only good for "raves".  :rolleyes: )



You should get a hold of his Holst's "The Planets" interpretation .  ;)


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The fluency of that left hand in this concerto is dazzling. Here is a fave version. To skip to the fireworks, go to about 16:00. I find this version a little more defined and a bit more moving than the one above, but both excellent, of course.

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Rudy's Girl, I liked your imaginative flight into the past. I hope your beau finds you. Despite the simplicity (in a good sense), I found your little foray into the past kind of touching.  It reminded me a photo I saw once of Claude sitting in the park with his young daughter. I searched but couldn't find it, I probably saw it in a book. All four movements above are delights. Speaking of gardens, the opening here might represent a walk through one, maybe yours. Can you see the butterflies?

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5 hours ago, Gershwin fan said:


Down-to-Earth lyrics by Kurt Weill ...

Tango Ballade - Kurt Weill lyrics

Tango Ballade official lyrics


There was a time, and now it's all gone by

When we two lived together, she and I

The way we were, was just the way to be

I cared for her, and she took care of me

And that arrangement seemed to work perfectly

The milkman rang the bell, I got out of bed

I opened up her purse, paid him what he said

I had a glass of milk, and back in bed I'd climb

You understand she was out working all the time

And so we lived, me and my little mouse

In that snug two by four where we kept house


That was a time, and now it's all gone by

When we were poor but happy, he and I

But when the day would bring no job to me

He'd curse and say how lazy can you be

I'll let him huff and puff

I've worked long enough

But when he drank too much, I'd get kinda grim

And shout the house down how I stood a clown like him

And then he'd turn around and try to bite my arm

And I would kick him in the teeth, meaning no harm

It was so sweet to be his little spouse

In that foul two by four where played house


Oh happy time and now it's all gone by

Until we quit each other, you and I

You stayed in bed all day and don't you smirk

You know we said that you'd do all the work

Now sleep's for the night they say

It ain't bad by day

So then I had my fill, swore I wouldn't stir

It looked like soon I would be taking care of her

You'd think a woman had a right to have one gripe

You left me flat. Well I just ain't the working type

We locked the door and each commenced to roam

Goodbye sweet two by four that we called home

Gersh, I hope you don't mind the addition, I was just curious and thought to go ahead and add. thanks.

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I copied this description from the video.

Mongkol is a 61-year-old former logging elephant. His captive-held life was spent hauling trees in the Thai forest. His body shape is deformed through hard labor, he lost his right eye and tusk in this brutal logging practice. Mongkol was rescued and brought to Elephants World to spend the rest of his days relaxing peacefully in freedom by the River Kwai. I discovered Mongkol is an extremely gentle, sensitive elephant who enjoys music, especially this slow movement by Beethoven which I play to him occasionally in the day and night.


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10 hours ago, Sepiatone said:

So far, the shortest concerto I know of-----

Good post. The Prokofiev has been a fave since childhood. That first solo run after the orchestral introduction is exhilarating if not downright enthralling.  I wasn't aware of the oh ter one, it's not so famous, I guess. But I listened to a lot of it, kind of like it.

I thought of a joke. What if a soloist came out with his right arm in a sling. :lol:


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