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Come to the Stable


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Gee, Mr. phoneman:


I just went through the entire month of December to the 27th and realized they don't plan on showing it this year.




You might want to make a note of possibly planning on a December daily double for next year. As much response as these message boards got on all of the Christmas related movies, I'm pretty sure most folks would like something like that, showing Christmas movies, or movies with Christmas events in them. In fact the 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. time slot would be good so kids can enjoy also, no to mention, some may watch black and white for the first time (it might build your viewership):

Miracle on 34th Street

All Mine to Give

Meet Me in St Louis

The Christmas Story

It's a Wonderful Life

Holiday Inn

holiday Affair

White Christmas

Christmas in Connecticut

A Christmas Carol - Reginald Owen

A Christmas Carol - Alastair Sims

Remember the Night


The Man who Came to Dinner

The Bishops Wife

Babes in Toyland

Good Sam

Going My Way

Bells of St. Mary's

The Apartment

Say One for Me


I'm sure there are more I've forgotten, or simply don't know about, but that way from December 1 through December 24, everyone could get their 'Holiday Fix' for a good marathon on Christmas Day.


Think about it, will you?



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"Come to the Stable" and "Say One For Me" are both Fox films and they usually get they run on the Fox Movie Channel every year. Both would be a good ones for TCM, but I'm not sure Fox will let them have them.


As for "It's A Wonderful Life", NBC has the exclusive rights to it for something like 20 years and so nobody else gets to show it. And "Good Sam" seems to be in limbo due to some kind of rights conflict.


Most of the other titles you mentioned have shown up on TCM. Keep in mind that sometimes it takes years between the time a channel contracts for a film and the date they actually get to show it. Look how long it took them to get "White Christmas".


Keep thinking good thoughts and maybe someday you'll Get your wish. Merry Christmas.

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Unfortunately, this highly enjoyable film is still not on dvd, but, as you may already know, it is readily available in the vhs format, and the only showing for the month of December on cable is on Monday, Dec. 11th at 7:20am on Cinemax. It seems that Fox Movie Channel, as usual, underestimates the appeal of its classic library to cable viewers. Guess they're too busy showing more recent epics like Dunston Checks In. Good thinking, Newscorp.


Btw, isn't Thomas Gomez wonderful in this movie?

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Just a note to those of you who may not know, FOX movie channel was one of those which were dropped from basic cable/dish programming and added to 'premium' packages. I used to have FOX and watched it a lot, and miss it now. This has happened to me a lot in the years I've had cable or dish. Just this past year my dish network removed Lifetime for Women and put it in a package which really riled me up. It was the last hold out except for TCM which showed movies without commercial breaks, but already paying $39.99, I couldn't go to the higher priced package. After taxes, fees, and one premium movie channel, I'm already paying through the nose. So, when you folks talk about FOX and various movies, it breaks my heart because some of my favorite actors were at FOX and TCM doesn't get to show them very often, unless they were loaned out to the studios that are covered in the libraries that TCM has access to.



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