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We Need Stickies!

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I know you you and the webstaff are very busy and this is probably way down on the list of things that need to be done. I hate to be a pain about this but a couple of stickies, at least in the General Forum, would be very helpful to all who post here or come here looking for info:


Some that come to mind immediately:


1) February is the "31 Days of Oscar" explaining why the Feb schedule is the way it is and that TCM is not going to the dogs.


2) An updated version of coffeedan's wonderful post concerning who owns what studio film library and the realities of leasing films.


3) Why TCM can't show every film ever made- not trying to sound egotistical or anything as it is my post but it is filled with information about rights, lost films, film preservation and restoration.


I think a couple of us would be glad to help provide the written material for you!


Anyone else got any ideas?


Any chance this could become a reality soon?


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lzcutter because I can't form a good sentence

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I think you and I are on the same track. I had been thinking of suggesting a FAQ thread. You, like me, and others, are always willing to answer questions for new people, but it might be easier to have a place for them to go first.


A few questions that get asked a lot are:


Why are some films shown on TCM in the U.S. not shown in Canada?


Where can I find my favorite film on DVD?


Why was "such and such" shown pan & scan instead of letterbox?


How come my cable company moved TCM to the digital tier?


Something along these lines could be very helpful.

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If you mean a new category named FAQ's, that sounds like a fabulous idea. It would be nice though if TCM incorporated the ability for them to move any unnecessary question to the proper category. Don't jump on me now, no question is unnecessary, I always tout that, I mean questions like:


How many times was Gary Cooper married?


Who was the star of blah, blah, blah?


Who was the girl singer in blah, blah, blah?


Those kinds of questions would go into different categories. I've noticed some questions on the Films and Filmakers category that could be sent to another thread, in fact I'm really not sure what questions shoudl go on that particular thread.


Anyway, sounds good to me.



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No, I wasn't thinking of FAQ about the films that are shown (see my post and Mark's below) but a couple of stickies. However, a FAQ would work as well. The important thing is that it would always be at the top of the General Forum threads.


Also, it would have to have some sort of title besides FAQ so that old and new posters alike would read it before posting.


As for the info that should be part of the FAQ, I think the two posts with the info from Mark and myself below is a good place to start.


The most important thing being getting the information posted so that it is always available. That was why I think having it permanently posted at the top of the General Forum (at least) is a good idea. Otherwise, the specific threads for this information gets lost in the daily churn of the board.


I'm not sure how Anne's questions would fit into a FAQ as they are usually film or actor specific. Perhaps an explanation on the types of questions each forum is for is what Anne had in mind?



As for the ability to move questions to another category or forum, I think that may end up confusing a number of people here.


I can't speak for Mark but I would be happy to put the info I have into questions and answers for the info I have and send it to you if it would help speed things up!


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A stickie thread is a cross between a regular thread and the announcement threads at the top of the Technical Issue forum. It's usually got information about posting, like ground rules if any, and sometimes posts that explain information of use to new members. It always appears as the first thread in a forum, no matter what other threads are in there.


The examples lzcutter uses are good ones -- her post on why TCM can't show every movie ever made is an excellent one (and one she has every right to be egotistical about). Rather than re-answer questions that are answered by that post, I've been know to go dig it up and link to it. It would be nice if it always appeared at the top of the General Forum, to make it easily available at all times.


Sticky threads are often but not always locked from additional posts, but they are always listed first in the forum. Here is a link to a forum using sticky threads.

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