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Once I started using Internet Explorer instead of AOL to open the forum, all my problems (so far - knock wood!) went away. And there's a brand-new (apparently) IE I downloaded this morning which seems to work even better (again, so far!). If you're still going through AOL, mindspring, ATT, whatever... try going straight to "Internet Explorer" from your "Start" menu and then typing in


http://forums.tcm.com/jive/tcm/index.jspa into your browser bar


to go straight to the forums page. Or just www.tcm.com and get the "home" page. All my posting problems went away once I quit using AOL to reach here.

And I never noticed any problem staying on - although I seldom leave things up for more than an hour or so.



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> I only need to relog about twice a day; however, my

> "bubbles" don't keep up. After a short time of

> inactivity, they'll all change as if there are new

> posts -- even when their aren't. That's my #1

> technical pet peeve on the board.



I have the same problem as JackBurley--if I'm inactive for a while, say, a half hour, on the boards while I'm logged in on the site, I have to click on Login again, and then all of the little orange bubbles that indicate new posts are filled in for about a month's worth of back posts! I even logged off and logged on 2 hours later and it's still the same. Very frustrating as I only want to check new posts.


Sandy K

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