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any oscar movies you think = WHAT THE HECK !

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Robert Emmett - Thanks for all the info. I'll have to take a look at those great Griffith films once again. I also just did a Google search and saw that there was also a Robert Emmet, who was an Irish Nationalist in the late 1700s and early 1800s. I can't believe this info somehow stuck in my brain. Thanks once again. I'm awestruck by your incredible knowledge.

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That is great! Thank you so much for that quote. So typical of Hepburn's down to earth bluntness. Never one to mince words. She is sooooo right about that. No one in that remake comes close to anyone in that original cast. And as much as I like Cole Porter this is one of his weakest scores. It pales in by comparison to Philadelphia Story.


Thanks for all you intelligent comments on this site. You really know your stuff and know how to write as well,



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Hello Robert! Did you notice that Goodbye MR> Chips will be on Saturday.I have to say that is one movie I could never get tired of. Was it Made in England? I know silly question But I never knew where it was filmed especially all that was happening in europe at that time.I was glad that Mr. Donat did win the oscar over Clark Gable. It just seemed that Mr. Donat was not acting but some true emotions came out of him.


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Great question and great feedback options!


For me, over the years, I've found that Oscar winners are chosen by those who

have far higher standards than I have in evaluating a movie, so I tend not to be

interested in those movies that comply with those exceedingly high standards,

many of which I could care less about - I rate movies only on one criteria::did it

entertain me to the max!


So, dear reader, see below the Oscar winners that satisfied that one criteria and the

others I have categorized for other reasons.




Entertained me to the max:


1938 - You Can't Take it With You


1940 - Rebecca


1943 - Casablanca


1957 - The Bridge on the River Kwai


1959 - Ben Hur


1963 - Tom Jones


1964 - My Fair Lady


1967 - In the Heat of the Night


1969 - Midnight Cowboy


1970 - Patton (One of my all-time top ten favorites)


1973 - The Sting


1975 - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (Another of my all-time top ten)


1992 - The Unforgiven


1997 - Titanic (Another top ten)


That's it!!!


Bottom line: Oscars must impress somebody, but I'm not one of those impressed!




1939 - Gone with the Wind (Remember, I'm a guy and this is a love story!)


1945 - The Lost Weekend


1949 - All the King's Men


1950 - All About Eve (Bette and the Big M couldn't save this one for me -

mostly a soap opera to me)


1953 - From Here to Eternity (I kept saying "And?")


1954 - On the Waterfront (Just didn't hold my interest)


1968 - Oliver! (30 minutes of this was more than enough for me)


1971 - The French Connection


1972 - The Godfather (I liked Good Fellas far more)


1974 - The Godfather, Part II (I liked The Roaring Twenties far more)


1976 - Rocky (I liked Raging Bull far more)


1977 - Annie Hall (Far down on my list of Woody Allen favorites)


1991 - Silence of the Lambs (I still can't believe it was even considered)


Intend to see:


1931 - All Quiet on the Western Front (May match a favorite, Paths of Glory)


1932 - Grand Hotel (I'm hoping it matches the all star cast in Dinner at Eight)


1935 - Mutiny on the Bounty (I saw Brando's version, so I need to see this one)


1936 - The Great Ziegfield (Although overly long, I think I'll enjoy this one -

I have a very strong preference for well-made biopics)


1937 - Life of Emile Zola (I like biopics, so this will get a look)


1994 - Schindler's List (Documentary type movies interest me, but I

may bypass because of my 2-hour maximum viewing preference)


Must pay me to watch:


Any Oscar winner not cited above is included in this final category, because

I have no interest in the format, subject, or plot.


By the way, I just viewed a 2006 movie on DVD, that if it is not selected as an

Oscar winner, will still be in my top ten - United 93, a movie that will enthrall

all but the faint of heart - it is a must-see movie!


That's all, folks!

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> Sorry, I have no clue why you think Cary Grant

> deserves an Oscar. I like him as much as the next



I've always said that it would have been really interesting to make Cary Grant a bad guy in at least one movie. Like in "Charade"--you know he's not going to hurt Audrey Hepburn, because he's Cary Grant and Cary Grant would never be a bad guy. I've always thought "Suspicion" would have been a better movie if he did kill Joan Fontaine at the end, the way the script was written, instead of having that cop out ending.


I never think much of the Oscars anyway. To be perfectly honest, I saw both Crash and Brokeback Mountain and didn't think much of either. They were okay, but not the fantasticly jaw-dropping masterpieces that everyone and their brother made them out to be. I would have given the award to "Good Night and Good Luck", but that's just me.


You know, I never understood how Shirley MacLaine and Jack Lemmon lost the best actor and actress awards for "The Apartment". They captivated me when I first saw the movie, and upon seeing it again and again, I'm always struck by how good they both were in it.


Also I cannot believe that Elizabeth Taylor won for "Butterfield 8". If I read correctly, that was more of a pity Oscar than anything else and I can believe it. Also, I love Burt Lancaster, and while "Elmer Gantry" is high on my favorite movies list, I really think his performance was a rehash of his character in "The Rainmaker". If he should have won for anything, it should have been for "Birdman of Alcatraz." But then, I don't take much stock in what the Academy thinks is award worthy.

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Hi feets,


1953 "From Here to Eternity" (I kept saying "And?")


That gave me the best laugh I've had all day. Thanks, bud.


Just wanted to share that with you.

Must go now. Have booked passage on the Orient Express.




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> Sorry, I have no clue why you think Cary Grant

> deserves an Oscar. I like him as much as the next


> can't point to any Cary Grant performance, and say

> that's the ultimate Cary Grant performance, as you

> can with Bogey in Treasure of the Sierra Madre.


I just saw Penny Serenade for the first time. After seeing it, I have to take back this post. He was very moving in this, especially the scene before the judge. I never knew he had it in him. I wish he would have more roles like this. I think it was mrsl who said it appeared he was coasting through his later roles. I don't know whether is was the filmmakers or him who kept him pigeonholed in the same role.

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It was neither him nor the directors, it was the public. Nobody wanted to see Cary Grant as a bad guy or even a dirty guy. He tried in Suspicion but they didn't like it, and again in the Pride and the Passion, but from then on he played mainly romantic, suave and debonair guys without a care in the world. At least a few times he tried to act his age like in Houseboat, and Father Goose, but the public wanted the 'Charade' Cary. He balked at playing opposite Audrey Hepburn, so instead of him chasing her, they rewrote it so she was chasing him. Try renting Pride and Passion and Suspicion some day to see a different Cary.



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I've seen Suspicion. TCM has been playing that a lot lately. That would have been a great movie if not for the ridiculous cop out ending. Hitchcock wanted the ending where Cary Grant kills her, but that would never make it past the code.


I've never heard of The Pride And The Passion, I'm going to have to check that out after I finally break down and buy a DVD player.


I don't think he necessarily had to play bad guys. The role in Penny Serenade had more depth to it than what he usually does. I've never seen him express emotion as he did in front of the judge. I was impressed.

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Oh he's not a bad guy in Pride and Passion, just a stinker, kind of like Laurence Harvey in the original Alamo, or Henry Fonda in Fort Apache. I know how the public felt though, I flipped when I saw him the first time in Father Goose!



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