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I don't come to this page often, so I'm chancing this kind of thread might have been done before.  But maybe not.....


Since the advent of the compact disc, it seems in some way "cover art" seems to not be of much importance lately, especially now that even CDs are going by the wayside.  But although the art contained on many a music album isn't really as important, nor indicative of the album's music quality, I'm willing to bet that at least a few of you have possibly bought at least ONE album because you thought the cover was "cool".  I know I at least bought ONE in this fashion( the SPIRIT debut album) but albums I bought earlier in life, a pitiful few, had covers I thought were "cool", but regardless I would have bought them anyway.




The somewhat abstract painting of a drum set on the cover of SANDY NELSON's LP "Let There Be Drums" ('61)


Of course, I'm willing to bet that EVERY adolescent boy's favorite album cover in 1965 was----


WHIPPED CREAM AND OTHER DELIGHTS--Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass.  ;)


I can list maybe more than a few, but it's late and I don't have a/c in the house, so I'll cut it short and list a few more.


MEET THE BEATLES--that blue toned copy of what I learned years later was a copy of their "With The Beatles" LP was a long-time favorite.


FREAK OUT--The Mothers of Invention( this '65 release had that odd print of a Frank Zappa photo that just GRABS you, don't it?)


AXIS; BOLD AS LOVE--Jimi Hendrix Experience( with cover art by Roger Law that it turned out Jimi DIDN'T care for all that much)


ABRAXAS--Santana( cover art by Mati Klarwein)


ELDORADO--Electric Light Orchestra( That still from "The Wizard Of Oz"  Kinds grabbed us long time fans of the flick who grew up watching it once a year)  A bit of a backtrack---


SGT. PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND--The Beatles ('nuff said!)


and in other areas-----


THE PLANETS--Gustav Holst( The DG cover for the version recorded by The Boston Symphony conducted by William Steinberg 1971.  Kinda "spacy".)


STARCASTLE--self titled debut Lp with a "castle on a cloud" dreamscape.  '76


So, Sorry I lack the moxie to post pics of these covers, but they ain't hard to look up and find, so lemme know any of yours!



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Great idea for a thread, Sepia.


Here's a few of the ones you mentioned:


Spirit  "Spirit"  1968




Sandy Nelson  "Let There Be Drums"  1962




Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass  "Whipped Cream & Other Delights"  1965




The Beatles  "Meet the Beatles"  1964




The Mothers of Invention  "Freak Out!"  1966



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I had to send off to France to get it - -


And it's currently in a place of honor on my dining- area wall--



A poster of the LP cover of Brian Wilson's Pet Sounds for his Beach Boys.



Wouldn't It Be Nice, if everybody had a poster of the LP cover of Pet Sounds in their dining room and then a Pet Sounds CD in the CD player in their living room.


God Only Knows, Wouldn't Be Nice--

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Thanks for all that Lawrence!


Yeah, back in my "aspiring hippie" days of '68, when I was not yet 17( wouldn't be until that July) by the spring of that year, me and a buddy were browsing through the J.L. HUDSON budget outlet in my town and ran across that SPIRIT album.  Like I said, I thought the cover was so "cool" I bought it in spite of never hearing or hearing OF the band before.


Best investment of my life back then.  Quickly became my favorite album of that year, and STILL remains a high rated favorite!


Kudos for coming up with that "Plantes" cover! 


Another classical cover I liked was for the 1968 recording of Mozart's piano concertos #24 with Sir Clifford Curzon on the Decca label. 


The first ever classical concert I attended by the DSO was of Gustav Mahler's 1st symphony and the Mozart concerto 24, and Curzon was the guest pianist!   and it was conducted by ANTAL DORATI.


And I like and liked most of the covers others have come up with.   That "Cheap Thrlls" cover appealed to me because I've long been a fan of DAVID CRUMM's underground comix artwork.


And VAUTRIN--I preferred Wonder's "Innervisions" cover more.  ;)


And...OK PRINCESS!  You're obviously obssessed with The Beach Boys, we get it.  Personally, I don't feel the "Pet Sounds" cover is much more than "cute" and a bit schmaltzy, but of course, luckily the MUSIC inside really outshines it!  :)




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How about Zeppelin's "Houses of the Holy"? Or the Rolling Stones' "Some Girls", and "Sticky Fingers" with the zipper you could move?

There are a number of books that are about the art of album

covers, the stories behind them, etc. The three you mention

are usually covered. I still have the Sticky Fingers album with

the moveable zipper. I believe it was designed by Andy Warhol.

If I recall this correctly, House of the Holy had a horizontal paper

band that went around the album. I still have the record but that

paper band is long gone.

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And VAUTRIN--I preferred Wonder's "Innervisions" cover more.  ;)






I don't dislike the cover of Innervisions, it just seems less symmetrical

than most of the other Stevie Wonder albums from that period. Musically,

it's equal to the other great Stevie Wonder albums from the 1970s.


I remember one of the friends of my parents had that Herb Alpert album.

We kids thought that cover was pretty hot stuff.

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I knew a guy whose favorite album cover was NEIL YOUNG's "Harvest" LP.


NOT because of any "artwork" on it, but because the TEXTURE of the material used was---


"Good for seperating the SEEDS from the REST of the weed!"  :D



Some "pervs" also liked the cover of BLIND FAITH's first LP.


So, do y'all like the covers you posted because they ARE among your favorite covers?  Or are y'all just posting pics for the sake of posting pics?  Because some of them, IMO, aren't really all that great.  But different strokes and all....


And incidentally, MANY of my favorite LPs have covers that AREN'T all that great either. 


And Lawrence, another YES cover I liked was for "Tales From Topographic Oceans" although I really didn't like the LP all that much.




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