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What do you guys think of the work of Stephen Soderbergh?


I liked "sex lies and videotape" when I first saw it. Then I moved to parts of the country where it was hard, if not impossible to see art movies in theaters. Eventually, I started watching them on tape. I saw "Kafka" and hated it. It was just a remake of "Brazil" as far as I was concerned (and it even had Ian Holm in the same kind of role!) I caught part of "Ocean's 11" on TV while on vacation and was underwhelmed. Yet Soderbergh is considered one of the great American directors working today.


"The Good German" is coming out, and I should like it, but I saw the coming attraction and was underwhelmed.


Am I alone? Is Soderbergh a genius?

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Soderbergh was also nominated (for best director) for "Erin Brokovich" and "Traffic" the same year (winning for "Traffic.")

I don't know if he's a "genius," but I do admire his "experimentation-"not only as director, but writer, cinematographer, editor, producer, and even composer!

My faves include "King Of The Hill," "Underneath," "Out Of Sight" and "Bubble-"an offbeat, satisfying "love" triangle/ murder mystery set in a small town (where most everyone works in a doll factory) and a cast of non-professional actors- who do a pretty good job...

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I wouldn't say genius. Julia Roberts won the Oscar on her own merits. I do like some of his films though. Traffic was good and The Limey was good too. He does have an interesting style. I found Out of Sight to be a bit dry, and his remake of Ocean's Eleven doesn't hold up to the original so I've never really bothered to watch the sequels. I probably will someday but they're not top of my list. I think he is a very good filmmaker, I just wouldn't go so far as to call him genius. I'm sure others will disagree with me, that's just my thoughts on the subject. Who knows, perhaps someday he'll make a movie that I think is the greatest ever and changes my opinion but then the same could be said about most filmmakers.

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