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~ The Sand Man ~ (Fred Astaire Favorites)

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[nobr]icon_lol.gif No... LOL I really can't see FA with the mustache, can't see him doing the poll dancing scene either (that was odd). Nor can I see him kissing Judy Garland like Gene did at the end of the "Mack the Black" sequence! Yowza... [/nobr]


[nobr]Oh... Can you see FA with the jungle shorts on? :0 You know, during the fantasy sequence with Kelly taking a ride up the rope like he is a mad man? *laughs out loud and face turns red* Nope, it just can't be The Pirate. I like Fred, but I would rather look at Kelly's gams... Sorry. I don't even know if I wanted to see that much of Kelly![/nobr]


[nobr]Have you seen The Pirate, Julie? I forgot to ask before I spouted off about it... You are probably pretty clueless right now if you haven't.[/nobr]


[nobr]Plus The Pirate was 1948. Talk about guilty pleasures for me... ha ha icon_redface.gif[/nobr]




[nobr]PS... Singin In The Rain perhaps? Or Brigadoon. Those would be my guesses of Kelly flicks, I submit them to the Queen and await her ruling. *lol*[/nobr]

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You had me in stitches, Danny, with your "scenic F" ! O, my ribs are aching !

I have seen "The Pirate" and that is why I thought it was so non-FA that the role had been given to Gene instead. However, as you say, it is a 1948 film and not a 1950 one...it cannot be that one. It was worth a try and at least it raised a few laughs ! Indeed, let us await the Queen to tell us which film it was. I cannot wait to find out.

Fred in a kilt ("Berklays") was handsome and I do not care if anyone else thinks otherwise ! At least he was as aristocratic looking as when he wore a suit. Ah, FA could wear anything as long as it did not demean him (pretty hard to do, anyway). I suppose the role may have been un-Astaire in the film title we are waiting for.

To tell the truth, I have never, ever, been put-off in any way with any of F's roles in all his films...he was FRED ASTAIRE and that is all that mattered ! Gorgeous,sexy, handsome, adorable and a million other superlatives for our gentleman FA. :)


Kind regards,



PS: I am going to watch "Top Hat" now. I will be looking for Lucille Ball in the "Florist" of the hotel. Love it when F has a pipe in his hands...he even does that with flair.

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> 20. Fred was considered for a certain movie role in

> the 1950s, but it ended up going to an actor whose

> body type was the opposite of his. Name the film.


> I have no idea, but I would love to the answer to

> this one... I guess I'll just have to wait 'til

> someone guesses correctly. I wonder if it was a Gene

> Kelly movie.


Nope, not Gene, and not The Pirate. And I agree that it is a bit difficult to imagine Astaire as Serafin. If ever a role seemed made for a pin-up boy like Gene, that was it!


In the private collection of a friend of mine is a photo that Phyllis took of Fred by the pool in his swim trunks. He's certainly lean, but not as scrawny as you might think. Sinewy-muscular (would have to have strength to sweep all those partners off their feet). And I should add that the broad shoulders are not just jacket padding.

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I am really perplexed by our gorgeous F and his eyes ! As you pointed out, Danny, the colour of his eyes seem to change and in all the films I have seen him in, their vary from brown to hazel to blue (depending, ofcourse, on b/w or colour film). In the b/w movies, I could have betted my bottom dollar ( or equivalent sterling !), that his eyes were either brown or hazel, but then in colour they could also be brown and then another film comes along and they are blue !

If his daughter says they were light blue, who am I to disagree !

I have noticed from his early pictures onwards that he had, what appeared a swelling under his left eye, but which then appeared as a bag under this eye in "Berklays of Broadway", but this does not account for the change in eye colour.

Hey ho ! I do not care...he is THE most gorgeous man in my eyes (which happen to be green !).


Kind regards,

Julie :)

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Here's his draft card (I sure am glad the war ended before he got called up!):

[nobr]Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting[/nobr]

Name: Frederick Austerlitz Astaire

Permanent home address:
412 West End Avenue, New York (It looks as if he has also written ?Kingsbury? at the end of the address line.
That?s not the county he lived in, so I wonder if it?s a phone exchange or building name or something.)

Age in years: 19
Date of birth: May 10, 1899

Race: White
U.S. Citizen: Natural Born

Present occupation: Actor
Employer?s name: J.J. Shubert
Place of employment: Winter Garden Theatre, Broadway, NY

Nearest relative: Mrs. Anna Astaire
Address: 412 West End Avenue, NY

Height: Medium
Build: Slender

Color of eyes: Brown
Color of hair: Brown

Is person in any way physically disqualified? NO

Note: Legal name Austerlitz but goes by name of Astaire
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Something really weird has just happened to me. I looked at the photo for about three minutes, concentrating on FA's eyes, the more I looked, the more the colour changed. At first the colour appearesd hazel with brown "dollops" at the bottom and then turned grey nearer the rim and finally dashes of light blue. This is the first time I experienced such a thing.

FA becomes more perplexing from one minute to the next.....he is more ADORABLE then ever (I cannot get myself to say "was") !


Kind regards,


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Terribly sorry for my gaffe, Ayres . I meant Ava (F's daughter) !

I cannot wait for tomorrow...."The Belle of New York" on TCM. This is a film I have never seen. The other ones I am waiting for are: " Yolanda and the Thief"; "Three Little Words" and "Roberta". I know that "Lets Dance" will never be shown for the reasons given in a previous contribution to this fab site.


Kind regards,


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Saw the film and thought it was short ! However, FA is really handsome and has more change of suits than any other film I've seen him in. OK, the story is a far-fetched but what is wrong with a bit of fantasy ! I am going to watch it again (taped it, ofcourse) and count the number of times he changed his clothes. Yummy ! :)

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Glad you liked the movie, Julie! I have never seen that one, maybe they will play it over here some time soon. We have The Bandwagon coming up tomorrow, and another movie I was going to record... I need to check my schedule, I'm not sure if it is another FA movie. Probably is... :)

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Scoop ! FA changed his clothes 16 times (last time I counted) and is handsome in all of them (even as a waiter !).

Here is a question: the actress (forgot her name !!!!) who played Elsie...is she the one who played "Hazel" in the TV comedy show ? My aunt says yes, but I do not know what she is on about !

FA does not look fifty three, infact he looks younger than in "Easter Parade" and "Berklays of Broadway" (made in 1948 and 1949 respectively). I will watch it again tomorrow !!!!! :)

I love "The Bandwagon". It was shown here a few weeks ago and again last week and I never get tired from watching it. Well, how can I when my eyes are pealed to the TV screen because of the gorgeous FA ! :):)

Enjoy "TBW", Danny.

Kind regards,

Julie (a very happy bunny :) )

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[nobr]Julie, the actress who played Elsie was Alice Pearce. She also has a touching role in On the Town. The actress who portrayed Hazel in the TV comedy was Shirley Booth, who was actually better-known for dramatic roles onstage and screen (like Come Back, Little Sheba).


Alice Pearce was often seen on TV in the early to mid '60s, though, usually as Gladys Kravitz, nosy neighbor of Samantha Stevens (Elizabeth Montgomery) on "Bewitched." Sadly, Pearce died in 1966 at the age of 48.[/nobr]

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I just noticed today that TCM will be airing some Fred Astaire movies on his birthday, May 10th: The Barkleys of Broadway, Broadway Melody Of 1940, Carefree, Dancing Lady, Flying Down to Rio, Follow the Fleet, The Sky's the Limit, and The Story Of Vernon And Irene Castle. Woohoo! I'm excited because I haven't seen three of those.


Sidenote: This is my first post on the TCM forums! Fred Astaire is definitely "my favorite."

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> Sidenote: This is my first post on the TCM forums!

> Fred Astaire is definitely "my favorite."


Hi Karrie! Well, for FA fans you sure did come to

the right thread! You're always welcome here, and I hope

you enjoy the rest of the forums. :) Welcome!


Tell us some of your favorites of FA... Scene? Song?

Movie? Sorry, we love to know those things... Or tell us

a little more about yourself if you'd like, and how you

came to love FA.



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