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~ The Sand Man ~ (Fred Astaire Favorites)

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Goodness me !

Wow !

Emmmmmmmm, and each one must have felt honoured to be in the same movie as the Master of Dance and Gentleman of Hollywood.

Has anyone ever heard of anything bad said against FA ? Hard task rehearsing, maybe, but look at the results.

BHF...you are great at the dollops of FA you are serving us. Thank you.

Kind regards,


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Thanks, Danny. Wow, when I really started thinking about this, it ended up being quite a few women! Only about 23 of them performed a major number with him in a musical or musical television special, however.


Here is a list of every woman he ever danced with onscreen, even if it was not a full-fledged musical number:


Adele Astaire and

Marilyn Miller (very short snippet of film, unfortunately)

Joan Crawford

Ginger Rogers

Dolores del Rio (very briefly in Flying Down to Rio)

Joan Fontaine (well, she tried to dance, in A Damsel in Distress)

Gracie Allen

Harriet Hoctor

Luella Gear (very briefly, while he sang to Ginger in Carefree)

Eleanor Powell

Paulette Goddard

Rita Hayworth

A girl or two of the chorus in You?ll Never Get Rich, very briefly

Virginia Dale

Marjorie Reynolds

Joan Leslie

Lucille Bremer

Helen Boyce (very briefly, during the ?Raffles? section of Ziegfeld Follies)

Joan Caulfield (briefly, in Blue Skies)

Olga San Juan

Judy Garland

Ann Miller


Betty Hutton

Lucile Watson (very briefly, in Let?s Dance)

Jane Powell

Sarah Churchill (very briefly, in Royal Wedding)

Cyd Charisse

Nanette Fabray

Leslie Caron

Terry Moore (briefly, in a college dance sequence in Daddy Long Legs)

Charlotte Austin (same as above)

Janice Carroll (same as above)

Various young ladies in a dream sequence in Daddy Long Legs, very briefly)

Audrey Hepburn

Kay Thompson

Barrie Chase

Elizabeth Montgomery (very briefly in a non-musical television show)

Debbie Reynolds (briefly, in The Pleasure of His Company?not a musical)

Lilli Palmer (briefly, same movie)

Petula Clark (briefly, in Finian?s Rainbow)

Jennifer Jones (very briefly, in The Towering Inferno?not a musical)

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Oh, shame on you, Ayres ! How the mighty have fallen !

How about the men he danced with (or let us say: he danced, they did not) ?

BTW: where are the Smilies ? I am smiless at the mo !

Kind regards,


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I will echo Mifty's WOW!! Thanks for the lists. Like Mifty, I'm curious to see his list of male dancing partners. The only ones I can think of right now are Gene Kelly and Bing Crosby..and maybe Donald O'Conner?

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[nobr]:)= :)

;)= ;)

:(= :(

B-)= B-)

:|= :|

:x= :x

:0= :0 [/nobr]


[nobr]Mifty and Miss G, that's all I know of... Take out the "=", by the way! [/nobr]


[nobr]I saw Going Hollywood... It's not even a "cameo" for Mr. Montgomery... More of a news reel. Looks like he was at a premiere or something and they show a shot of him getting out of a car. Look for it just after the words "Hollywood" pop up on the screen. They'll show what I thought to be Norma Shearer just before him... It's a dark little film, isn't it? I enjoyed it still...[/nobr]


[nobr]Ayres... My gosh! Thanks for that wonderful list... I crown you queen of Mr. Astaire info! 060.gif[/nobr]



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Alas, eafrn, Astaire never danced with Donald O'Connor. How wonderful that would have been!


Some other women I failed to mention:


The girls in the ?Bojangles of Harlem? chorus that he actually dances with (Swing Time)

The three girls he dances with in ?Steppin? Out with My Baby: Dee Turnell, Patricia Jackson, and Bobbie Priest (Easter Parade)

And the girls besides Barrie Chase who appear in ?Too Bad? (Silk Stockings): Tybee Afra and Betty Uitti


Looking at male partners, I didn?t list men in dance choruses or who were watching him dance, or acting as accessories in some way (like his butler in ?Needle in a Haystack? from The Gay Divorcee, Charles Coleman).


I was left with:


Candy Candido (?Let?s Begin? from Roberta)

Gene Sheldon (same)

Frank Moran (the burly sailor who dips him during the dance lesson in Follow the Fleet. ?Ya know,? Fred tells him, ?the object in dancing is to keep your partner?s shoulders OFF the floor!?)

His dance troupe buds in Swing Time (briefly at the opening?there was an actual number filmed, but it was cut)

George Burns

Sonny Lamont (Chubby tap dancer to ?By the Light of the Silvery Moon? in The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle)

Emmett O?Brien (in drag) and soldier chorus in ?Who?s Your Lady Friend?? from the same movie

George Murphy

Bing Crosby

Gene Kelly

Oscar Levant

Red Skelton (briefly, along with Vera-Ellen, in Three Little Words)

Jack Buchanan

Leroy Daniels (the fabulous shoeshine man in ?A Shine on Your Shoes? from The Band Wagon)

Jules Munshin, Joseph Buloff and Peter Lorre (!) in ?Too Bad? (Silk Stockings)


There was an outtake from Second Chorus of Fred dancing with his life-long assistant, Hermes Pan, and the film survives. It is VERY weird (Pan is dressed as a ghost wearing high heels, and the two do a jitterbug!) and one can see why it was cut. But I hope there may be some other film of those two dancing together somewhere...

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Ayres...you astound me ! Crowned Queen of FA Info: you did it again !

FA was not often seen giving passionate kisses on screen, was he ? So, how about a list of those lucky ladies who got at least one romantic kiss from him ? In "Carefree" dream sequence, FA kisses Ginger, but its a long shot ! Any info. Queen Ayres (sounds good, doesn't it ) ?

I must be pretty thick, but those Smilies got me confused ! Where do I find them when posting ?

Keep up the great work, folks. FA fans must be drooling with anticipation.

Kind regards,


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[blush] Well, helps to be obsessed. What fun these challenges are, for me!


I can tell you off the top of my head that the most passionate kiss Astaire ever gave was the one at the end of You Were Never Lovelier. Lucky recipient (both of them!): Rita Hayworth.


Be back later with another list...

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[nobr]I'm afraid this site will get anyone confused! This board is very antiquated when it comes to inserting things (such as pictures and yes, smileys). I'll tell you the best way I know how.[/nobr]


[nobr]When you type in the white box when posting or replying to a thread, nothing will appear. You'll see no smileys. So, when you type [nobr]:)[/nobr] you'll only see that while you are writing your post, but when it posts the site will convert it to a :) . So for all the smileys I posted, you just type the code minus the = sign. Like [nobr]:0[/nobr] will show up after you post as :0 .




[nobr]...will look like...[/nobr]


[nobr] :) [/nobr]


[nobr]Now, I will give you something very enlightening and will clear up any confusion:[/nobr]


[nobr]Click reply to the post, then when you get to where you type the reply, look above the text you are typing to find a box that says "Quote Original"... That will show you this whole message just how I typed it, not as the website converted it.


[nobr]Code for posting pictures("Quote Original" and you will see the code):[/nobr]




[nobr]And there you are... LOL I'm so bad at instructions, I'm sorry.[/nobr]


[nobr]PS... For those of you who post pictures and hate what it does to the margins of your post (everything get jumbled together), well you might find this post very interesting. Notice how none of the margins are messed up in this post, even though I posted a pic. There is a way of doing it! Just "Quote Original" and see a code "nobr" in brackets before each paragraph and "/nobr" in brackets after each paragraph... Bingo! Nothing runs together... SORRY FOR THE LONG POST!![/nobr]


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bobhopefan1940 (like 4 times)

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Mifty wrote:

So, how about a list of those lucky ladies who got at least one romantic kiss from him? In the "Carefree" dream sequence, FA kisses Ginger, but it's a long shot! Any info?


Ginger Rogers

The Gay Divorcee. Ginger asks him to kiss her in front of her husband: ?I?m sorry to ask you this, Guy, but will you kiss me?? Fred declares dramatically, ?I?m not sorry!? and kisses her (firmly but modestly). According to the stage directions for the Broadway show ?Gay Divorce,? the kiss was supposed to be no-holds-barred in nature, but whether Astaire complied with Clare Luce every night onstage, I don?t know.


Top Hat. Ginger takes Fred by surprise by kissing him on the lips just before she tries to hoodwink him into thinking they had an affair the year before. His reaction to the smooch is comical.


Swing Time. The beginning of kisses that either don?t come off or are not seen, both of which are common in Astaire movies. He is hit by a snowball before he can kiss her one snowy day (?A Fine Romance, with no kisses...?) but soon thereafter an enthusiastic kiss behind a door is implied. According to Ginger?s autobiography, there was no real kiss, just a makeup man stepping in to apply the lipstick on Fred?s mouth! At the very end of the movie, he embraces her and they kiss, but not in profile, so it?s a little hard to tell.


Carefree. By this time fans were quite annoyed with the two of them for not clinching a la Crawford and Gable, or even Loy and Powell. There were entire fan magazine articles to this effect! To counteract the false rumors that his wife was jealous, Astaire asked Rogers if she?d mind a dreamy kiss at the end of the dreamy dance he had planned. She said fine, and after ?I Used to be Color Blind,? they finally do show us a lengthy kiss as she comes up from a deep backbend. True, it?s in long shot, but it?s quite erotic, in my opinion. I?d fall in love with my doctor, too.


The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle. Wow! They kiss in close-up in this one! The first time it?s a bit dark (they have just become engaged in the darkened parlor). Later, after their night together during his short leave from the RAF, they wander out onto the balcony of their original Paris garret from their poorer days, both wearing robes, and there share a tender but very chaste kiss.


The Barkleys of Broadway. After he sings ?You?d Be Hard to Replace,? they do a little dance in their robes (robes again!), and at the end of it she lies on a chaise and beckons to him suggestively. He accepts the invitation. Near the end of the movie, when she has come back to him and they both are declaring their love again (I trust this isn?t a spoiler for you, even if you?ve never seen the movie), he kisses her quite convincingly?and says ?I love you,? which is very rare for him.


OK, that?s Ginger. More ladies later.

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