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~ The Sand Man ~ (Fred Astaire Favorites)

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Thanks for the info. on the Smilies (let me try one !). =:) If it works, I will be happy !

The photos and the list of lucky ladies are great. On the subject of kissing FA: Judy Garland got a peck when she loses her temper and tells FA that he only talks about dancing (and gets him to tell her the colour of her eyes). I think they looked fabulous together.

I agree about the sensuous kiss Rita Hayworth got from FA and it looked so REAL ! Maybe he was overjoyed that Rita did not need to instructed as much in rehearsals as F's other leading ladies !

Let us now see the mess I've made of my Smilies ! =:)

Kind regards,


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Mifty, you are almost there... All you have to do now is take away that "equals" sign.


In other words, don't put it like =:) but like [nobr]:)[/nobr]


The smiley will not work if any text is touching it. Like if I attach it on to another word, or the end of the sentence:




Won't work. Has to be like this:


Hi [nobr]:)[/nobr] (Hi :) )


See? Keep trying! ;)

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Paulette Goddard and Fred Astaire kiss in a taxicab at the end of Second Chorus, and she asks him if it was any good. He tells her it was perfect, and kisses her again.


He grabs Rita Hayworth and gives her a kiss despite her objections in You?ll Never Get Rich. I have never liked this scene, as he has just tricked her into marrying him and proceeds to rather force himself upon her.


In Holiday Inn, he gives Virginia Dale a short but impassioned kiss near the beginning of the movie. Though he never kisses Marjorie Reynolds, he comes very close during the dance to ?Be Careful, It?s My Heart.? It?s a swoony moment and is rather symbolic of his whole image, I think. There is a similar moment in the hypnotism dance to ?Change Partners? in Carefree.


I?ve already mentioned the very romantic kiss at the end of You Were Never Lovelier. To follow up on what Mifty said, I?ve always rather suspected that Miss Hayworth actually took Mr. Astaire a little by surprise there, as she tightens her arms around his neck and he seems to respond more enthusiastically than usual. Well, we ARE talking Rita Hayworth, here!


The Sky?s the Limit has another kiss that does not succeed, as a policeman taunts Fred just as he?s leaning toward Joan Leslie (by the way, I forgot to mention before that there is a scene very like this between Astaire and Rogers in Follow the Fleet). He does end the dance on the terrace to ?My Shining Hour? by kissing Joan, rather theatrically (but the dialogue setup has made the meaning of this fadeout very clear).


In the ?Raffles? sequence of Ziegfeld Follies, Raffles steals Lucille Bremer?s bracelet while planting a stage kiss on her. But after she indicates that she?s on to him and they embrace, there?s a genuine smooch.


At the end of Yolanda and the Thief there is a sweet kiss between the just-married characters of Astaire and Lucille Bremer.


And, as Mifty also noted, the kiss in Easter Parade is justly famous: Judy Garland, thinking he has no romantic interest in her, challenges him to tell her what color her eyes are, and he kisses her before telling her, ?They?re brown.? Earlier in the movie, when first rehearsing her, he draws her ?closer?closer?make every man in the audience wish he were in my shoes...? and just as she is completely under his spell, he releases her suddenly and asks, ?Lunch?? Very Astaire!

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Loving all the info and pics, "your highness..." ;) LOVED the kiss in Easter Parade... I was thinking the whole film (after seeing so many Astaire/Rogers pairings) Gosh, I hope they kiss! Judy Garland was a fantastic actress opposite him and I'm glad we get to see the two together in that film (rather than Gene Kelly). I love Judy Garland, always one of my favorites. I think she compliments other actors very well... Her singing can be a little "annoying" at times, but I think her style adds to her charm.


On a little different note, I'm a bit confused as to when Astaire went into retirement and when he came out of retirement... I thought he came out of retirement to do Easter Parade in '48, but he was in Ziegfeld Follies in '47. Was he in retirement when he acted in Ziegfeld Follies and just did it for a little fun (since it was more like a 'variety show' than a 'movie')? Or am I all mixed up... :P


Holiday Inn is one of my favorite Astaire movies, by the way! Anytime I can see Bing at the same time... ;)


Miss G:


Ps... I saw Man On Fire! Liked it alot... Was some good acting by Bing Crosby and the young lady he was with most of the movie. Very pretty actress, never seen her before. Had a good message to it, as well. :)


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I LOVE Fred's 2 numbers with Lucille Bremer in Ziegfeld Follies! The sets, lighting, costume design, color palettes are gorgeous! I can never decide which one I like better. The Limehouse Blues number has that fantastic section where Fred and Lucille dance with the red fans, opening and closing them on the beats in the music. But the This Heart of Mine number has Lucille in a sparling white gown and there's a section of the dance in which she and Fred dance on a sliding-conveyor belt stage.


Sandy K


Message was edited by: me because I got This Heart of mine mixed up with the dream sequence in Yolanda and the Thief!


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Did you know that Gene and Fred utter the exact same line to Judy Garland, in two different movies? In For Me and My Gal, after kissing Judy, Gene says, "Why didn't you tell me I was in love with you?"


bobhopefan wrote:

> On a little different note, I'm a bit confused as to

> when Astaire went into retirement and when he came

> out of retirement... I thought he came out of

> retirement to do Easter Parade in '48, but he

> was in Ziegfeld Follies in '47.


Danny, Ziegfeld Follies was actually filmed in 1944, but was terribly long--many, many numbers were ultimately cut out of it--and between the trimming and I think some money issues, it was not released until two years later. I can't remember whether it came out before or after Blue Skies, the film Astaire originally intended to be his last.

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Danny, Ziegfeld Follies was actually filmed in 1944,

but was terribly long--many, many numbers were

ultimately cut out of it--and between the trimming and I

think some money issues, it was not released until two

years later.


Thank you, thank you... That clears the whole matter up





I'm going to half to watch Ziegfeld Follies ...

again! I keep popping it in my dvd player but

fast forwarding to parts people keep telling me about.

I'm just going to have to break down and watch the whole

thing. All the different bits lose my attention span

here and there... Constantly changing from one star to

another. Loved Red Skelton in it though I'm just going

to break down and say the goof is growing on me!

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I can take or leave most of the non-FA parts of it, myself. I completely agree with Sandra about Lucille Bremer, though--I think she's a lovely dancer and has an unusual big-eyed porcelain beauty. I always thought of her as a sort of dancing, red-headed Bette Davis.

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Yep, got it right this time !


I agree, Rita knew what she was doing even if FA was shaking in his shoes ! Who could not respond to Rita's kiss ? I am sure it made FA's day ! :)

If you watch the bit where FA dances in his uniform in "The Vernon and Irene Castle Story" and just before the first lift play it in slomo, you will see F kissing G's hand. This is not obvious unless it is slowed down and the camera angle changes making it even more difficult to see. G was smiling before the kiss but I think she did not expect that and looks somewhat taken aback ! Maybe it is my imagination getting the better of me ! :)

Apparently Leslie Caron had the "hots" for FA !!! There was an interview with her on a French TV channel where she talked about him a lot.

Does any FA fan think he was more handsome in his forties ? I do ! Which film was he really kissable ? Ans: ALL,ofcourse !

I am still having problems finding material on FA. I wish I could get some books on him. Honestly, I have tried several sites, but even after confirming my orders, I am told " Sorry, but this book is out of print " !

How many exclamation marks have I put into this short piece ? Too many !

Kind regards to all.

Mifty :):)

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I thought FA was hot when he got older... In fact the first films I saw him in was Royal Wedding and I fell in love with his smile first. I loved the dance sequence with the coat rack... Only Fred could make it look so enjoyable to dance with a coat rack! Mifty, try some more if you like...





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Thanks, BHF !

Here goes:-





If I made a mistake...sorry !

Yep, FA in his forties for me was really handsome. Mind you, FA at ANY age was handsome. It is the lovely smile, the twinkle in his eyes, his gestures, his Charisma (with a capital C)........EVERYTHING !

Kind regards,

Mifty :)

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1950 and after


At the end of Let?s Dance, Fred Astaire kisses Betty Hutton as their boat enters ?The Tunnel of Love? (onstage number). Her little boy is giggling on the back of the boat as it disappears into the tunnel.


There is a double wedding and a ?double kiss? at the end of Royal Wedding, and Fred?s new screen wife is played by Sarah Churchill.


In The Belle of New York there is an oddly sexy scene in which Vera-Ellen kisses her fianc? Fred, hoping to show him that love will lift him off the ground (in the silly plot of this one, it has worked before). Because he has concluded that he?s no good and doesn?t deserve her, he holds himself down by clutching a shelf behind him, so she thinks he no longer loves him, and she runs away.


The Band Wagon is unique in that its mushier kiss between the leads is portrayed as part of an onstage musical number?Tony Hunter playing Rod Riley (Astaire) kisses Gaby Gerard playing The Blonde (Cyd Charisse) at the climax of ?The Girl Hunt Ballet.? Later Tony kisses Gaby ?in real life,? but unfortunately I?d describe the kiss as rather perfunctory (compare Gene Kelly kissing Cyd in Brigadoon?whoosh!).


Daddy Long Legs has a goodnight scene (happening early in the morning) in which the Ephrons (Henry and Phoebe?the parents of Nora and Delia) had written a kiss into the script, but Astaire chose not to kiss Leslie Caron at that point. At the end of the movie, though, he tenderly begins dancing with Caron and then pauses in whirling her around (to the strains of the lovely tune ?Dream?) to kiss her in such a way that she throws back her head in happiness. It?s a really nice scene.


Astaire breaks his osculatory record with Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face: He gives her a peck in the bookstore as they put away philosophy books (they have just met for the first time), he kisses her to get her in the mood as a model for a photograph of an Anna Karenina-like character (?Now, your lover has just kissed you goodbye...?), he kisses her when it finally dawns on him that he is in love with his model (Ouch! He is still wearing that bulky camera when he hugs her!), and he kisses her at the end when they reunite. Four kisses in one Astaire movie. Amazing.


In his last romantic musical role, he has some more convincing kisses with Cyd Charisse than the ones in The Band Wagon. In Silk Stockings, Steve tries to seduce Ninotchka as they lie on a rug near the fireplace in her hotel room. She likes the kiss so much that she asks for a second one, and then she plants one on him. At the end of the movie there is an implied kiss, but we don?t see it (so Funny Face still holds the record).


Oh, and almost forgot: In The Pleasure of His Company, he manages to corner his now re-married ex-wife (Lilli Palmer) on the sofa and rekindle old times.


So there you are. It?s funny about Astaire?he really avoided kisses as often as he could, claiming they weren?t needed in light of the passion that showed up in his romantic dances. I think he was also self-conscious about his lack of conventional leading-man good looks, and for having leading ladies who were, on average, 21 years younger than he. I understand the first point of view, but I?ve always found him attractive*** (when he was 57 as well as 33), so I do wish he could have been as ardent as Kelly in the movie love scenes...


***I know I?m in the minority, generally speaking, though there are some here who definitely seem to agree with me!

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Me again ;)

Forgot to say that I ordered "Royal Wedding" two months ago and still waiting for it. Hope it comes soon. That's the film where FA dances on the ceiling, isn't it ? Tapping my heels in anticipation.

Lets make a list of all of FA' movies. Shall I try and list them ? OK ! B-)




4 ROBERTA (1935)

5 TOP HAT (1935)


7 SWING TIME (1936)



10 CAREFREE (1938)






16 HOLIDAY INN (1942)



19 BLUE SKIES (1946)





24 LET'S DANCE (1950)



27 THE BAND WAGON (1953)



30 FUNNY FACE (1957)

31 ON THE BEACH (1959)




35 THE MIDAS RUN (dr) (1969)




39 THE PURPLE TAXI (dr) (1977)

40 A FAMILY UPSIDE DOWN (TvM; dr) (1978)


42 GHOST STORY (dr) (1981)


I may have missed some, if so, I apologize.

Why not have a Poll and decide which movie to discuss ? Bad idea,Mifty ! :0

Kind regards,

Mifty :)

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Every morning I get on here I feel like I'm going to a therapy meet for FA fanatics! Loved this list...


There is a double wedding and a ?double kiss? at the end of Royal Wedding, and Fred?s new screen wife is played by Sarah Churchill.


I heard (I believe from R. Osbourne) that Astaire did not like Sarah Churchill in Royal Wedding. Is that true, and are there any other co-stars Astaire didn't get along with? I was watching Top Hat the other night and it was playing on "The Essentials". They were speaking about Fred and Ginger and how they weren't exactly in the same social set. Something to that nature, anyone know what that meant?


I understand the first point of view, but I?ve always found him attractive*** (when he was 57 as well as 33), so I do wish he could have been as ardent as Kelly in the movie love scenes...


From the first time I saw Fred Astaire I found him attractive. He doesn't have cookie cutter good looks, I don't think... But it's kind of like Mr. William Powell with me, you have to see them on screen to really understand what makes them so attractive. I remember that scene in Top Hat where he dances by himself up in his room at the hotel, then sees himself in the mirror and hides his face. I hate it when he does that!

Kelly certainly was something during his love scenes... I saw Living In A Big Way the other night and wow! Certainly are some enoyable moments in that one. So I guess that is the only place Kelly beats Astaire, but even then the fact that he felt uncomfortable kissing ladies other than his wife adds to his charm.




Astaire dances on the ceiling in Royal Wedding... I need to go back and watch it again. I used to know the co-star he danced with in this one, she played his sister. I know it's on one of Ayres' lists down here.

He also dances with the coat rack, and they do that wonderful dance on the boat where they slide all about. Also has a great scene (one of my favorites) where he tries to find his hat amidst many others. Catchy tune he sings, too.

I know it has that same fella from Easter Parade (the fella with an umbrella ;) ). I don't know why his name always escapes me... It's on the tip of my tongue but I just can't say it.


You're getting savvy with those smileys! B-)

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Well, Ginger played tennis and Fred played golf. He was a family man who hated parties and she, though she didn't smoke or drink, was something of a swinging single (when separated but not divorced from Lew Ayres in the 1930s, she dated James Stewart, George Stevens, George Gershwin, and Alfred Vanderbilt, Jr.). Astaire and his wife Phyllis hung out with his mom, her uncle and aunt, with Sam and Frances Goldwyn, David Niven, Robert and Elizabeth Allen Montgomery, Randolph Scott, and Douglas and Sylvia Fairbanks. Ginger hung out mostly with her mom, to whom she was very close.


Astaire and Rogers got along well as a rule. They dated briefly when they both were single in New York in 1930, so I think the spark we see between them is based on something that was once real. There is occasional frustration between any two people who do hard physical work together for long hours, especially if one of them is a notorious perfectionist and the other is interested in doing more straight acting than musicals (and wears a dress with feathers that fly off it!), but I believe they admired and liked each other.


I have never read that Astaire had any problems with Sarah Churchill, but she wasn't much of a dancer, and he simply preferred working with partners who were good dancers, and quick studies (that would have left me out!). He wasn't too thrilled with Betty Hutton, I recall hearing from Hermes Pan. But FA carefully avoided saying negative things about anyone he worked with, so nearly everything we know about his feelings is hearsay.

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