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~ The Sand Man ~ (Fred Astaire Favorites)

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Thanks for the suggestions, guys. You are tops !

Wow ! I love that photo of FA. He is sooooooo handsome and cute. I will have to get a h....u....g....e poster of him and have it in my library above my desk !

Kay Thompson...is she the actress in "Funny Face" ? So like Mr.Astaire not to comment in public about his co-stars.

Well, I am off to browse abebooks etc.

All the best,

Mifty :)

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bhf - I'm still working on acquiring the ultimate collector's edition, btw.

I'm suffering from post-christmas-shopping remorse and don't feel like I should be spending on myself. But it's so worthy a purchase. Sigh.

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You surpassed yourself, Ayres. Congrats !

FA...cutie pie. I wonder what he was like as a little boy. I should not think he had much time to play, but there again: he might have been a little imp. Bless him.

Kind regards,


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[nobr]Howdy, folks![/nobr]


[nobr]My school let out early and I found I had some extra time on my hands so I created this little quiz of sorts... See if you can name Astaire's dancing partner in these photos. For a bonus, tell me the flick they are from. If not, enjoying the pictures is ok, too! ;) A number will be followed by the pic it refers to. Good luck![/nobr]


[nobr]Pic #1:[/nobr]




[nobr]Pic #2:[/nobr]




[nobr]Pic #3:[/nobr]




[nobr]Pic #4:[/nobr]




[nobr]Pic #5:[/nobr]




[nobr]Pic #6:[/nobr]




[nobr]Pics #7:[/nobr]






[nobr]Pics #8:[/nobr]






[nobr]Pic #9:[/nobr]




[nobr]And that's it! Looks alot longer than it did in Microsoft Word... Ha. Some are easy and some maybe a little tougher. You can just answer a few if you like, just thought this would be a break in the pace of just posting pics.[/nobr]



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HI! Great idea! I'll just try the first 4 and let others try for the rest.


1. Jane Powell....from Royal Wedding.

2. Betty Hutton...(I'm not sure what movie)

3. Judy Garland...from Easter Parade, I presume.

4. Lucille Bremer...from Yolanda and the Thief

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1. Royal Wedding ( Jane Powell )

2. Let's Dance ( Betty Hutton )

3. Easter Parade ( Judt Garland )

4. Yolanda and the Thief ( Lucille Bremer )

5. The Sky's The Limit ( Joan Leslie )

6. Second Chorus ( Paulette Goddard )

7. You Were Never Lovelier ( Rita Hayworth )

8. ditto ditto

9. Swing Time ( Ginger Rogers )

10. ditto ditto

11. ? ( Adele )


I probably got half of them right, but what a feast to the eyes !

Kind regards,


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If Danny doesn't mind, I can verify that you got 'em all! The last one is from vaudeville days with Adele, and I think the dance they are doing is from an act they had called "New Songs and Smart Dances."


If the less bobbysoxer-ish of our brain trust will bear with me, I must admit to some mistakes I made in my earlier musings about the kisses in FA movies. These were pointed out to me by a friend who is just as familiar with his movies as I am, and I?m surprised at myself for missing these (Hey now, this is important stuff!).


In The Barkleys of Broadway there is another kiss before the reclining-on-the-chaise one I mentioned. Ginger, you may recall, bops Fred on the head with a small bottle while they argue in their bathroom. After he panics and thinks he is bleeding from it, and she calms him down, she insists that he take a whack at her in retaliation. She places in his hand one of her slippers (with a hard heel on it), and instructs him to hit her because ?I deserve it!?


?In cold blood?? he asks, in mock shock. She insists, closing her eyes to prepare for the blow. ?All right,? he warns, ?you asked for it!? Then he grips her arms and kisses her instead.


Worse, I was wrong about Silk Stockings?it does break Funny Face?s record! I left out three kisses in the scene in which Ninotchka (Cyd Charisse) and Steven (Astaire) come back from her first night out on the town. After she tells him how much she loves the beauty (and not just the usefulness) of Paris, he says he loves her dearly, and kisses her. She then sits at his knee and sings ?Without Love? to him (although I find this an incredibly sexist song lyric??Without love, what is a woman?? What was Cole Porter thinking??I like the scene because he is so attentive and tender toward her in it). He seems moved by what she sings, and he leans over, cradling her head, and kisses her again.


Then she demands to be ?punished? for feeling so good (come to think of it, this and the forgotten Barkleys kiss are both mildly kinky, aren?t they? ;) ) and he kiddingly offers to stand her against the wall. He blindfolds her with his handkerchief, and before popping open a champagne bottle, lifts the lower corner of the hanky to give her a peck. When she hears the pop of the cork, she slumps to the floor, duly ?executed,? and declares, ?I have paid the penalty. I feel better!? Then she passes out, having had much more to drink than her norm. Ever the gentleman, he places her on a sofa, covers her with his topcoat, and departs.


And when she meets him at the movie studio (not long before they dance to "Fated to be Mated"), he greets her with a kiss.


Message was edited by:

Ayres, who watched Silk Stockings and realized there were still a few more!

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I did ? :0 Odd, I must know more than I thought !

Wow, I cannot wait to see FA in his kilt....very chic. He has broader shoulders than his younger days and looks very,very handsome.

Speaking of the Barkleys, notice in the Highland Fling F's last twirl...his black shorts can be seen and he winks ! Any vixen whistles, anyone ? ;)

Gosh, was that chap handsome !

Kind regards,


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PS: Why was FA's signet of sentimental value ?

In "The Barkley's of Broadway" we see FA wearing a gold bracelet on his left wrist and then carries on wearing it in future films.....wonder who gave him that !

I am nosey ! ;)

Mifty :)

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Ayres, that memory is going... Imagine forgetting what three kisses out of the countless ones you named? Shame! *lol*


I sent Mifty (I think she just got it a little while ago ;) )and Miss G a PM saying they got the answers... You're all too smart for me. I can't trip any of you up :P


Ayres, know any odd facts about FA? Anyone know any trivia or things few people might know about him? What can I say, I love hearing about the guy. One of the few stars you actually want to know more about after the curtain goes down!

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According to his daughter Ava, Astaire had two signet rings, one of them given to him by his sister Adele. I've noticed over the years that many a movie star gent in the '20s through '40s wore one, usually on his left pinky (I dimly recall this as something vestigially English having to do with not wearing it on one's right during swordplay).


Starting in the mid-'20s, Fred (the maverick!) frequently wore one on his right hand. (Not always, though--no ring to be seen in Swing Time). I think his daughter gave him the friendship bracelet he began wearing in the late '40s.

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As if our gent needed to wear a ring on his left pinkie ! He was correct wearing his ring on his right pinkie...sword, ha ! All he would have to do to frighten a foe would be a couple of taps with his shoes and the guy would become so envious he would drop his sword and then faint !

I waited for this photo....WOW ! Handsome or what ! FA could wear anything and still look elegant.

Kind regards,


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