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The TCM Challenge Voting Booth

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Congratulations, filmlover. I voted for you on the secret ballot.

All three schedules were excellent, but I was especially impressed by yours. What you did was not not easy: making a cohesive presentation out of so much output, in this case, Warner's. Thanks for the fascinating idea.


Now - if only TCM would make your scheduling their own! I'd love to see it.




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Wow, talk about Christmas coming early! Thanks to everyone who voted for me. My emotions run from Sally Fields? ?You like me! You really like me!?, to Col. Pickering singing ?You did it!? to Henry Higgins, and ending as John Adams said very somberly after the votes were in on the Declaration of Independence, ?It?s done. It?s done.?


I admit I am overwhelmed, considering the stiff competition I faced. Kyle and Sugarpuss put in excellent schedules. I am just glad I finally got to do the tribute to Warner Bros. that I have wanted to for so long. It feels great that so many of you love WB films, too.


That said, a great honor has been passed on to me. I feel like the fifth person to take over the James Bond mantle (which would make me Pierce Brosnan after 1. path40a?s Sean Connery; 2. lzcutter?s George Lazenby; 3. hlywdkjk?s Roger Moore; and matthelm?s Timothy Dalton.) I only hope I don?t turn out to be the Woody Allen version of Jimmy Bond.


A special thank goes to matthelm for coming up with such an excellent Challenge.


Anyway, let?s all have a rest, celebrate the holidays, take time to get into the new year, and I?ll begin the next Challenge in February. (Because it will be a short month, I will tack on an extra week of March.) I have a number of ideas I want to put into the new Challenge to start the year with a bang.


?I see fireworks

I see the pageant and pomp and parade

I hear the bells ringing out

I hear the cannons' roar.

I see Board Posters --all Challengers -- scheduling forevermore.?




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Dang it ... how did I miss the voting again????!??? You sleep through one lousy weekend and this is what happens. (*pouts*)


But I hasten to point out that I'm pouting solely at my own inadvertently self-imposed disenfranchisement, not at the result. CONGRATULATIONS, filmlover, for the well-deserved accolade!!!!!! Once again, everyone, superb work all around. The buttons are popping off my jacket, so pride-filled am I of the reservoir of talent here on our beloved TCM messaging forum.

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One note - we are planning a "star-of-the-month" festival next September called "A Star is Born," the theme being breakthrough/star-making performances, inspired by filmlover's schedule. There will be plenty more to take from everyone (and I'm sure I won't remember to let everyone know each time we do it), but that one is in the plan for next year.

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tcmprogrammr, could I be more in Heaven? That is so great. Thank you for letting me know. Can this day get any better? First, I win the challenge today. And now this. Since I won by using Warner Bros. titles as section headers, I think I will use the following title for this post, "All This and Heaven, Too."

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Congratulations filmlover.


What a wonderful present. I hope you are enjoying your moment in the spotlight. You should be proud of your work.. I always have admired it. And this is proof that it was the right reaction for one to have.


Kyle In Hollywood

FSS, Founding Member

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Just for fun, I've created three three faux Now Playing covers for the three schedules entered.



One for Sugarpuss's schedule:





and one for hlywdkjk's schedule:




and one for my schedule (of course, to make mine work with the "Celebrating 90 Years", it will have to be a cover in 2008):





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