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6 hours ago, TheCid said:

If I remember correctly, this thread has mentioned Trump's inaction or other hurricane related activities in the past.  It is 28 pages long and for the most part is just Jakieboy's posting of information people learned hours before finding it here.  It begins with a hurricane that affected him in Aug. 2016. It covers every hurricane Jake was interested in since he created it.

He just changes the title for each hurricane.

Interestingly, the thread is so old, the original video he posted is no longer available.

If you want the latest on a hurricane, tune in to the Weather Channel, your local radio and TV stations or weather underground on your computer.

Now you're bringing in facts.    Thanks,  that means that this thread isn't about Trump since facts and Trump,,, well,,,, you know,,,,



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8 hours ago, JakeHolman said:

cone graphic

projecting a cat 4 ... wow ... from experience ... not good ...  

I'm Hoping Dorian takes a turn to the North after making landfall as is currently (more or less) predicted.I live near Ft.Myers and IF the storm takes the turn we'll be on the backside(n.western/s.western side) of it...good thing too since the the worst part of most hurricanes is usually in the northeast quadrant of the storm,with the northwestern and southwestern quadrants having the least amount of rain and high winds.Hurricane Irma was a great example of this.When the radar showed Irma,after landfall on Marco Island the entire western and especially the southwestern quadrant of the storm was almost non-existent,meaning there was Much Less rain and only tropical storm force wind in that quadrant,while (as usual) the northeast quadrant was devastating.Another good thing about Dorian is that it is a relatively small storm.The last update said hurricane force winds only extended out ~15 miles from the center,with tropical-storm force winds out only ~90 miles.That relatively small wind field is another mitigating factor for those of us living on the west coast.Hopefully the size of Dorian won't Explode and become a behemoth like Irma was....yikes!!:o


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On 8/29/2019 at 10:36 AM, Arturo said:

Hurricane Dorian is now forecast to grow into a Category 4 Hurricane.  Luckily, Puerto Rico was spared, but will Florida and /or the Southeast?

I just heard that trump will be at Camp David to monitor the hurricane situation.

But whatever happens he is prepared because he's already stocked up on cases of Bounty, the quicker picker-upper paper towel.

And before leaving, for Old Times Sake, he attacked the Puerto Ricans, the Puerto Rican government and the female Mayor of San Juan.

If Trump is nothing else, he's consistent.

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  • JakeHolman changed the title to HURRICANE NICHOLAS

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