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First before the hurricane.


Puerto Ricans leaving island for U.S. in record numbers  (date May 2, 2016 CNN)





If any have hesitated, one can say they're leaving now.  This was also reported on the New York 4 news the other night.


One way trip: Thousands of Puerto Ricans flee hurricane-battered island aboard a luxury cruise ship - and many admit they might NEVER return.




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West Side Story Comes to the White House



trump Can't Stop These Latinos from Pouring into America--


In fact he's the cause of it



*How trump has let his racist- Latino hating supporters down




trump has built much of his support and hateful aura around building a wall between the United States and Mexico to keep Mexicans from entering the US illegally.


Unfortunately much of his conversation about Mexicans and Mexican Americans has unfairly painted them as being somehow criminal or below par.


It's true that illegal immigration is against the law - - but most Mexican Americans, most Mexican illegal immigrants and most people who are Mexican citizens are not hardcore criminals. And I would say that about most Americans, as well.


Trump's hateful rhetoric against Mexicans and American citizens of Mexican descent has cast an Ugly Cloud of hate over all Latinos and Hispanics here in in the Western Hemisphere.


His ignorant and implacably stupid approach toward Venezuela is just another example.


At any rate, Trump has promised his supporters that he would do all in his power to stop illegal Latino immigration into the United States and to deport those illegal Latino immigrants who have committed crimes.


And in the middle of all of this, it is yet to be determined whether or not, trump is going to allow the DACA "children" or so-called "Dreamers" to stay.



Hateful rhetoric begats more hate.



Now trump has shown a Katrina -type response to the devastation in Puerto Rico and to the misery and pain of the Puerto Ricans who are, of course, American citizens.


As a result of his belated and poor response to Puerto Rico, hundreds and eventually thousands will probably move to the mainland of the United States.


Currently airports are packed with people coming from the Island and you can't really blame these people because they are lacking the basic necessities of life on their Island. And of course, they're American citizens and they have every right to come here.


Before this is over, I wouldn't be surprised if we see a million Puerto Ricans leave the island and move to the lower 48 of the United States.


After all, the prognosis for recovery in Puerto Rico looks to be going into months if not more than a year into the future.


So to sum this all up. Because trump, for whatever reason that he knew better than us, ignored the plight of the Puerto Rican hurricane victims, so hundreds of these Puerto Rican American citizens, if not more, will be coming to the United States Immediately.


All of these Puerto Rican American citizens are Latinos/Hispanics.


So the Serendipity in all of this is that no matter how much trump promised to keep more Latinos from coming into this country, he has nevertheless,though inadvertently, caused thousands more to come here. And there's no way for us to know if it may even end up being close to a million.



As Anita told Bernardo in West Side Story, when he said he was going back to

San Juan, Puerto Rico:



"Everyone will have moved here!"

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45]tw7JPE5v_bigger.jpgThe HillVerified account @thehill




FEMA chief attacks San Juan mayor: You can listen to what she "spouts off" or you can see what's being done http://hill.cm/v6Hytha



45]KCQAV5nf_bigger.jpgMSNBCVerified account @MSNBC




How is President Trump handling role as “comforter-in-chief?” http://on.msnbc.com/2ygxCDi




Puerto Rican Lives Matter

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Texas Official After Harvey: The ‘Red Cross Was Not There’     Once again, there were appeals for donations to the Red Cross. And once again, local officials are saying the charity hasn’t delivered.


".....For the first three days the shelter was opened, only two Red Cross volunteers were there — neither had any experience running a shelter, Dyer said in an interview.


“Every hot meal came from us,” Dyer said. “....” Dyer says the Red Cross didn’t appear with supplies until the fourth day of the storm, and didn’t bring enough cots or food for those housed in the shelter, he said. A significant portion of the Meals-Ready-to-Eat the charity did bring had gone bad, he said.

The charity contested his account.......


"Persons needing intermediate-term shelters have been transferred to the Red Cross Shelter in Sealy. Red Cross approved the shelter, but the promised shelter management teams and the supply trailer never arrived, nor do they know where they went,”...


Martin said he ran into Gail McGovern, the charity’s CEO, in a parking lot several days after Harvey hit. When he raised his concerns to her, Martin said she responded: “Do you know how much we raised with Katrina? $2 billion. We won’t even raise hundreds of millions here.’ I just thought, ‘Really, Gail? That’s your response to me?’”........


...the program has been beset by technical glitches and unexplained denials, according to reporting by NBC News and several Texas outlets. The Red Cross has apologized for the problems....



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45]erRDIf9f_bigger.jpgDavid FrumVerified account @davidfrumMore

David Frum Retweeted Daniel Dale

The tossing paper towels to the hungry peasants stunt was indeed a first.

This reminds me of something we used to do with the Cocker Spaniel that I had when I was a kid.


He was very talented and we would throw Milk-Bones at him-- he could catch them in his mouth.


Sometimes we would do it until the entire box was empty.


That vulgar, ignorant man treated those hurricane victims, who are American citizens, like they were dogs in a fetch routine.


You can be assured that he didn't do that in hurricane areas that were predominantly populated by white people.



He epitomizes everything that the President of the United States should not be.

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