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"The Adventures of Prince Achmed"

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Did anyone else watch it last night? That movie was COMPLETELY charming! I loved it! it makes me so sad that there could never be a film like that again(as with so many others:( )-the innocence of the story, with the sophistication of the technique! I can't explain it very well, but it was just so...charming! Were the children of yesteryear more-dare I say-no, I'll put it this way-were the expectations of their intellect higher,combined with more of an assumption of innocence? I just can't explain-this movie was SO appealing on a level both children and adults could appreciate-without the false sentimentality or garish effects(not to mention the "smart-alecky all-knowing" juvenile characters)of modern "family" movies. Does anyone know what I mean(in spite of myself,LOL)?

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That was a wonderful movie--a fitting little silent to screen after the stop-motion greats of Ray Harryhausen. In the history of animation, there weren't many better than Jay Ward ("The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle," "Dudley Do-Right," et al) when it came to fusing charming irreverence with sharp satire as a method to appeal to an interminably polarized kids/adults age demographic. Cinematically, it's a shame that most kids these days would probably sooner watch dreary, computer-driven rubbish like "Shreck," than "Prince Achmed" or-- worse still--an enduring classic like "Pinnochio."

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Thank you, you explained it well! It rather correlates to the way that I don't think children of today(speaking generally) can appreciate the old fairy tales(especially The Brothers Grimm)in their unadulterated form,without them being made "cutesy". Of course, that's the adults' fault,for thinking that the stories are too "above" the children's grasp,or dumbing them down in the name of making them "politically correct". The sheer fantasy, and the naked struggle between good and evil isn't acceptable anymore.I'm still not able to articulate exactly what I feel about it, but this little gem of a movie is a perfect example of it.The story is almost Wagnerian,only with the aesthetics of Erte'. And I think the concept of "charm", in its old-fashioned sense, is a long-lost anachronism.

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