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In a Lonely Place

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Wow, what a good movie. Even though you saw him watch her walk away, halfway through the film you couldn't help wondering if he did kill her. Bogie was outstanding in this one, and Gloria Graham wasn't bad either. I don't usually like her too much, but she was entirely different in this even though she was playing her usual role.



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Honestly one of the worst 'classics' I've seen on TCM lately. Bogart strains himself trying to act short tempered for little reason, the script throws a murder at us we know he didn't commit, Gloria Grahame falls in love with him after she knows he's been suspected, after she saw the girl leave his pad, then begins to think he did it? A story that starts out a an odd character study and lame mystery turns into some kind of hackneyed comment on trust. Bah. I hated it. Stick with Sunset Blvd.

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One of my favorite Bogart film noir pieces. A violent Dixon Steele makes for a tricky love affair with Gloria Grahame.


The story is a bit jumpy at times, but the characters' struggling to cope with one another makes this an all time favorite.


The film is also visually appealing in the film noir tradition; creating a unique atmosphere that is both lonely and chic.

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Dewey1960 says,



"You might want to check out the novel IN A LONELY PLACE by the great mystery writer Dorothy B. Hughes (she also wrote RIDE THE PINK HORSE and THE FALLEN SPARROW). The book has a very different ending than the film!"



I bought the novel "In A Lonely Place" a couple of years ago. I understand the plot of the novel is completely different than the movie. I understand the book is probably one of the first novels to use, as first person narrative, the thoughts of a serial killer. I also understand the book is compulsive reading. Now, why do I write "I understand"? Because my information is second hand. I bought the book, my wife read the book, my wife told me the "In A Lonely Place" story.


Right now, I am placing on my "things to do in 2007" list...read "In A Lonely Place". Dorothy Hughes a really good writer? I guess I will find out for myself...sometime in 2007.




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I liked it just fine. I like Bogey a lot and don't remember seeing this one. I thought Bogey did the anger thing quite well. Towards the end I actually thought he was going to kill Gloria.


He knew he blew it though.


I'm also a big Nicholas Ray fan as well.

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> I didn't like this film either. Didn't Bogart try to

> strangle Gloria late in the movie? (I haven't seen it

> in a while.)


Ooh, that reminds me of Gloria getting the pot of hot coffee in her face in The Big Heat. It's too bad TCM couldn't dig that one out for the Glenn Ford tribute. :(

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