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June 2003/1st *Peck, Cronyn & now *Kate!!!

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(*-Indicates OSCARS) This is a tough one!!! I've not written on here in awhile. Due to sev. things. Matter of fact, I believe the last time was about *Gregory Peck dying!? & now I was worried it would kind of be difficult to find words, concerning of course quite possibly the biggest legend ever!? Or at least in the top (3) *Katharine Hepburn passing away, at amazing age of 96! Most of course know, that have read my stuff, here & elsewhere. That *"The Great: Spencer Tracy," Is my all-time #1 Idol! & she's instantly-(most of all of the shows connect the 2 immediately as well) Identifiable via *Spence! He's been gone 36yrs. now! & most are aware I have visited his final resting place a couple times-(you'd almost have to be a mountain climber to get up those hills though?) It's just that the mo. of June is very bizarre sometimes? I recall back in 1987, when in (1) weekend: *J. Huston, *Lee Marvin & "The Great 0ne: Jackie Gleason," all went! I was more stunned about Gleason, being in "The Honeymooners" fan-club at the time! But there have been other instantces-personal & otherwise as well & in June? Poor lil' terrific actor Hume Cronyn had misfortune of dying some month as these (2) Golden Age Giants. Then just barely into this month, we now have Buddy Hackett gone as well? For those of whom did not catch the news-the lights of Broadway were-dimmed in honor of her, of course! She, unlike *Tracy, adored going back to the stage. He tried-it, after starting there & then *J. Ford-(Ironically *Ford went with *Kate before *Spence!) but he brought him to then just Fox Studios in 1930 for "Up the River"-(which TCM apparently cannot air?) *Spencer did return to the stage, but it was a disaster! Personal & otherwise. I think it was the late 1940's & "The Rugged Path?" But she adored stage over film. & most may not be aware *Kate with the tons of awards/accolades-(AFI has basically begged her to accept it's annual award. But nope! You must be present for that one.) Where is she never-ever personally accepted even (1) of her record (4) Best Actress OSCARS! Not even "Marvelous" *Meryl Streep will tie that record. She passed her on noms. though. With (13 to date!) *Hepburn did attend the ACADEMY AWARDS once. To present a special OSCAR to a friend: Lawrence Weingarten! I hope, BIG-TIME TCM can get a hold of a 1987 docu. she did with Susie Tracy. It was about *Spencer, but *Kate's center stage throughout the show! & as most also have likely heard since her demise. "AFI's 100yrs...1000 Stars" voted her #1 all-time fav. actress! It was it's 2nd special in '99.

Larry King last night had a special-(even her brother, of whom is now 92 or so? Was on-it. He was in tears at times.) However when sev. were asked whom she respected most, other then of course *Spencer. They said *Olivier & J. Barrymore. But 4-got Garbo???-(she was actually one of the duo's pals & would even visit wooden cottage sometimes!) Anyway, who is next? *Katharine Hepburn always played down her looks,way-down? I personally thought she was very attractive. Especially in the 30's & early/most of the 1940's? For those whom have as yet to ever see-it HELLO>TCM!!! 1975's tv-movie "Love Among the Ruins" Is superb! Her & *Olivier. & I'm no fan of reg. tv movies & or shows in general. Very touching final sequence in-it, where she's straightening *Lord 0's, hair & It seems as though she's really looking at *Spenca' as she called him! (P.S. I have books & can give fans many a tip on such if interested? Concerning her & she's having a veeery pvt. funeral service/metaphorically for her persona & likely to be interred up in C.T. area, where her family always loved so-much Another thing many may not be aware of? Her mother. Also Katharine Hepburn/Her father's orig. named was: Norvall Thomas Houghton, a doctor & the family was even too-liberal for *Tracy, upon 1st meeting. But her father bore more than a passing resemblance to him? Her mother though was 1 of the first of womens right to vote, abortion-rights,etc (suffergent movement!) I could fill a book myself!? But then again, how many-times will we write, talk,etc about the likes of this magnificent woman-AGAIN??? I must add (1) more thing! I was always very-proud to share same birthdate as *Kate-Nov. 8th! I thought it was anyway? Until she came-clear on the matter. She took that b'date from her brother. Whom hung himself in cellar of family home. Waaaay back. His name was also Tom, I'm pretty certain! By the way her final film was another re-make of: "Love Affair" in 1994 (**1/2) It starred *Warren Beatty & Annette Bening, but *the grand ol' dame, then 87! Stole the pix. Thank You


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