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Special Sales of Classic Titles on DVD & Blu-ray


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VCI Entertainment has a special on:




From Monday March 17th to Monday March 24th, VCI will offer everyone 33% off on website orders by using the following coupon code: *EASTER*


We are talking every single DVD at VCI is 33% off for 8 days! This is a great deal for anyone planning on purchasing any hard to find classic DVD?s. Still trying to figure out what to get Mom or that one family member you just can?t quite figure out what to buy them! Well look no further! Everyone loves movies and VCI has the largest amount of hard to find cult and classic hits that Hollywood has to offer!


VCI has set the coupon up to expire on Monday March24th at 11:59 pm (central time). As always nothing is 100% perfect and if something does happen, our customer service department is available for assistance M-F 8:30 am to 5:30 pm central time ? 800.331.4077


*This is a website only special only available at www.vcientertainment.com *


All sales over $50.00 qualify for free shipping (only in the continental United States does this apply!)


Remember to get the 33% discount you must enter the coupon code EASTER on your CHECKOUT page."

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I was just over at Costco, and as Kim mentioned in another thread, they have The Clark Gable Collection and the Bob Hope Collection for $15.99 each. But that's not all!!!


At the same $15.99 price, they have the box sets of Mr. Moto vol. 1, vol. 2, the Frank Sinatra Collection, The Jayne Mansfield Collection, Frankie & Annette Collection, Joan Collns Collection, and I can't recall what else. All great bargains!


They also have the newly reissued Gangsters vols. 1 and 2 WB collections for $29.98, as well as most of the WB Film Noir collections for the same price.


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OLDIES.COM: Save BIG on over 600 rare, out-of-print and hard-to-find DVDs from 20th Century Fox & MGM!


I bought the: Jayne Mansfield Collection (The Girl Can't Help It / The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw / Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?) at Costco for $15.99!


Also "Costco" had alot of "20th Century Fox Cinema Classics Collection" on sale for $9.99


Jane Eyre

Farewell to Arms

Stopover Tokyo

Von Ryan's Express

The Snows of Kilimanjaro


to name a few.....

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> {quote:title=filmlover wrote:}{quote}

> Costco seems to be testing the market with Criterion discs. They only had four or so titles, nothing remarkable, except for Ace in the Hole, but all were priced about $24.99 each, which matches Amazon's price for Ace.


I wonder if they also have the same titles online....

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The new Best Buy ad has Father Knows Best Season One available for $24.99!

It's $24.49 at Amazon so I'd just as soon get it right away and not worry about it getting damaged in shipping, etc. Plus, another item would need to be added to get the free shipping.

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I need to pick up those Moto sets but quick from Costco before they sell out.

The thing about Costco is the stock is always changing and it gets expensive trying to keep up, but I definitely need to head back down there and see if they got anything new in.


The Clark Gable Collection I bought was really a steal at 15.99.


I love Costco!

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shearer, I will be going in the next day or two so I will let you know. They had Bette Davis vol. 3 and Gangsters vol. 3 last week, so it is a possibility. The prices weren't great though, around $39 or $49. Costco does great on clearance items but lately haven't been doing so well on new release titles.

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shearer, I checked today and no Classic Musicals v.3 at Costco. However, I did see they had one box each left of the two Moto volumes.


Costco may not have the Classic Musicals form the Dream Factory but I got my set from DVDplanet.com today, and it looks good. LOL, eight of the films have a "Powell" in nit, either Elanor or Jane. The ninth film is Kismet. (Why the set didn't have 10 films, instread of 9, I don't know?)

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Here's something you might want to check out and from the last place you would think to look for classic DVD bargains...Albertson's, the grocery store chain. Two times now I have found items in their clearance bin that were surprise bargains. A few weeks back, I got the WB two-disc release of a triple feature: Objective Burma (Flynn), Never So Few (Sinatra), and Go for Broke (Van Johnson) for either $4.99 or $5.99, I can't recall which. Sells on Amazon for $12.99.


Today, I found the Sony two-DVD release package set of Twist Around the Clock and Don't Knock the Twist. Again for $5.99. Sells for $17.99 on Amazon.


Both were new and factory sealed.

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Thanks filmlover for the info. Can I ask your name? We're on here pretty often and it feels awkward calling you guys by your screen name. I'm Corey.


I'm gonna go to my local Costco next week and check to see if they have the 1st Tyrone Power set cause I wanna get it before the 2nd set comes out.

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The Amazon Gold Box Deal of the Day for today (the 15th) only is *The Cary Grant Box Set Collection* (containing Only Angels Have Wings, His Girl Friday, Talk of the Town, Holiday, and The Awful Truth). *The price for today only is $19.99*, 60% off the $49.95 street price. Amazon's normal price is $39.99.

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Corey, check Amazon, they now have a special on 50 Fox and MGM boxsets, including Tyrone Power for $22.49. And the Fox Horror Classics set (Lodger, Hangover Square, Undying Monster) for only $13.49 (that is a great bargain!).




A few sets can be had at Costco for $15.99 (Sinatra, Joan Collins, Moto, etc.) but there are some good titles here. Unfortunately, I have most of them.

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This was Great

Thanks fem fetale

I missed out the last time they had this sale for the Chan Box sets

I just ordered Charlie Chan Volume 1 - i havent seen any of these movies but they are very cheap so why not order ?

If I like them I will order Volume 2, then 3 , then 4.

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I was quite happy to find the Universal Cinema Classics in 2-packs at Costco for $12.99. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the four titles released yesterday were included. Here's what they had:


The Major and the Minor/She Done Him Wrong

Midnight/Easy Living

Going My Way/The Heiress

All Quiet on the Western Front/So Proudly We Hail!

Scarface/No Man of Her Own

Arabian Nights/Unconquered


Each package contains two DVDs in their individual keep cases for $12.99. They also had some WB 2-Packs for the same price (some in snap cases). Since I had most of them, I can't recall all the titles, but they included The Shop Around the Corner which was paired with The Women, 2 Bogie/Bacall films (one was To Have and Have Not, but I can't recall if the other title was Key Largo, Dark Passage, or The Big Sleep). Pride and Prejudice (Garson/Olivier) was paired with Little Women (Allyson/Astor), and there may have been one or two more.



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Costco continues to deliver great prices on classic sets. While checking out the Universal twinpacks, I noticed they had the two Warner Bros. collections of _The Garbo Signature Collection_ and _The Alfred Hitchcock Signature Collection_ for *$44.99* each. Amazon charges $77.99 and $73.99, respectively, and they are $99.98 regular street price each, so that's a bargain on each one.


I didn't see these at the Los Feliz store but they were in the Burbank Costco, but you have to look carefully because they are in a bottom row there behind a Bogart box set. They likely have them at other stores, too.


Also, if you like classic TV series, they have The Addams Family - The Complete Series (all three seasons in one) for only $24.99. Amazon's price is $51.99 and the regular street price is $69.98.

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I signed up for a Borders (store) rewards card a while back and they e-mail 30 - 40%

off coupons for DVDs occasionally - the only drawback being selection is limited to in-store and in-stock.

I have managed to get deals on both volumes of Love, American Style there though.

I've found it's best to go there with a list rather than to waste time looking through all their selections.


There's a *20th Century Fox DVD Clearance* sale going on at oldies.com - over half off on most titles!

Most out-of-print or going out-of-print, I think. Definitely worth a look.

I'm not sure when the sale began but you'll see that some titles are sold out already.




I was a little mortified to see Pajama Party (1964) as sold out.

I'm not sure how I overlooked it before but that title's been on my DVD wantlist

for a long time now!


I picked up Arrowsmith, The Ghoul (1933), Green Acres - Farm Favorites, Kiss Me Deadly, Made For Each Other, Roxie Hart and We're Not Married plus got (the) free shipping over $50.


There's also a *Mother's Day DVD Sale* over at Amazon.

I found Black Widow for a couple dollars less than I just paid last week from Deep Discount.


Anyhow that's how I came across the sale.




Here's a link to all 468 titles. If you plan to browse all titles anyhow and start looking through seperate categories you'll start running across the same titles and realize that you're just duplicating your efforts.




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I ordered from several titles from oldies.com a few weeks back, had tried to get two copies of Pajama Party (because it is a valuable time) but got one, at least. Got **** with them because I ordered enough to get the free shipping, and had placed my order that way, but the order got charged for shipping, anyway. I called them and argued for about fifteen minutes, but got nowhere. (I have been disappointed with oldies.com the last two times now with their customer service. I placed one order about a month ago, cancelled it the next morning with a telephone operator, got a confirmation email, then two days later they still billed by credit card and sent out the order. One of the items was the Roxie Hart DVD and it came without any plastic wrapping.)


I may order from them again but it would have to be something special.

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