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Special Sales of Classic Titles on DVD & Blu-ray


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Come on, people, get a room! LOL!




Seriously, though, this is a conversation going back and forth, and should be done using the Private Messages feature. The upcoming news is getting lost in the posts.


Understood. But there was and is discussion of the Deep Discount sale and the price changes of DVDs at DD.


Laura is a new member to the board and she looks to be a very enthusiastic DVD buyer and collector. We look to be rather similar in our DVD sickness and I'm very excited to see her take part in this forum. But I shall take your friendly and just "heat" for our conversation. It's warranted.


As far as the commentary tracks for Thief of Bagdad, one track is Coppola and Scorsese (though it sounds like they were at two different sessions, just spliced together). The other track is a very detailed history of the production by Bruce Eder, I think it was, truly the one to listen to for details. I am still going through it.


I enjoy Scorsese and Coppola's commentaries and I'd love to hear them talk about a classic film. Marty's genuine interest, enthusiasm, and knowledge of classic film is quite often a treat for me. Please report back with your opinions on the commentary tracks. And, by the way, this is how discussions start. One person brings up a topic of interest and another responds.


I'll try to keep the conversations to a minimum on this thread since it's more of a "bulletin" thread than one of discussion. Your point is well-taken and quite valid. I apologize for the intrusion.

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"Seriously, though, this is a conversation going back and forth, and should be done using the Private Messages feature. The upcoming news is getting lost in the posts.


So sorry, I'm afraid my enthusiasm gets the better of me at times. (I'm fairly new to the boards and need to learn how the PM's work!)


Back to *sale news*: here is another code for the Deep Discount sale which was received by a friend in an email. I've searched through the posts here and didn't find it so I hope it's not a repeat. Posting here in case an additional code is of use to anyone, although several other codes have been posted already:




Best wishes --

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I was checking ot the weekend's flyer for Best Buy and for coming on Tuesday they show a picture of the Popeye the Sailor DVD collection for $24.99 with the words underneath it:


Volume 2, 31 Episodes

Volume 1...$9.99


Well, unfortunately, the ad's a total screwup. For starters, they don't picture vol. 2's cover. Instead, they show a steelbook edition of vol. 1. However, don't be fooled into thinking you will get this one for the vol. 1 $9.99 price. No, sirree. A check on the website shows the "Vol. 1" they are talking about (and not correctly identified or pictured) is "Popeye & Friends," a small collection of the TV series's cartoons.


Don't you love Best Buy?

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> {quote:title=shearerchic04 wrote:}{quote}

> Can someone tell me what the promotion code is for the Deep Discount sale? I tried PRICESEARCH, but it didn't work. It'd me much appreciated. Thanks.



The sale code for DVD Planet is 20OFFSALE.


UPDATE: Sorry! I was reading this wrong. Some other codes that work for the Deep Discount sale are JUNEDEAL and DEAL.


Message was edited by: coffeedan

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Amazon has a sale going on including many of Warner Home Video's classic boxed sets. Many if not most of the prices seem to beat Deep Discount's current sale price. Here's the link:


[Amazon Boxed Set Sale|http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html/ref=amb_link_6990742_7?ie=UTF8&docId=306150&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=center-8&pf_rd_r=0MRJT5VC6JR55KDRX70N&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=404598801&pf_rd_i=1061354]

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A quick reminder that the deepdiscount.com (and probably dvdplanet.com) 20% off their discounted prices sale is scheduled to end on Sunday, the 22nd. They only hold this sale twice a year and the next one wont be until November or December.


Between the two outlets (though I believe they are both owned by the same company), I picked up:



Ultimate Dirty Harry Collection


Sand Pebbles

Longest Day



Great Gatsby

Peter Pan (stage productiuon)

Rat Pack Ultimate Collection

Popeye the Sailor vol. 2

Carmen Miranda Collection

I Spy Season 2

I Spy Season 3

Rio Grande

Three Stooges vol. 2


I might get one or two more before Sunday.

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Just got an e-mail from DDD, they extended the sale until June 29.


Thanks for the update, Edgecliff. I just went to the site and the front page banner also denotes the date change. I may have to reconsider getting Criterion's The Furies (release date is Tuesday) right away now that it will be available during this sale.

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DDD is asking the highest price for THE FURIES. I believe they raised it right before the sale. I am wondering if they will lower it back to $27.99 after the sale since they have been competitive with prices although they have gone up pricewise. .

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>Seriously, though, this is a conversation going back and forth,

>and should be done using the Private Messages feature.

>The upcoming news is getting lost in the posts.


Ah, you know, there's more than one way to take over a board.

At least you got an apology out of him.

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Ive ordered from DDD and free shipping is media mail , which is slow and quite honestly first class only costs just a tad more. I hate the thought of a slim DVD going media mail with larger parcel...crush city...DDD did deliver but I am more comfortable with Amazon, but lately their DVD sets arrive with loose discs inside...

I used to have more faith in retail stores, but they are only carrying one or 2 of a title i want and are sold out the minute they are on the shelf

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I've been a bit disappointed that many things I wanted to order for this DDD sale have been "out of stock"! I never ran into that problem so often before with them. Even the Val Lewton collection, released earlier this year, was not available.

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MissG, it's okay when they are not in stock. You can still order them (as long as it is not a future release) and when they come in they will charge you the sale price. And sometimes it doesn't take long at all for them to come back in. For one order I did, I ordered several items, one of which was out of stock, and they sent what they had. A day or two later, the out of stock item was sent to me.

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*Amazon says, "You know you want a Blu-ray player."*

Wed Jul 09, 2008 at 03:00 PM ET

Tags: Amazon, High-Def Retailing (all tags)


Amazon is once again dangling a tempting incentive in front of it's target Blu-ray audience, this time offering your choice of players and a bundle of eight movies for $80.


The offer started today, and gives customer the choice of two qualifying Sony Blu-ray players, either the BDP-S300 ($379) or the Playstation 3 40GB ($399).


After adding the preferred player to their carts, customers can then select the Blu-ray 8-pack Starter Set for $80. The set includes 'Black Hawk Down,' 'The Adventures of Baron Munchausen,' 'Dogma,' 'A Few Good Men,' 'Life of Brian,' 'Resident Evil: Apocalypse,' and 'The Fifth Element' coming out to a total savings of 65%. If any of our readers have been holding out for a good time to jump into the realm of Blu-ray, this could be it.


No word on how long this Blu-ray player/starter pack offer will last, but the site says it's available for a "limited time," so our guess is that the clock is ticking.

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Even though this offer might be tempting. I am not at all interested in any of the films that are offered in this special from Amazon. Blu-ray discs are still too expensive for me and I am not at all interested in collecting new or newer films. A very small percentage of what I call classics have appeared in this format. Film Fatale, I know you are gung-ho on this new format, but for me I prefer to wait. I am very happy with the SD format on my HDTV. Right now I spend quite a bit of money on DVD's in the SD format, and I just don't want to put out the extra bucks for Blu-Ray discs.

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I am not "gung-ho" on any format at all, but I do keep an eye out for any movie sales.


On the subject of BR specifically, a better term would be "resigned" - I'm resigned to the fact that this seems more than likely the format of the future, at least unless some sort of download/streaming allows us to watch movies with the same picture quality at a similar cost (and in the very near future)


And of course if you have Netflix, you don't actually need to buy the Blu-Ray titles, you just rent 'em.


I really do think a lot of classics like *Lawrence of Arabia* and *El Cid* are going to look absolutely gorgeous in Blu-Ray, when they get around to releasing them.

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Actually, Edgecliff, I am the one who is gung-ho on Blu-ray.


After you have seen high-def done right, like on The Searchers, it is hard to go back to standard DVD, By the way, I still collect DVDs (and have just gotten in the Popeye vol. 2, Carmen Miranda, and a bunch of others), but maybe you didn't know that you can play your DVDs on the Blu-ray player and it upconverts tehm to near high-def. I have the Sony S300 and the upconversion of DVDs looks better than on a standard DVD upconverter player. Sony is releasing their newest Blu model in about a week, the S350, for about $399 (will be cheaper on Amazon and other places, I am sure) and it will have profile 1.1 (picture in picture) for Blu discs that have that feature. It will also be 2.0 ready (just needs a free download of a update when it comes available) which will allow access to internet features. (Personally, I don't care about the internet capabilities, but a great many discs will be sporting extra features for 2.0 come this winter).


Getting this is really a no-lose situation. You will be ready for Blu and you can play your DVDs on it, too.

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