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Special Sales of Classic Titles on DVD & Blu-ray


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amazon.com is going to have a "lightning deal" as part of its daily specials today, starting at 5 pm EST/ 2 PST


They don't tell you exactly what it is until it begins, but here's the hint:

This alien comedy ran for six seasons, garnering 31 Emmy nominations and eight wins.


Past "lightning deals" have included the *Ford at Fox* collection (for a little over $100) so there's some good deals there. ;)

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I know Amazon's classic DVD sale has been going on for awhile, but I just noticed that they added the Judy Garland Signature Collection to the mix - on sale for only $31.99. I've never seen it for sale that cheap before.


I hope I haven't pulled a CK and posted what somebody else has already said.

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*Amazon Kicks Off Disney Blu-ray Sale*

Wed Jul 30, 2008 at 03:00 PM ET


Amazon kicked off a new Blu-ray promotion this week, offering 72 Disney titles at significant savings.


There's no word on how long this latest promotion will last, but with the launch of Amazon's Disney Promotion, which showcase 72 of the studio's most popular titles at up to forty percent savings, fans should be able to grab some good bargains.


Listed titles include 'Ratatouille,' 'Pirates of the Caribbean,' 'National Treasure: Book of Secrets,' 'The Prestige,' and 'Dan In Real Life,' among many others.

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Took a trip to Costco today. Here's a rundown on some current classic stock they have and prices:


Tyrone Power Matinee Idol Collection $32.99

Tyrone Power vol. 1 $32.99

Carmen Miranda $32.99


They also had the following WB boxed sets priced at $27.99 each:

Errol Flynn Signature Collection vol. 1

Errol Flynn vol. 2

Cole Porter Collection

Classic Musicals from the Dream Factory vol. 1

Classic Musicals etc. vol. 2

Broadway to Hollywood

Judy Garland Signature Collection


$22.99 each:

Betty Grable

Will Rogers vol. 1

Will Rogers vol. 2

Ernest HemingWay Film Collection (I can't read my own writing, this one might be $27.99)


Gary Cooper Double Pack of Along Came Jones and Man of the West for $9.99

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Barnes and Noble is having a DVD sale ? the clerk at my local store said that the company was cleaning out its warehouse. They have various Fox classics for $9.99. I was able to pick up Warner?s John Ford Collection for that price. The set includes *The Informer, Mary of Scotland, The Lost Patrol, Sergeant Rutledge, and Cheyenne Autumn.* That?s quite a bargain for ten dollars. B/N online lists the collection at $26.99 on sale. I asked the clerk if there was some mistake, and he assured me the low price was correct.

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MetroManic, I went to my local Barnes and Noble on 8/4 and as I expected there was no John Ford box set for $9.99. The store did have lots of $9.99 DVD, mostly Paramount. The salesgirl checked the computer and said they had a Ford set for $59.95. I believe that is the one you mentioned. I don't know what city you are in but I live in Los Angeles. I imagine each store, in each city has different selections on sale, and your store might have had one too many of the Ford sets.


Message was edited by: Edgecliff

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Amazon is having a HUGE classic movie sale - almost 500 movies, box sets 1/2 off, not just Warner, box Fox, etc//both Bogie sets, Hitchcock, Classic Media Godzilla, assorted Columbia classics, just tons of movies..here is the link...if anyone has time to scroll through all the movies wow


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That Amazon sale has been going on for too long. I keep breaking down and buying something. In fact, with the exception of about two weeks after the Deep Discount sale ended, it's been going on since June. The damage since June is:


The John Ford Film Collection

The Five Pennies

The Judy Garland Signature Collection

The Ten Commandments (50th Anniversary Collection)

John Wayne-John Ford Film Collection

Fox Western Classics

The Phantom of the Opera - The Ultimate Edition

That's Entertainment! The Complete Collection

The Tarzan Collection Starring Johnny Weissmuller

The Hepburn & Tracy Signature Collection

Forbidden Planet 2-Disc Special Edition

Tennessee Williams Collection


Almost all of these were at least 50% off. Some of them were 60% off. I just couldn't help myself. This is usually the kind of damage I reserve for the Deep Discount sale, but the Deep Discount sale was a bit of a bust this last time around, so I had some money left over.

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I know what you mean calvinnme. That Amazon sale is so tempting. Smart move on their part to extend it. I want to get the 1st Tarzan collection, but I hear the films haven't really been remastered or touched up at all, which is surprising for WHV, esp with the regular steep price of this set. Can anyone who has it confirm the quality or lack of?

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" I want to get the 1st Tarzan collection, but I hear the films haven't really been remastered or touched up at all, which is surprising for WHV, esp with the regular steep price of this set. Can anyone who has it confirm the quality or lack of? "


I viewed the first three films this week. The oldest one appears to have some "lens bulge" around the edge of some frames. It's not distracting - it's just the kind of thing you see in older films shot outdoors. The next two looked fine and did not have this problem. All three looked good on a standard sized TV. They must have been touched up, but I have seen better jobs done on other WHV sets.

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I thought I would do a roundup of some new sales that look pretty good:


*Best Buy stores and online at:*




_2-disc editions, each $9.99:_

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner 40th Anniversary (it's $19.49 on Amazon)

The Guns of Navarone (Collector's Edition) (it's $21.99 on Amazon)

Rebel Without A Cause (Amazon:$21.99)

The Maltese Falcon (3-disc edition) (A:$11.99)

Forbidden Planet (A: $11.99)

Stagecoach (A: $21.99)

The Searchers (the ad shows the 2-disc edition which is on Amazon at $22.99 but online they've pictured the cover of the Ultimate Collector's Edition which Amazon sells at $35.99; I would believe it to be the regular edition)

Dr. Strangelove (A: $14.99)

Lawrence of Arabia (the ad and online site show the Limited Edition) (A.$26.99)

The Dirty Dozen (A:$23.99)

Taxi Driver (A: $14.99)

Das Boot (A: $30.99)

Gandhi (A: $14.99)

JFK (A: $21.99)

and other titles.






_Mill Creek DVD box sets:_ Buy One Get One...they have a select group of TV and movie compilations and all are public domain titles, but still a good sale on the whole. Each title is $8.29, so with the sale it works out to $4.15. Among the ones they have up are:


Adv.of Robin Hood - The Complete First Season (the 1950s series starrig Richard Greene)

Alfred Hitchcock The Legend Continues - 20 movies

Alien Worlds - mixture of 20 sci-fi movies and TV shows

Best of the Cisco Kid - 35 TV shows ("Oh, Pancho." "Oh, Cisco.")

The Buccaneers - The Complete Series (TV show from the 1950s starring Robert Shaw)


plus several more worth getting at this price. Remember, some won't be that great picture-quality wise, but still a good deal to find some obscure collections of gangster, western, crime, etc. movies and TV shows. It's best to cross-reference the title to its listing on Amazon for details on how good or bad it is, plus sometimes a listing of individual titles in the collections.


deepdiscount doesn't charge shipping or tax, so that's good, too.







_Boxed-set sale:_ This one is kinda hidden away, and not part of that other sale that has been going on for some time. Not many of them but a few good prices. Among the titles are The Matt Helm Lounge ($14.49) (warning: all are full-screen), The Premiere Frank Capra Collection ($30.99), and The Stanley Kramer Collection ($31.49).

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I was at Costco on 08/10/08 & they had seveal Classic films for 8.99


I bought the 2 Disc "_Singin' in the Rain_" (Two-Disc Special Edition)...Great Features to....&

"_Yankee Doodle Dandy_" (Two-Disc Special Edition)...




_Seven Brides for Seven Brothers_: 50th Anniversary Edition DVD

_On The Waterfront_

_The Carmen Miranda Collection_

_Tyrone Power Matinee Idol Collection_

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several of the DVDs at Best Buy aren't really much of a deal, they had the same ones on sale last week for $6.99 or less, like Enter the Dragon, Casino Royale, and Black Hawk Down.


i'm on the fence with this Lawrence of Arabia, i don't have it yet but for some reason i was leaning more towards the latest edition that came out.


to clarify, their newspaper ad specifies the Forbidden Planet 2-disc edition.

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