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Special Sales of Classic Titles on DVD & Blu-ray


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There is some sort of Fox box set sale going on at Amazon.


Tyrone Power Matinee Idol Collection $26.49

Tyrone Power Collection $26.49

Ford at Fox Collection: The Essential John Ford Collection $26.49

Ford at Fox Collection: John Ford's American Comedies $26.49

Ford at Fox Collection: John Ford's Silent Epics $26.49

Bette Davis Centenary Celebration Collection $26.49

Charlie Chan Collection, Volumes 1-4 $25.99


I'm sure there are other Fox boxes that retail for $49.98 that may also be marked down.


I will say that I have seen all of the above boxes going for a little less in previous sales with the exception of the brand new Tyrone Power Matinee Idol Collection.

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Here's something that will make you jump in your car and get right over to Costco....I am looking at the new releases this afternoon and I see the new Fox Film Noirs, Moontide and Road House, at $8.49 each. So I take them off the shelf, and I notice they have a few other recent titles from the Fox noirs...but then what do I see behind them?


*Boomerang !!!!!*


My eyes bugged out. And at $8.49. They had several of them, too.


And yet, is it really available anywhere else??? All the stories of being held up for U.S. distribution! I've just looked and deepdiscount.com shows they are selling it for$10.49 but they don't have any in stock. Classicflix wants $49.95. Click on the Boomerang pic in DVDplanet.com at $9.95 and it says it is no longer available. DVDEmpire.com doesn't have it all. Amazon...nothing.

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I realized I haven't been mentioning any sales of *Blu-ray* high definition titles here but thought I would start doing so _when it comes to older titles_, which is what this forum is about.


So to start it off, Amazon has a sale on several WB films that are up to 52% off the normal price:


The Shining $14.95 (48% off the regular price)

Enter the Dragon $13.95 (52% off)

Bullitt $13.95 (52% off)

A Clockwork Orange $13.95 (52% off)

Every Which Way But Loose $13.95 (52% off)

The Gauntlet $13.95 (52% off)

The Road Warrior $13.95 (52% off)

The Omega Man $14.95 (48% off)




And because Blu-ray is still fairly new and that it is high definition, I thought I would let you be able to cross-reference titles at the following site first so you can see how individual titles are reviewed. (Just because it is high definition doesn't always mean that the studio did a first-rate job of a print.) It is ALWAYS a good idea to look up reviews first:



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Amazon has a special Buy One Get One sale of packaged DVDs (some containing Cliff Notes with the DVD, some containing a CD of music from that decade). So buy one title, get another title of the same value or less for free.


Some classic titles are:


with Cliff Notes $9.99 each

Moby Dick

Inherit the Wind

Wuthering Heights (1970)


with Decades CD $13.99 each


West Side Story

The Graduate

Mad Max

Guys and Dolls

Fiddler on the Roof

12 Angry Men

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

When Harry Met Sally

Some Like It Hot


Here's a link:


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vintagefilmbuff.com has some interesting individual DVDs and box sets of Paramount stuff from that 1929-1948 era that Universal owns plus some independent titles. They tend to be a bit expensive, but if you enter code KAZZ13 into the shopping cart as you check out, you will receive an additional 13% off of your purchase. The code is good for all titles, and can be combined with the free shipping offer on orders over $100. The minimum purchase to qualify for the discount is $60.00, and the sale will run until next Monday.


I've only ordered once before from them - I got a double feature of Interference (Paramount's first talking picture) and Bulldog Drummond. The quality is not fully restored, but the two films looked and sounded pretty good. Definitely better than public domain. In other words, I don't think they're a fly by night company.


I'm eyeing their new horror box set that contains 10 films for forty dollars.

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This company has some rare films for sale. They are usually cut from 16 mm prints and the quality is not that good. A friend made me a copy of SEARCH FOR BEAUTY an early pre-code Paramount film with Buster Crabbe and Ida Lupino. The quality was not the greatest but not awful. Although there are several films I would like to purchase from this company, the films are quite pricey @ $20, so I have been hesitant to order. In addition they charge sales tax, which is a non-no for me. Sure wish Paramount would release some of their pre-codes on DVD.


Message was edited by: Edgecliff

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This is for the Sony S300, which I have. I love this player but I wanted to point out who might be thinking of getting it, it is what they call profile 1.0. It isn't capable of 1.1 profile (which is the picture-in-picture that some newer Blu-ray movie releases have) or 2.0 (which is for connecting to the internet to access certain movie websites or download material). If you would like those features, you might want to get the Sony S350 which came out a few months ago and is currently about $379 (but supposed to come down in price by $100 around the end of September).


Personally, I do think the S300 is a great player and this price is wonderful.

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i couldn't find a specific link for it, but some sets i've been watching have recently been reduced on amazon:


Astaire & Rogers Ultimate Collector's Edition, $65.99

Busby Berkeley Vol. 2, $25.99 (this one actually went down $2 since this morning)

Monsters & Madmen (Criterion), $39.49

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This isn't going to be a post about a sale, but rather it is about a chance that you might be able to win the new Busby Berkeley vol. 2 set. dvdbeaver holds contests each week and this week it is for the BB v. 2 set. I already have i, so I thought I would let you know everyone know so you can enter. All you have to do is identify the movie clip they have correctly and they enter you into the running. I think the clip is from "Niagara" but it was very quick.


Here's the link to their site:



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Those who have Costco membershps and get the coupons in the mail will like this:


From October 9th through Oct. 26th, if you use the coupon in the booklet just sent out, you can $5 off their Looney Tunes Golden Collection vols. 1-5. Their current price is about $23.95 each, so they will be $18.95 each. And for the oldtime TV cartoons fan, the coupon is also good on Jonny Quest Season 1, Magilla Gorilla, Top Cat, The Jetsons, Scooby Doo, and Huckleberry Hound. Costco currently sells those for about $18.95 each, so they will be only $13.95. I will definitely get Jonny Quest at that price. Maybe one or two more..

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