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Special Sales of Classic Titles on DVD & Blu-ray


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"...BUT they do charge sales tax for certain cities like California."


I know Republicans are ticked off with California because, when our polls closed, Obama got elected president...but do they now call California just a "city"? : )


Anyway, I think DVDPlanet also charges for shipping, don't they?

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Edgecliff wrote:

"Looks like Amazon also has the Universal Screen Legends Collections (Rock Hudson, James Stewart, et al on sale at $13.49 that is 50% off."




The link to the Ammy sale to which you refer appears to be:

[Amazon boxed set sale|http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html?ie=UTF8&plgroup=4&docId=1000251011]

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Anyone checked out the DVD's at Big Lots of late??? For awhile they have had a bunch of Sony/Columbia films for $3, almost all without drill holes or cut out marks.

Stuff like.... *Fugitive Kind* with Brando, *The Prisoner* with Alec Guinness, *Pride of the Yankees *(MGM release) *Moulin Rouge*, *Run Silen*t, *Run Deep*, *Hallelujah Trail*, *Custer of the West*, and many other newer releases.

Don't think about turning around and selling them on Amazon, cuz they are that price or cheaper there I have found...but, really good prices, and I imagine if they are in the bins, they are soon to be out of print.....

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> {quote:title=Film_Fatale wrote:}{quote}

> Do you have a link you could share?

Sorry, I should have been(much) clearer. This is just in their DVD bins. Their website is kind of a joke. Can only buy a very few things there.

They are in and around the Atlanta area, though I thought I saw one out in L.A. a few years ago..... Just checked, they are in LA as well. Have to put in a city to find stores, can't just click on states like some website.. They are a slight step up from Dollar stores. They really do get some good movies. But they will then run dry for a few months. Been pretty steady the last 3 months or so.

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Amazon has a Gold Box deal of the day that is good: The James Bond Ultimate Collector's Sets on DVD for $89.95 (69% off) or the 6-pack of Bond titles on Blu-ray for only $64.95 (which is 64% off the normal cost).



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Well, the deepdiscount.com sales is half over, only about another week to go. I'm waiting for the 18th to order a few more things, but I have already ordered:


Studio One Anthology for $46.90, which is more than half off the $99.98 price.

Warner Gangsters vol. 4 $31.28

Warner Bros. and the Homefront $22.13

Lone Ranger 75th Anniversary Edition $61.45

Adventures of Robin Hood Blu-ray $17.12


Still thinking about M Squad, JFK Blu-ray, Planet of the Apes collection Blu-ray or just the first title, and a couple of others.


By the way, just spotted two real bargains:

The Peter Sellers Collection (not the American one, but a British films set with 6 movies) $15.18, subtract 25% should make it about $12.50!

The Alec Guinness Collection $16.40, and with 25% off, it sells for $12.40. Really cheap for a set that includes THE MAN IN THE WHITE SUIT, KIND HEARTS AND CORONETS, THE LAVENDER HILL MOB, THE LADYKILLERS, and THE CAPTAIN'S PARADISE, and each title is in its own case.

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I picked up at the DD sale:


Ealing Studios Comedy Collection

Alec Guiness Collection

The Donna Reed Show

WB Holiday Collection 2

WB Homefront

Colossus: The Forbin Project-been wanting this and it's best price I've ever seen-$5.29!

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There's a good sale at Amazon that lasts until December 16th. A number of titles we have seen on special but others are worth checking out, too.


Among the titles:

Bogie & Bacall Signature Collection $18.49

Babes in Toyland $7.99 (the Disney version)

Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis Collecition vol. 1 $23.99; vol. 2 $15.99

Tarzan Collection vol. 2 $18.99

Forbidden Hollywood vol. 1 $18.99, vol. 2 $23.99

Busby Berkeley vol. 1 $27.49

Mickey Rooney & Judy Garland Collection $23.99 !!

Looney Tunes sets at $25.99 (except the 6th)

The Christopher Reeve Superman Collection $19.99


And while looking at some other listings in the sale, I came across some special prices in the TV shows area:

F Troop Seasons 1 and 2 $12.99 each

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (an under-appreciated series created by Aaron Sorkin of West Wing) $12.99

or if your taste runs to something like Gilligan's Island, you can get the entire series for $35.99




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I thought it might be worth mentioning that I received a voicemail from deepdiscount and it said the sale ends on the 22nd. I was under the impression that it would end the 23rd, so I don't know if this was an error, but it would be wise to do any purchases you have planned by tomorrow (Sat. the 22nd), rather than wait to see if it is on still on Sunday. Of course, there is also a chance they may extend the sale by one week (it's happened before, and in this economy they might have to do it again just to make the extra cash).

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Just when we thought the online sales were behind us and we could save for Black Friday, along comes a new sale from VCI:


From Friday November 28th through Monday December 1st, VCI Entertainment will offer everyone 50% off on website orders by using the following coupon code: JMGJBY


Every single DVD at VCI is 50% off for 4 days. This coupon will expire Monday December 1st at 11:59 pm (central time). In order to get the 50% discount you must enter the coupon code JMGJBY on your "Checkout" page.+


All sales over $50.00 qualify for free shipping


(only in the continental United States does this apply!)


This is a website only special only available at www.vcient.com

This coupon code is valid once per customer

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I took a look at the list and there are excellent titles there (e.g., the Signature collections, Astaire & Rogers, Rooney & Garland, The TCM Archives series), but there are also several titles you might overlook that I thnk people should look into because of the price (I have to hold off my buying but I had to recommend these sales):


British War Classic $10.75 (contains THE CRUEL SEA, THE SHIP THAT DIED OF SHAME, WENT THE DAY WELL, THE DAM BUSTERS and THE COLDITZ STORY). The British knew how to tell a good war story, and at about $2 per title, this is a steal.


The Complete Prisoner Megaset $30.38


The Complete Emma Peel Megaset $30.38


Ealing Studios Comedy Collection $10.75 (5 British comedies, Alec Guiness and the like, again for about $2 each)


Biography: Legends of the Silver Screen $13.66 - this is a 9-DVD collection from A&E of the excellent TV series, each DVD featuring an hour program. The titles are: Hollywood: An Empire of Their Own, Shirley Temple, Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Katherine Hepburn, Clint Eastwood, James Dean, Betty Boop, and Humphrey Bogart.


The New Avengers Season 2 $9.10 - cheap price for some fun


Pride and Prejudice Mini-Series $12.14 - by far, the best adaptation of the Austen novel. Colin Firth is the best Darcy ever (Olivier's Darcy was a simp, in comparison) and Jennifer Ehle is also wonderful.

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Edgecliff, re: the Sony Blu-ray player at K-Mart for $179. Get it at Sonystyle.com. They have the Sony BDP-S350 at $199 (from $299), plus I was reading online that if you use this code, DISCOVER50BR, at checkout, you get an extra $50 off, making it *only $149*. Includes free shipping. (And you won't have to get up early to stand in the cold and dark on Black Friday.)


In recommending a Blu player manufacturer, I would recommend Sony. And in recommending a Sony player I would say you should only get the S350 or the S550, which costs about another hundred or two. Both are Sony's newest models. So the S350 at $149 is an incredible deal and defnitely the right model to get into Blu-ray with, and, remember, it plays and upconverts DVDs, too. You can't go wrong at this price. *The sale only lasts until November 29.)


P.S. -- You might be interested in an Amazon Thanksgiving sale going on right now for Blu discs, Some great prices: The Searchers at $10.99 (incredible quality picture; you feel like you are there watching it being filmed), The Untouchables $8.99, The Shining $11.99, etc.:



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