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Special Sales of Classic Titles on DVD & Blu-ray

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Dang, I forgot to list the Amazon Deal of the Day, which is still good for three more hours (til midnight PST)...


The Blu-ray Stanley Kubrick Limited Edition Collection is $60.99 and contains 9 films: Spartacus / Lolita / Dr. Strangelove / 2001: A Space Odyssey / A Clockwork Orange / Barry Lyndon / The Shining / Full Metal Jacket / Eyes Wide Shut


or you can get the DVD set Stanley Kubrick: the Essential Collection for $30.99, which has the same films.



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The Amazon Deal of the Day is The Little Rascals Complete Collection for $26.49 (list price is $69.97). This is an 8-DVD set that includes 80 sound shorts and 3 silents (in the extras section).





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Amazon's Deal of the Day is a selection of Blu-Rays with collectable hard cover books for $9.99 - including such titles as All About Eve and The Hustler.



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Nora, thanks for posting. Was just about to do the same.


The ten titles are:


Tora! Tora! Tora!

The Terminator

The Hustler


The Comancheros

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

An Affair to Remember

All About Eve

The Usual Suspects


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From today through next Thursday, Frys has an $8.99 price on the following Blus:




Annie Hall


Dressed to Kill (M.Caine)

Miller's Crossing

Raising Arizona


and the Jurassic Park Trilogy is $34.99

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Starting this Sunday and going through May 12th, Best Buy is going to have another of their "Upgrade & Save" events. What you do is bring in any DVD in good condition in its original case and they will give you a $5 coupon off the price of any Blu-ray title $9.99 and up (it will probably excuse music Blus like they did last time). You do not have to match the same title for the one you bring in on DVD. You can pick any Blu title. The maximum nummber of DVDs you can bring in at any one time is 5. So, you can do 5 one day, 5 the next, etc.

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The belox Fox Blu-ray digibooks are once again at $9.99 on Amazon:


All About Eve

An Affair to Remember

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

The Comancheros

The Hustler




Tota! Tora! Tora!

Usual Suspects


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J&R is having a sale on Universal titles. You have to go digging, but the classic stuff is in there at a price of two for 12 dollars, which is cheaper than I've seen anywhere in awhile.


[universal 2 for $12 Sale|http://www.jr.com/promotions/dvd-movies-two-for--12/]


Here's my haul:


Going My Way

No Man of Her Own

Sweet Liberty ( hardly classic, but I love the parts with Lillian Gish)

Black Angel


Ghost Breakers

Lost Weekend

Big Clock

The Heiress

She Done Him Wrong

Criss Cross

This Gun For Hire

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Amazon is having a Criterion Blu-ray sale.


Some of the items are:


8 1/2


The Darjeeling Limited

Days of Heaven

Identification of a Woman

Letter Never Sent

The Makioka Sisters

Modern Times

Paths of Glory

The Red Shoes

Ride with the Devil

The Rolling Stones: Gimme Shelter

The Seventh Seal


Summer Interlude

Three Outlaw Samurai

The Thin Red Line



20.32 - 21.99


Modern Times $19.49

12 Angry Men $20.99

Anatomy of a Murder $20.99

Belle de Jour $20.99

The Great Dictator $20.99

Island of Lost Souls $20.99

The Killing $20.99

Kiss Me Deadly $20.99

The Lady Vanishes $20.99

A Night to Remember $20.99

Repulsion $20.99

Night of the Hunter $24.49

David Lean Directs Noel Coward set $52.99

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This particular post is about a release for Tues., June 5th, and also a special pre-order price. Best Buy has a $44.99 pre-order price (Amazon's is currently $90) for *The Three Stooges Ultimate Collection* box set, which contains Sony/Columbia's 8 volume set, plus a new 3-DVD set of shorts and two Three Stoooges movies (11 hours worth of stuff).




link to BB site:




The contents of the new three-disc set are:


Rockin' In The Rockies (1945) (feature film with Curly)

Have Rocket--Will Travel (1958) (feature film with Curly-Joe)


Shemp Howard solo shorts:

Home On The Rage (1938)

The Glove Slingers (1939)

Pleased To Mitt You (1940)

Money Squawks (1940)

Boobs In The Woods (1940)

Pick A Peck Of Plumbers (1944)

Open Season For Saps (1944)

A Hit With A Miss (1945)

Off Again, On Again (1945)

Where The Pest Begins (1945)

Jiggers, My Wife (1946)

Mr. Noisy (1946)

Society Mugs (1946)

Bride And Gloom (1947)


Joe Besser solo shorts:

Waiting In The Lurch (1949)

Dizzy Yardbird (1950)

Fraidy Cat (1950)

Caught On The Bounce (1952)

Aim, Fire, Scoot (1952)

Spies And Guys (1953)

The Fire Chaser (1954)

G.I. Dood It (1955)

Hook A Crook (1955)

Army Daze (1956)


Joe DeRita solo shorts:

Slappily Married (1946)

The Good Bad Egg (1947)

Wedlock Deadlock (1947)

Jitter Bughouse (1948)


Columbia Color Rhapsody cartoons

The Bon Bon Parade (1935)

The Merry Mutineers (1936)

A Hollywood Detour (1942)


Apparently this 3-disc volume will be available outside the set, but I don't see it on Amazon yet.

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Amazon's Lightning Deals today have some very good special.


On now, through 2 pm PST, Paul Newman: The Tribute Collection is $29.99. It's a 17-DVD set with a book. The discs break down as follows:


Disc 1: The Long Hot Summer Disc 2: Rally 'Round the Flag Boys Disc 3: From the Terrace Disc 4: Exodus Disc 5: The Hustler - Collector's Edition Disc 1 Disc 6: The Hustler - Collector's Edition Disc 2 Disc 7: Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man Disc 8: What a Way To Go! Disc 9: Hombre Disc 10: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - Collector'sl Edition Disc 1 Disc 11: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - Collector's Edition Disc 2 Disc 12: Towering Inferno - Special Edition Disc 1 Disc 13: Towering Inferno - Special Edition Disc 2 Disc 14: Buffalo Bill and the Indians Disc 15: Quintet Disc 16: The Verdict - Collector's Edition Disc 1 Disc 17: The Verdict - Collector's Edition Disc 2

From 2-4 pm PST today, there looks to be a Hannibal Lechter collection


From 4-6 pm PST, a cyborg collection


From 6-7 pm PST, there will be a Western collection


From 7-8 pm PST, a Martin Scorcese collection.


From 8-9 pm PST, Blu-ray nature films from Disney



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Barnes and Noble will have its 50% off Criterions sale starting July 10th. Since I already got David Lean Directs Noel Coward and The 39 Steps, I expect The Gold Rush and maybe the Sabu set with be my only purchases.


Also, ImportCDs has a sale on right now for Kino releases, up to 56% off on Blus and DVDs. There are some good prices the $1.49 shipping on each item plus tax (if you live in California), it start to come up in price. It is still cheaper in some cases than Amazon. For example, Bird of Paradise Blu-ray is $13.09, a good price, but then you add $1.49 shipping, plus let's say you buy three items you will be paying $.50 for handling on it. That's $15.08. I would have to pay about $1.20 tax. So that is $16.28. Amazon's price is $19.93, so that is a savings of almost $4, which is okay but not dynamic. But on Lina Wertmuller titles, it is almost an $8 savings. Of course, everything varies depends on price. (You save $11 off Amazon's price for Little Lord Fauntleroy.)

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Best Buy's Upgrade & Save deal started again today. Bring in any studio-issued DVD & case, and get a coupon that will deduct $5 off a Blu-ray. For example, they have the single disc Blu of Gone With the Wind on sale for $9.99. With the coupon, they only charge you $4.99. Picked up Mean Streets using this deal and it only cost $4.99 plus tax.


You can bring in 5 DVDs per visit.

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