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Special Sales of Classic Titles on DVD & Blu-ray

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The Black Friday Warner Archive 10/95 or 5/50 sale with free shipping is now live. Enjoy.


Also, if you missed the 30% off sale that included the Warner Archive multi-disc sets, several of these sets are currently cheaper on Amazon than they are at the Warner Archive. It's an odd development since the individual disc products have always been more expensive on Amazon.

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The Bond 50 Blu-ray set is on special today only at Amazon for $99.99.


Also, Barnes and Noble has a 30% off one item coupn that expires tomorrow (the 25th). If you order online, the code is T9P3E3W. If you go in-store, you will need this coupon




(SPECIAL NOTE: Instead of printinig it from that link, I would suggest copying that image and pasting it into a Word doc. I tried printing it directly from the link and it began to make my online connection act wonky. I then used the copying it and pasting it into Word and that worked fine.)

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Well, I just did my Black Friday shopping courtesy of TCM.


TCM Spotlight: Myrna Loy And William Powell Collection DVD

$19.99 was $49.99


Katharine Hepburn: 100th Anniversary Collection DVD

$20.99 was $59.99


Clark Gable: The Signature Collection DVD

$20.99 was $59.99


James Cagney: The Signature Collection DVD

$19.99 was $49.99


The Bette Davis Collection: Volume 3 DVD

$20.99 was $59.99


Warner Home Video Western Classics Collection DVD

$20.99 was $59.99


Garbo: The Signature Collection DVD

$21.99 was $99.99


Ronald Reagan: The Signature Collection DVD

$19.99 was $49.99


World War II Collection: Heroes Fight For Freedom DVD

$20.99 was $59.99


TCM Greatest Classic Films: Broadway Musicals DVD

$19.99 was $27.99


A total of $206.90 divided by 57 films equals: $3.63 per movie.

$6.95 shipping. Not bad either.


Not too bad. These were great deals. Especially the Garbo collection. Ten films originally for almost $100 for only $22. I was able to get these due to some money coming in that I was not expecting. A nice way to help me spend the holidays!

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Forever Marilyn Blu-Ray Collection is Amazon's Deal of the Day - $26.99




By the way, many of the WB sets mentioned by fxreyman are listed at near or below the same prices on Amazon right now. The Gable, Hepburn & Powell/Loy collections, for example, are all at $18.49. And The Complete Thin Man Collection is only $17.99. I can recommend this set with particular enthusiasm (sorry - couldn't resist ;) ).

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There are quite a few Criterions on special at around $17-$20 on Amazon at at BB.


Here's a starting point for each:







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Thanks. Yes I did notice the pictures. I am not a member of Costco and for good reasons. If I were I'd be going over there weekly just to buy more stuff I don't really need.


And when I was a member there, that was one of my issues. I would be shopping there with the clear understanding that I was only going to spend "X" amount and yet I would always walk out of there with more stuff than I had originally planned.


They do have excellent deals and they are probably a few dollars less per set than what I got from TCM. Same is true with Amazon.


All in all, 57 titles for $206.90 ain't bad. That comes out to $3.63 per title.

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Best Buy has a special of several Warner Bros. digibooks at $14.99 each (Amazon has price-matched a few).




All the President's Men

The Town


Chariots of Fire

A Clockwork Orange

Malcolm X


The Green Mile

Little Shop of Horrors ($17.99)



Gods and Generals


The Outlaw Josey Wales

North by Northwest


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filmlover, guess we should have waited for this sale instead of the Australian release. Oh well, too late now.



Both MOVIES UNLIMITED and TCM are having 20% sale plus free postage for Cyber Monday. More to order for me I guess.






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filmlover, we are still getting a good deal although minus NBNW. I am satisfied. Picked up a couple of good deals on DVDEMPIRE and may buy a few items on TCM 20% sale. Spent plenty recently. Sold several of the Hitchcock DVD's already on Amazon.



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Glad you did well on the Hitch DVDs. Did you do it as a private seller, or did you do a trade-in to Amazon?


I sold my James Bond individual Blus and a few DVD versions on eBay and that ended up paying for the Bond 50 set.



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I was referring to people who got the Fingerhut deal.


I just noticed one thing in which you and I did come up way short with the Australian set (besides the NBN disc) is in the booklet. The booklet we got is 16 pages. The American set's booklet is 60 pages!

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Wow I did not realize those were from USA but the company has to make good. That is unfortunate about the Hitchcock booklet. I wonder if the British was the same as the Australian. I am still happy, I would look at the book once and never again, but it would have been nice to have it.












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