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Special Sales of Classic Titles on DVD & Blu-ray

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Amazon Gold Box Deal of the Day for today, 12/9


The Sound of Music Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD box set $18.99

Singin' in the Rain Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD box set $39.99






*all day long today the Lightning Deal is devoted to musicals on Blu-ray*


All times PST:


12AM-6AM Gentlemen Prefer Blondes $10.99

6AM-9AM Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

9AM-11AM South Pacific

11AM-1PM West Side Story box set

1PM-3PM Fiddler On The Roof

3PM-6PM There's No Business Like Show Business

6PM-9PM West Side Story

9PM-midnight(?) Moulin Rouge




ALSO, Monday through Wednesday, there will be Lightning Deals on a select number of titles on DVD or Blu-ray, including Ben-Hur UCE, Citizen Kane UCE, and more.



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Deal on Amazon UK for some region free box sets, get 25% off with code BIGBOX25. (Hurry, this deal will expire in probably a few hours, if it hasn't already:




You can get the Universal Monsters set for about $40 shipped. Or the Hitchcock set for $87 shipped.

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Planet of the Apes 5-film Blu-ray set is $17.99





*Costco has a sale several of their Blu sets until December 24:*


Hitchcock Blu-ray set for $124.99

The complete Twilight Zone Blu set and the Blu Dick Van Dyke set are also on sale for about $120 each

Lawrence of Arabia special edition for $49.99

Marilyn set is $20.


If you don't see the sale sign, take a set to someone and ask them to scan it for you to verify the price.

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Amazon's Deal of the Day is the Blu-ray Hitchcock collection for $119.99




And the Universal Monsters Blu-ray collection (region free) is about $42 including shipping from Amazon UK at the moment



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filmlover, guess we should have waited for the MONSTERS set. It hurts when you see the price dip down so low when you spent much more. I also decided from now on no more impulse buys. Bought 12 ANGRY MEN in BR and I know its a great film but I could have done without and would only watch it once, so without opening it up I listed it on Amazon and quickly sold it for about what I paid for it. Also, going through my collection and have started pulling some older box sets to sell on Amazon for space and monies. And lets face it how many times could we watch a movie. Sometimes there a problem selling if the other sellers list the box set too low so I won't list at all unless I can get a decent price. I have been pretty lucky sellling on Amazon but most single DVD's when I upgrade to BR. Collecting is a bit of a drug.

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Frys.com has the following Blu-ray specials online now (this is a special for Dec. 26th but can be ordered now)


The Big Trail $4.99

Barbarian nd the Geisha $4.99

Cinema Paradiso $4.99

Life is Beautiful $4.99

Patton (remastered) $5.99

Von Ryan's Express $5.99


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Best Buy has another of its "Upgrade & Save" deals going on. Trade in any DVD (with its case) and receive a coupon for $5 off any Blu-ray priced $9.99 and above (only 1 coupon per Blu-ray). They do not have to be the same title (meaning, you don't have to trade a Maltese Falcon DVD for a Maltese Falcon Blu-ray; you can get any title).


You can take in a maximum of 5 DVDs per day. (Box sets only count as one DVD.) Offer ends February 2.


This week has some good sales you could apply that coupon towards.


Casablanca (single-disc Blu-ray) $9.99 - $5 coupon = $4.99

Ben-Hur (two-disc Blu-ray) $9.99 - $5 coupon = $4.99

Amadeus (Blu-ray) $9.99 - $5 coupon = $4.99

Guns of Navarone (Blu-ray) $9.99 - $5 coupon = $4.99

Some Like It Hot (Blu-ray) $10.99 - $5 coupon = $5.99

Greatest Story Ever Told (Blu-ray) $10.99 - $5 coupon = $5.99





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Costco has the following Blus for $8.99 each:


Titanic (1953)

Wild River

Gentleman's Agreement

How Green Was My Valley

Annie Hall


Hannah & Her Sisters





The Costco item numbers are:


Woody Allen - 729094

Fox dramas - 729143


Burbank had them. Los Felix didn't.

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ON THE WATERFRONT not included in sale for some reason nor the upcoming MINISTRY OF FEAR ditto MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH. I guess these are back ordered and not available now, which seems unfair since the two titles are current.


Edited by: Edgecliff on Feb 26, 2013 2:18 PM

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