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Special Sales of Classic Titles on DVD & Blu-ray


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Well, this is the last thing I need, but DVDPlanet.com has an incredible 2 for 1 box set sale on MGM and Fox titles. deepdiscount has the same, so you can save on taxes.


If you can find ones of equal price, with their already discounted items you will only be paying prices like:


Billy Wilder Collection $42

Betty Grable Collection $21

Alice Faye $17.50

Hemingway Collection $21

that big Bond box set $84

Laurel & Hardy vol. 2 $12.50

MASH big box set $70

Mike Shayne Mysteries $10.50

Sergio Leone Anthology $31.50

the Chan and Moto sets for about $14 each

Shirley Temple Collections for about $10.50 each


and lots more good stuff.


Here are some discount codes you can use on dvdplanet:


NOVEMBER2007 $5 Off $60

PRENOV2007 $10 Off $125

Expire 11/30/2007



Here's the link to the DVDplanet sale:




And here's theone for deepdiscount.com:



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I decided I better order right away from VCI before they dropped any more titles.


I ordered all the ones I mentioned:


Leon Errol Two-Reeler Comedy Collection

Alice in Cartoonland (Disney)

Captain Video

Fractured Flickers

Somewhere in Dreamland (Fleischer animation)


Captain Video is not the show or serial but the movie Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere,

"the first TV show ever to be adapted to the big screen".


I also decided to get the

Edgar Kennedy Two-Reeler Comedy Collection


Well they don't tell you until the final confirmation page that

shipping is free over $50 and my order was about $94 before the discount.

I couldn't find anything else so I just ordered an extra copy of Captain Video -

it cost me only $1.50 more than the $6 shipping would've and lists for $30!


Thanks Web!


I ended up getting a few TV shows from Amazon at 40% off!


"Buffalo Bill - The Complete First and Second Seasons" $14.99

"The Ghost Busters - The Complete Series (Filmation, Live Action) (1975)" $17.99

"Felix the Cat: The Complete 1958-1959 Series" $23.49


I'm also considering

The Cecil B. DeMille Collection (Cleopatra/ The Crusades/ Four Frightened People/ Sign of the Cross/ Union Pacific)

List Price: $59.98

Our Price: $29.99


Seems I'm always checking these (three) DeMille pre-codes out from

the library so I'm considering getting it for that price!


Thanks FilmLover!


I purchased nothing from the Buy.com sale -


Thanks for nothing Snorky!

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You can get the Cecil B. DeMille Collection for $7.49 + $2.98 shipping brand new from used dealers on Amazon. Save you like $10. That's where I got mine and it was perfect. I got it from Shamrockauctions, if you're interested.

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>FYI for the folks in the Windy City & environs:

>Facets is having its warehouse sale (DVD & VHS)

>on Dec. 1-2 & Dec. 15-16.


That doesn't sound like an internet sale.

I imagine they have info about it online though.


They used to carry THE Bruce Lee interview, only it was

on VHS so I never bought it.

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That doesn't sound like an internet sale. I imagine they have info about it online though.


Based on my memory of going to the Facets warehouse sale a couple of years ago, and reading between the lines on its site, I think it's fair to say:


It's not a sale of all items in inventory, but a sale of certain items, such as DVDs (and VHS) that are overstocked, or just not moving, or newer versions have been issued, or individual DVDs that are part of a box set. Purchases of sale items probably cannot be made online.


The vast majority of stuff was of no interest to me, but there were some deals. I remembering finding Huston's *Moulin Rouge* and Resnais' *Mon Oncle D'Amerique* and some others at nice prices. But I doubt that there'll be any Bela Tarr movies.

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Facets had some connection with the Whole Toon Catalog,

which had just about everyting in animation at the time.

I think Facets bought them out.

Anyway I was getting the Facets catalog a few years back -

they didn't seem to have a whole lot that appealed to me.


I wouldn't make a special trip but I might be out that way Saturday and have the chance to check it out.


Thanks for the info!




Message was edited by: Snorky

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Kino is having a 25% off sale for the rest of the year.


(We're getting spoiled here - 40, 50% off!)


I have a number of Kino releases already (Louise Brooks, Metropolis, Waxworks, Woman in the Moon, Man Who Laughs, etc.) but I just found out about an early pre-code musical that

Leonard Maltin calls "One of the best musicals ever made."


It's a Kino release of Rouben Mamoulian's Applause (1929) starring Helen Morgan.


I'll still shop around and make sure it's not cheaper somewhere else of course.


The Cat and the Canary (1927) was recently released on October 9, 2007 - another real classic.


William Wyler's Counsellor at Law (1932) with John Barrymore is another one of possible interest for me.


Just a note on the Josephine Baker set -

those three movies were all released back in 2005.

Only this year were they combined into a box set.

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Costco has some discounts going on. Now through tomorrow (the 2nd), the Warner Bros 4-pach HD sets are $12 off, the Ultimate James Bond Collector's Set has a coupon for $50 off.


From Dec. 10-16th, they will have $20 off several A&E megasets: America at War, Best of Modern Marvels, Benny Hill, Romance Classics Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. Plus $10 off Planet Earth.


From the 17th to the 24th, they will have $60 instant savings on Ford at Fox, Stargate the COmplete Series amd X-Files Complete Series. There will also be $10 off seasons of Rome, The Sopranos, Deadwood and Band of Brothers, $5 off sevrral Disney animated features, and $12 off Here's Johnny! Definitive Tonight Show Collection.

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Tried to order several titles online yesterday (12/2) from VCI since the sale was about to end, and had lots of problems on the website. It would not list SO ENDS OUR NIGHT nor MY LITTLE MARGIE. Thought these titles were out of stock. Called in today and a kind saleslady let me order for the 50% sale and as far as I know no titles are out of stock. Ordered MOON AND SIXPENCE, SO ENDS OUR NIGHT, AND THEN THERE WERE NONE, THE BRAVE ONE, and ROBINSON CRUSOE. The cost including postage was slightly over $25. A little over $5 per disc was a bargain. If anyone had any problems with the website I was told they would honor the sale through today (12/3) via phone.

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It's weird but I have heard nothing from VCI. After I first sent the order, I could get online and check to see they had received it. But since then, my password no longer works, nothing has been charged to my card, and I have heard nothing from them when I requested a password reset through their system (twice now over several days!).

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It's probably problems with their website. It took them 7 days from my order to charge my credit card. I received the stuff 5 days later. When I go in now it's still saying: Status: Received Payment Processing Order. So give it about 7- 12 days.

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