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Special Sales of Classic Titles on DVD & Blu-ray


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The Fox/MGM box sets special is now on Amazon but it is not as good on DVDPlanet and deepdiscount.come. On the latter two, they have it as two for the price of one, and based on their discount prices (so in other words 50% off whatever discounted price they have already displayed, so that could be 70% off total.


For Amazon, they are just calling it a 50% off sale. That's 50% off of the full retail price. So stick with dvdplanet and deepdiscount (except dvdplanet charges tax) unless you just want to get one item.


For example, the Betty Grable Collection will end up being $21 when you get it and another item from dvdplanet.com or $32 if`you buy it by itself from Amazon. And Amazon only has about 40 titles while there looks to be hundreds of titles from dvdplanet/deepdiscount.

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FilmLover, you mentioned that two vendors had more titles than Amazon, and this is one of the most frightening aspects in that IMDB is owned by Amazon, linked to their databases and "DVD Availability?" flags are only for Amazon's inventory.


Thanks for the price updates, and I need to do more Title-Avail? research on some of my most-wanted DVDs. I often shop for prices, but I wish I could be assured that IMDB (or some clearinghouse site) would accurately relfect every DVD Title that's available on SOME website.


"Dear Wishful Thinking Department..."

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[snorky] -- *Find anything good?*


You (and the rest of the world) may disagree, but I thought so:


New DVDs


*Early Summer* (Ozu)

*La Truite* (Losey)

*The Indian Fighter* (de Toth)

*Q - The Winged Serpent* (Cohen)

*Wild Guitar* (Steckler) & *The Choppers* (Jason)


New VHS -- Why VHS? The new ones were $1 or less & the used were $0.50-0.75.


*Les Biches* (Chabrol)

*The Decalogue* (Kieslowski)

*Joan the Maid* (Rivette)

*They Saved Hitler's Brain* (Bradley)


Used VHS


*The Wind Will Carry Us* (Kiarostami)

*Aparajito* (Ray)

*Shark* (Fuller)

*Monterey Pop* (Pennebaker)

*Bonjour Tristesse* (Preminger)

*Day of Wrath* (Dreyer)

*The Boy with the Green Hair* (Losey)

*The Sign of the Cross* (DeMille)

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>>Find anything good?



>You (and the rest of the world) may disagree, but I thought so




Well, I wouldn't be the one to talk as my tastes are somewhat off-beat

but I actually haven't heard of or am not too familiar with many of them.


The Sign of the Cross is of course classic pre-code

and I also have a copy of Monterey Pop.

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Web, got my order from VCI today. Everything well packed. One item backordered. One thing I got I am waiting until Christmas Day to see is the Fractured Flickers DVDs. I enjoyed the show, with Hans Conreid, when I was a kid and hope it still holds up today.


I also got my orders from DVD Planet and deepdiscount today. Combine that with the Ford at Fox big boxset that came yesterday, I may never step forth outside the house again. LOL, I think the only Christmas present I can now give myself this year is a new bookshelf to hold everything.

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I don't know if I could call the following a special sale, but it is something I discovered today and thought I should pass it on. The Virgin Megastore in Hollywood is closing down. They will not be moving to another location, so this is it for them here. Apparently, they lost their lease.


They currently have 30% off everything (DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs, books, etc.) with a few clearance items at 50% off (no classic films). The only problem is that they price everything at street price, so at 30% off, you can usually do better online.


They will be shutting the doors at the end of January and I am wondering if they will be having increased discounts as the weeks progress, like Tower did. I'll try to keep an eye on this and keep you posted.

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Probably by the time VIrgin has their increased discounts the stock will be pretty well picked over such as what happened when Tower closed. MostpPeople think they are getting a big deal at 20-30% off. I had thought about going there since the store is not too far from my home, but if they are only offering 30% I will probably pass on this one.

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Just took advantage of Oldies.com year end sale. I bought 11 DVD's. With 10% off and additional monies for $5 for $25, I paid about $50. These are all Alpha releases so I am hoping the quality is OK. Never watched an Alpha DVD. All all these movies were rarer film noir which are not available elsewhere.

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I've always been happy with Alpha. They don't restore the film, of course, but they try to do a decent job with what they got.


I took advantage of the 20th Century Fox sale oldies is having and picked up about 6 DVDs. $6.28 for the Fox Film Noirs!

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Alpha is hit or miss really...some prints they put out are so poor that you cant watch them. The sound on them is great when I play them on my DVD player, they surpass the sound I get from other DVD companies..

I have the movie Impact from Alpha - possibly the cleanest print they own...

I own several Alpha titles and at some point I would love to see them released from a company that remasters them like Wade Williams, but the titles are so obscure that I dont think anyone else would release them

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dsclassic, glad to hear that IMPACT is a good quality disc. I also bought the following:


Eyes In The Night, Donna Reed, Edward Arnold

Scar (Hollow Triumph), Joan Bennett, Paul Henreid (saw a trailer for this one and it looked horrible. Hopefully, the film itself is not bad!!!)


Second Woman, Robert Young

The Man Who Cheated Himself

Cause For Alarm, Loretta Young

Black Book, Arlene Dahl, Bob Cummings

Woman On The Run, Ann Sheridan

Guest In The House, Anne Baxter

The Sleeping Tiger, Alexis Smith


Have you seen any of these? MAN WHO CHEATED HIMSELF is a FOX film (guess this is PD) with Lee J. Cobb and Jane Wyatt and its a new release for Alpha (1/8) and have never heard of this film. I have seen some rotten prints of DOA, so hopefully this one is not too bad. CAUSE FOR ALARM and EYES IN THE NIGHT are 2 MGM PD's, so maybe print quality is good.

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I have never seen The Man Who Cheated Himself

I have Eyes in the Night...the print is good for the most part

DOA from Alpha - a word of advice - look for the one from the Roan Group

They can be found on troma.com ( Yes the Troma website - they own the Roan Group)

You will be much happier with their print as it is totally cleaned up.

The Roan Group is better than Alpha or anyone else for DOA

Try a google search for DOA Roan Group ..it is usually under 10.00 and the print is the best...or go to troma.com

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