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For BUZZR and GSN Fans


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Here is a list of stars who participated on these game shows on a "regular" basis and not on an occasion "guest" visit.  Their birth and death years.


To Tell The Truth


Tom Poston  1921-2007

Kitty Carlisle  1910-2007

Peggy Cass   1924-1999

Polly Bergan   1930-2014  



I Got A Secret


Gary Moore      1915-1993

Bill Cullen         1920-1970

Betsy Palmer    1926-2016

Henry Morgan   1915-1994


What's My Line?


Dorothy Killgallen    1913-1965

Fred Allen                1894-1956

Arlene Francis          1907-2001



Match Game '78


Gene Rayburn       1917-1999           Anyone else missing?   Add a post.

Brett Sommers       1924-2007

Charles N Reilly      1931-2007

Richard Dawson      1932-2012         Bud Collyer, Bess Myerson, and Bennet Cerf  will be noted in a

                                                            later post.

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Thank you Film Lover 293 for correcting my error.  Bud Collyer TTTT 1908-1969,  Bennet Cerf WML? 1898-1971,  Bess Myerson IGAS  1924-2014,  Burt Convey SuperPassWord, 1933-1991.   Welcome additions to or corrections, thanks.


Thanks for this info;  I have been watching these 'old' game shows and I wondered about this.


Wow,  2007 wasn't a very good year for many of these fine folks. 

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