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One of my all-time fave movies, that has haunted me since childhood, is "Portrait of Jennie", which showcases the most luminous & ethereal performance ever by Jennifer Jones. What do you think about this movie?

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I too like Portrait of Jennie. A very unusual story. The whole cast is wonderful. Did you see the A&E biography of Jennifer Jones? And did you see her this year on the Oscars? It's amazing she's in her 80s. I'd love it if she would let Robert Osbourne (or anyone else) interview her. I also liked your list of films (mostly pre-code) that you wanted to see. Another one of my favorites (close to the top of the list) is The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.

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Yes I Love Pre-Code movies ... I'm very much into them lately... sadly there aren't many of them available in the market, and when they're, most of them are on VHS format only.


An talkin about Pre-Code, Did you read "Complicated Women" and "Dangerous Men" by Mick La Salle.... and "Sin in Soft Focus" by Mark Vieira? They're good!


About Jennifer Jones, I haven?t seen the A&E biography, but do you know that some authors believe that her professional relationship with husband-producer David O. Selznick is similar to that of Norma Shearer and Irving Thalberg? and that both actresses' acting abilities were sort of equivalent...? I Like both actresses' screen personas and their films.


I agree with you that she (J.Jones) looked amazing in the A.A. ceremony this year.


I've also read somewhere that she (J.J.) was blamed for her first husband's (Robert Walker)death...They said that when she left Walker to marry Selznick, it was such big shock for him, that it eventually caused his death... It seems totally unfair to me and too far-fetched.


Besides "Portrait of Jennie", which is my fave J.J. film, I also like "Duel in the Sun", "Good morning Miss Dove", "Beat the Devil", "Madame Bovary", "Love Letters" and "Ruby Gentry"... I think that her portrayal of Bernadette is good, but upon watching that film recently, I didn't like it as much when I first saw it...


Similar movies of the kind of "Portrait of Jennie" which I have liked too: "Somewhere in Time" (1980), "I'll Never Forget You" (1948) with Ann Blyth and Tyrone Power...(I'd love to see the original version "Berkeley Square" with Leslie Howard). Ahhh...also "Smilin' Through" (1941) with Jeanette MacDonald.... I haven't seen Norma Shearer's 1932 version, nor Norma Talmadge's 1922 one. I'd love to see too, "Peter Ibbetson" with Gary Cooper and Ann Harding and Frank Borzage's 1933 film "Secrets" with Mary Pickford and Leslie Howard, tha latter also had a silent version with Norma Talmadge.


The Ghost and Mrs. Muir is one of my very favorite films too....I bought the dvd a short time ago, and I've already seen it twice!! Gene Tierney was such a beautiful human being. And Rex Harrison is great!



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