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What did everybody get for Christmas?

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I just figured that I would throw the question out there. I got a whole bunch of DVDs, a turtleneck sweater, an expensive pair of socks and a 30 dollar gift certificate to the AMC Theaters chain (no relation to *that?* AMC).


So, how did all of you make out?

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I'm actually typing from my brothers house right now, and he just gave me a Sinatra CD. I guess my family is finally starting to understand my interests!


I got mostly food, but a lot of love from my folks, and that matters most to me!


My father wanted National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation but I could not buy it in time for Christmas. It came on late the other night and I burned him a DVD of it. I think it meant more to him than going out and buying the thing!


Merry Christmas... I hope all have a happy New Year!!



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"I got a whole bunch of DVDs..."


You can't just say "a whole bunch of DVDs" on the movie board! ;)What DVDs did you get?


I found the Frank Capra set and The Devil Wears Prada under mine. I was stunned to see that Devil is in "full screen format". I assume that means it's not letterboxed; and that it's pan and scan? Why would a studio release it this way? Oh and I saw the glamorous musical Dreamgirls on the big screen today. 'Twas a merry Christmas!

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Just to let you know, to check the actual movie on the disc. For some reason, the promos in the beginning are full screen but when the film begins, it is in letter box.

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Hello and a very Merry Christmas to all you fellow posters!!!


I had asked for Frank Capra movies but my daughter ended up buying me 'How to Marry A Millionaire', and 'Barefoot in the Park'.Which are sentimental favorites we've watched together with my mom.


My daughter says that she gets very frustrated when she sets out to buy an given movie for me because I have such a vast collection that she can't keep track .


Hey Jack, How was 'Dreamgirls?' it's nominated for several Golden Globes and it's almost a sure bet to be nominated for the Oscars as well.I have that on my list to see next along with 'The Holiday' and 'Rocky Balboa'.


I just got back from seeing 'Unaccompanied Minors' with my kids.Every xmas we see an xmas movie together.It was a most enjoyable movie,great for the whole family.

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Take it back and exchange it for the widescreen edition. Mr Cutter picked it up in widescreen a few days ago and we watched it over the weekend. I guess it comes in both versions.

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My family group are three old people now. We can buy anything we want (except expensive cars) and we are very particular about what we like. So we came to an agreement a few years ago to give each other packages of fancy food for Christmas, especially decorative multi-packs with different surprises in them. Fancy cheese, imported candy, unusual stuff, things that we like but we don?t usually buy for ourselves, things like expensive imported olives. Then we all share this stuff well into the year. Then, after Christmas, we all go down and shop at the sales and buy for ourselves stuff we personally want. Lol, it?s fun.

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I ripped the cellophane cover off of it already; do you think it's still take-backable? Oy vey in the manger.


Ms. 64, I don't want to hijack this thread, so maybe I'll post about Dreamgirls in the "seen any good movies lately thread" or in the musicals forum...

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Well, since this is a movie board, I'm posting the movies I got:


Christmas Movies:

Christmas In Connecticut dvd

How the Grinch Stole Christmas 50th Birthday Edition dvd

A Christmas Story 20th Anniversary Edition 2 disc dvd

A Christmas Carol dvd

Home Alone Family Fun Edition dvd

Ernest Saves Christmas dvd

Charlie Brown Christmas dvd

It's A Wonderful Life 60th Anniversary Edition dvd

Miracle On 34th Street (special edition with b&W and color versions) dvd

Scrooge (Albert Finney) dvd


Regular Movies

Glass Bottom Boat dvd

Double Indemnity Legacy Series dvd

How to Frame a **** dvd

The Bellboy dvd

Strangers On a Train (2 disc) dvd

The Band of Brothers HBO series dvd set

The Elvis Collection dvd set

Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis Vol. 1 dvd set

Carousel 50th Anniversary Edition dvd

Guys and Dolls Deluxe Edition dvd

Hell Is For Heroes dvd

The Bridges at Toko-Ri dvd

Houseboat dvd

It Happened to Jane dvd

The King & I 50th Anniversary Edition dvd

South Pacific Collector's Edition dvd

West Side Story Special Edition Collector's dvd set

Bullet 2-disc Special Edition dvd

The Hunter dvd


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Books, sorely-needed clothes, tools, a calendar, a comforter to keep me warm in my freezing house, and the fine folks in the Engineering Department at DISH Network fixed my lousy picture in time for some great movies this weekend. Sadly, I did not receive world peace.

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"I think that you should still be able to take the movie back Jack."


Maybe you're right. I just realized that the cover came in an additional cardboard cover. Though I removed the cellophane from the outside, the cover inside the cardboard is still sealed. I'll try tomorrow. Thanks everyone!


Ms. Sallie, that's quite a haul. Congratulations! Is Band of Brothers the same thing as Bande ? part?


Oh Ms. 64, here's my blurb on Dreamgirls:



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> Ms. Sallie, that's quite a haul. Congratulations!

> Is Band of Brothers the same thing as

> Bande ? part?


No, Band of Brothers is a series about the 101st Airborne Division, specifically Easy Company in their journey from D-Day to the Capturing of Hitler's Eagles Nest. It is an excellent series.

Band of Brothers


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I got to spend time with family and friends.



I also got a hand painted recipe box filled with my grandmother's recipes, an Oklahoma Centennial t-shirt, books, two DVDs of Frank Capra's educational films and a framed photo of my grandmother and me from her 90th birthday party earlier this year, and a tapas cookbook along with a selection of expensive olives, peppers, and some serrano ham and chorizo.



Mom is a miniaturist, and she made me a glass box with a 50s diner in it, complete with soda fountain and jukebox. I'd post a pic but I couldn't carry it on the plane, so she's gonna mail it.



And i got a new piece of Starburst for my collection, the 10" water pitcher.




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Well, here's the list of the DVDs I got. Bear in mind that most of them are 80s titles:



-"A Fish Called Wanda"



-"Falling Down"

-"All That Jazz"

-"Gilbert Gottfried: Dirty Jokes"


From my cousins, I recieved the following DVDs:



-"Vice Squad"

-"The Unbearable Lightness Of Being"

-"The Thing" (The John Carpenter version)

-"Uncle Buck"

-"The Abyss"


I also recieved a turtleneck sweater from my Aunt Janet and a pair of expensive socks from a family friend.


My birthday was on December 22nd (I turned 24), so I also got the following presents as well:


-From my mom, I got a DVD 2-pack of "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" and "Dazed And Confused".


-From my brother, I got a copy of "Weird" Al Yankovic's new CD "Straight Outta Lynwood".


-As a joint present from my Aunt Janet and Cousin Veronica, I got a 30 dollar gift certificate to the AMC Theaters chain (not to be confused with TCM's rival network).


I have a few more presents coming later in the week with my belated birthday party happening tomorrow and my Uncle Eddie coming up for a visit later in the week.

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I got "The Forbidden Hollywood Collection" and "I Love Lucy Season1" and the usual fanfare (Socks, Sweaters, Gloves Candles Gift certificates and a few unmentionables. And it may sound "corny" but, a good time with my Family.





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Hello fellow Posters,

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas.


I don't know how to get my family or my husband's family to understand what to get us for Christmas. We love movies and books. I have told them this time and time again and yet they still insist on getting us a cookie jar or a mug. Personally, I can't walk into a video store or a book store without picking out 30 or 40 things I want. Same with hubby. We have many interests old/classic movies being probably the one thing we love the most and collect. Yet each and every year (13 years now) we get the same el stinko gifts. I don't want to sound ungreatful. I love my family. I enjoy spending time with them. They are wonderful people, but I just wish if they are going to spend 20 or 30 dollars anyway it might as well be on something I am not going to return, or sell at the garage sale next summer.


Now I have given them lists of several things I wish for. (usually it has a bunch of classic movies to pick from and book titles I want) I have dropped hints throughout the year..such as "pst..I'm a Jimmy Stewart fan..I'd love to own Rope..*Cough*" .and yet they still insist on getting me whatever they want to anyway. I even have said get me a gift certificate to DVD planet or Barnes and Nobles or anywhere that sells movies/ books/ computer games etc... I even tell them my favorite actors.. Heck get me a new release I'd love to see Lady In The Water or Fearless... I think I am pretty easy to buy for. Hubby was a marine and loves old war movies.. we have said get home some classic war movies. He wants Great Escape on DVD or Operation Petticoat. but....Nooooo we get another cookie jar. We have about 7 in the closet. I don't know how many cookies they think we eat.. LOL


This year was one of the worst years for gifts. (sorry venting here) At least last year they bought us a couple of movies.(1st time ever) Last year I got Scrooged and Elf. Hubby got Hell Is For Heroes. This year we came home with a wodden coat rack, a clock that is hiddious, COOKIE JAR and a plain uncented candle. (This from hubby's family) My family was a little better... not much though...We came home with a stuffed moose...my mother thought it was cute..mind you I don't collect them or have anything like it in my home...and hubby got a tree orniment with his favorite football team logo on it. At least these gifts took some thought.


I know I sound a bit ungreatful and I kind of went off on a tangent but truely I am not ungreatful. I know there are people who get nothing but quite honestly I'd rather get nothing. We are not subtle people with saying things that we want. Especially since we don't buy these things for ourselves throughout the year. I look forward to Christmas because I can get some gifts I have been wanting but maybe can't afford. Such as an Alfred Hitchcock collection **drool*



How do you get your family members to buy you these movies? I think next year I will have to buy hubby the movies he wants and he the ones I want and like every other year we will have a new cookie jar for the closet.


Wishing we had some new movies,


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For DVDs I got "1776 " and a collection of old cartoons from the early 30s. My brother and his familty gave me the entire Monty Python television collection. My daughter gave me a book on Hollywood.


My family is mostly reluctant to buy any movie as they don't know what I have. "1776" came completely out of the blue. I don't think they knew it was a musical and thiught it was a drama. I've never seen it although is has received nice notes on here.

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I don't like receiving gifts


metsfan, I don't either, so I bought myself Scrooged and The Meaning Of Life in VHS.


The former since I don't see it played on stupid Cablevision anymore and the latter because someone at another board pointed a link to 'The Galaxy Song', so I wanted it in its original context.


Welllllllllllllll, be careful what you wish for! :0 Not only did I have to fast forward through most of the original context :0 but this was the movie where 'one thin mint' came from. I had forgotten that. No matter, I adore MP, they were/are brilliant, collectively and individually. Just brilliant. Eric Idle and Jon Cleese and the late lamented Graham Chapman are wonderful.


And I still love listening to this song, almost on a daily basis. Ain't its tenets the truth?





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Huh? I enjoy receiving gifts as much as I enjoy giving them.

We all had a joyous morning exchanging presents, of which a few were actually a hoot.

Since I'm an ardent reader I enjoyed the movie themed books that I received. Plus the CDs of some old classics, remastered and with extras. Of course I got a basket of yummies to munch on while I enjoy them.

Also some neat shirts, cologne (smelling good), and gift cards to restaurants including Red Lobster and the Olive Garden, etc.


Unfortunately, no car this year (yeah, sure).

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