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Just watched Mickey.  Honestly, it is the first silent film I have watched all the way through and maintained interest in it.  Great film, great story.  Beautiful actress.  Wonderful music.  I thoroughly enjoyed it. BUT, I really do not consider it "slapstick."  Will appreciate our professor's comment on why it has been selected as one of the slapstick films.  I am sure I have a lot to learn.  Thanks,


John T. Wilkinson III

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I'm looking forward to the Professor's comments as well. JohnT3


When I saw "Mickey" listed as one of our titles I thought, "Surely that's not the Mickey I watched ages back. That's not slapstick."


I revisited it, for class, and it is, indeed, one and the same... but a couple of thoughts occurred to me, since I was keeping in mind our given "slapstick requirements".


We're approaching slapstick from a comedic perspective for the most part, [ WK1.2's "Slapstick, a type of physical comedy", "Outrageous make-believe violence has always been a key attraction of slapstick comedy,", ""slapstick" came to cover various forms of violent comedy."] the key word in all those quotes being "comedy".  

But, as in the case of Mickey, the slapstick elements while there are not particularly comedic.  So perhaps just being slapstick (absurd situations, exaggerated aspects, etc) and not necessarily funny, it's still used to let the audience know that no one was hurt, that's it's all just make believe.

I also noticed that there's an interior scene where the camera actually pans to the left, instead of remaining stationary. Very exciting!!!

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