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MY COUSIN RACHEL will air on AMC Tue., Jan. 16 2007 at 4:15 AM / EST.

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Fans of Olivia de Havilland and Richard Burton: this movie does not air on TCM because it is not in their library. It?s also not out on Home Video (VHS or DVD). If you wish to watch it, now it is your chance. It is supposed to be a great movie.

Hitchcock?s style, based on a Daphne du Maurier's suspense, riveting romance novel. Won 4 oscar nominations for best costume design, for art direction-set decoration as well as for Richard Burton?s intense, dramatic role.

Bl/wh cinematography was also nominated -- it creates a rich gothic atmosphere with seascapes. Excellent score by Franz Waxman, who also wrote the music for another du Maurier classic, Rebecca. Wish they still made movies like this.

Do not miss it.

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Thanks for the "heads-up." At least I can use the hard-drive to edit the commercials before trying to watch it - and hope they don't cut or time-compress it all to you-know-what! One of the last 83-minute movies I got from them became a 75-minute one, with one major scene simply gone. "Goodbye, Charlie" was another one trimmed, that I know of. Just like the old days days on TNT or TBS, if it's showing in a 2-hour slot and the original is more than about 93 minutes, expect it to be trimmed.


Just checked - it's listed at 98 in Maltin, so unless they make a 2:15 slot for it, it will most likely be trimmed at least a little.


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Tks for your reply. I just sent you a reply and I don't know where it went.

I just bought a dvd recorder with a hard drive so like you, I will also edit the commercials. I have to learn how to do that, though. I haven't open the box yet. (Up until now I've been recording in VHS tapes).

As for the possible trimming of the movie, I think that 98 min out of a two hours time slot they are giving, should give enough time to fit commercials. Hopefully they will not cut off any scene. On our favour is the late time the film will air. Usually at these hours the commercials are very short.

Since you've been taping movies for so long, would you have on tape the 1984 version of The Prisoner of Zenda, broadcasted by the BBC Worldwide Americas?

PS> I forgot to invite you to join us in the thread of My Cousin Rachel... under My Favorites. Yesterday I entered this thread by mistake but it turned out to somehow relate into the "technical issues" thread.


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Actually, today, the average running time of a film in a two-hour timeslot is about 91-92 minutes. Most films provided by the distributors to commercial tv stations and cable networks are pre-edited by the distributor to fit that format. Since I don't watch AMC, I don't have any idea if they use these versions of the films or get a complete one and edit it themselves, but I'd be willing to bet they still end up running about that length.

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