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Well, I just had a look at this list and thought I would take a stab at making a few comments. It's a mixed bag, IMHO: good films, bad films, cult films, films I love, films I hate, etc.


I'll comment on a few.


(Btw, I was invited to a screening of an unfinished film recently. I had to sign an agreement that I wouldn't write about it. They took away my cell phone before I went into the theater and returned it to me when I left, after I filled out a lengthy questionnaire about the movie. I loved the film. It will probably be edited a bit. I can't say what it is, but it has definite cult potential.)


HAROLD AND MAUDE: a definite cult film. I was the first member of the cult. I am totally convinced of that. And many of my friends can attest to that.


BLACK NARCISSUS: an excellent film, but a cult film? 


ALL ABOUT EVE: I guess it is a cult film, though it's not on my list of favorite films. But a cult film doesn't have to be a favorite, I guess, and vice versa.


SID AND NANCY should have been better. I can see why some might be drawn to it in a culty way, though.


THE OUTSIDERS: I saw this at the NY Film Festival. My friends and I desperately wanted to like it, but we found it weak. Can't believe it has a cult following, I suppose films about delinquents or bad kids (including Heathers, Blackboard Jungle) tend to appeal to young people, but Harold and Maude is the one that appealed to me.


RUSHMORE: A friend said this was about me as a kid, which I found flattering. Loved the movie. Another example of alienated youth film as cult film.


THE LONELINESS OF THE LONG DISTANCE RUNNER: Another example of alienated youth as cult. A great angry young kid film.


DELIVERANCE:  Became a cult film for obvious reasons. I think some might prefer the cult of I Spit on Your Grave, which is not on the list.


DON'T LOOK NOW:  Great film, definite cult, put a pregnant friend of mine in labour. She went from the cinema to the hospital.


WISE BLOOD: I am a member of this cult and quote a line from the film, when I have the chance. One of John Huston's best.


THE LOST WEEKEND: Don't understand why this is on the list. A good film.


ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST: The book had a cult following, so I guess the film (which I did not like) has one as well. It stole Oscars that year from many better nominees.



ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK: I so wanted to like this film but found it to be a bore. Can't believe it has a following!


BLUE VELVET: Another film that disappointed me. If you've had a misspent youth looking at real off-center trash, you know a fake when you see one.


NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: I hate this film for a number of reasons, not least because of what it did to the sacred zombie lore.


NIGHT OF THE DEMON: Great film, and I am glad that we saw that impressive creature! Didn't know it was a cult though. 


THE WICKER MAN: Great film, I love all that British paganism stuff, and the music. Great story -- it would have benefitted by a better director. I am aware that it is a cult film.


BUBBA HO-TEP: Saw this when I had a weekend of free cable once. Some of it was fun, it was a bit too early 2000's for me, style-wise. Had no idea it's a cult!


THE BIG LEBOWSKI: I think the Coen Brothers are way overrated. 


AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON: I embrace this film wholeheartedly. Almost like a classic horror, with just the right amount of humour ("Hello Jack") and warmth.


STANLEY KUBRICK FILMS: I wanted to like The Shining more. Dr. Strangelove is kind of dated, I think, and I find George C. Scott OTT in this movie. But Vera Lynn saves the day. Barry Lyndon gets better with age, I think.


WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? Why is this film on the list? Because it is, Blanche, it is. And it deserves to be, as does:


HUSH... HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE, which has more heart than Baby Jane.


THIS IS SPINAL TAP: Christopher Guest films bore me. The cliched Best in Show is the worst of the lot. I know certain people love his films.


THE WARRIORS: I guess this is the kind of film that could become a cult film -- kids involved, etc. In fact, a former neighbor of mine (Brian Tyler) was in it. A dreamy, interesting film.


BOYS IN THE BAND, THE KILLING OF SISTER GEORGE, GLEN OR GLENDA -- good films which probably became cult films because they were relatively early films dealing with forbidden subject matters.


THE DEVILS: I think one scene put this film on the cult list!


PAN'S LABYRINTH: Should have won the Best Foreign Film Oscar. Definite cult potential.


BRAZIL: OK, I know a sub-strata of society loves this film, but I think it is the worst movie ever made. And that's saying a lot. Terry Gilliam should have stuck to short cartoons instead of this drivel which fooled the dilettante world. Art direction without any knowledge of real cinema. (I walked out of Time Bandits).


CAT BALLOU: I love this film. Had no idea it's considered a cult film.


JOHNNY GUITAR: Camp often becomes cult -- many films on the list demonstrate this.


AGUIRRE THE WRATH OF GOD: A very good film. I guess the marmoset hordes pushed it into the cult sphere.


DEAD MAN: Jim Jarmusch is a faker. But I understand that his films are prone to cult status.


DAYS OF HEAVEN: How I tried to like this film, and failed! In theory, I should love Terrence Malick's films. In practice, I rarely do. The New World is an exception -- I loved it. 


BRIEF ENCOUNTER: I'm glad this beauty is on the list.


THE DAY OF THE LOCUST: I'm glad to see this excellent film on the list. A forgotten film, but a great one.


And back to HAROLD AND MAUDE which really deserves its cult status.

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Swithin, thanks for all of the great comments.


As I mentioned in the OP, I'm not certain why some titles are listed. They seem to just be hit movies with a traditional hit-movie following. 


There are a lot more that I haven't listed yet, which I'll get to when time allows and the motivation is there. 

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