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More great movie memories.

I had forgotten about "The Keep"; you don't see it on TV, even the pay channels.


It's a personal favorite of mine. It used to show up on HBO occasionally, and now it's streaming on Amazon Prime.


The director, Michael Mann, loathes the film, and has said in the past that he wants it forgotten, thus it never coming out on DVD or Blu ray. Plus there were issues with Tangerine Dream and the score rights. There have been many petitions over the past decade and a half trying to get Paramount to release it, but so far no luck. 

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What a great cast and acting.  There seemed to be some rough spots in the film but who cares given the mood and music of the movie.  Michael Mann has made some great ones.  He does a good job in "The Director's Chair" with Robert Rodriguez on El Rey Network.

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Some goodies in your last post, Larry. Certainly Witchfinder General, one of the greatest of all. Interesting that White Zombie and The Serpent and the Rainbow are listed. The former, almost pure atmosphere, was to some extent inspired by Seabrook's The Magic Island, a great, if sensational account of zombies in Haiti -- really the book that introduced America to zombies. (The opening burial at a crossroads is important in Voodoo.) Also inspired by a book, The Serpent and the Rainbow (the book) was really about the chemical/biological causes of zombie-ness, not a novel. I was disappointed in the film.


They Came from Within is Cronenberg's best, I think; a film made before fame and fortune came his way. When it did, he made lesser films like Scanners.


Q is fun. The Chrysler Building is the real star. Q needs to be shown on a double bill with The Flying Serpent.

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