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Remembering 09-11-2001

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Well Jake, we really don't need the gruesome photo reminders.  This is another JFK-type "where were you" moment.  I'm sure we all will recall where we were and what we were doing when it happened.  and...


The only "celebrations" I saw and heard about were in news footage from Palestinian settlements in Israel.  There is a large middle Eastern population in Dearborn, MI and nobody there was celebrating either.  One local man, a Muslim of Yemeni background, was on the news expressing concern for his daughter, who worked at the World Trade Center, and he was yet unable to get in touch with her.  To this day I don't know whether or not he was ever able to, or if she perished with the others. 


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I had found a certain article about the calendar date for this past Wednesday (the eleventh day of September) at the World Wide Web address below this paragraph to had been very interesting since I had always believed the date should not be treated negatively or used in referencing a certain series of events (involving attacks in certain cities) that occurred on a certain day of a certain calendar year (without the year itself):


I had also wanted to share a certain poem of mine related to the negative ways I had mentioned in the first paragraph of this message:

"Something More"

Prologue: Let this calendar date be an ordinary calendar date (like every other calendar date) and not a date for being somber.

Let this calendar date be something more; something more, something new. Let it be something more; something grand, something loose.

Let this calendar date be free; free to roam, free to be different. Let it be something more; other than to be old, other than to be indifferent.

Let every calendar date be something more; something more, nothing less.

Edited by Mario500
desires to clarify the first paragraph and the introduction for the poem
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David L. Bernhardt: Remembering Flight 93 and heroes of 9/11

Americans should honor the memories of the nearly 3,000 precious lives we lost that day
SEP 10, 2020
I will never forget the moment I realized our nation was at war on Sept. 11, 2001. Shortly after the World Trade Center towers were hit, I was in former Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton’s office with her other senior staff watching the news about the towers, when we suddenly saw smoke billowing out of the Pentagon. The secretary’s security detail sprang into action and launched into the room in preparation to evacuate. I knew by the way they moved that America was under attack. I immediately tried to call my wife, who was working at the U.S. Capitol, but I could not get through to her.
I was in my office that morning watching  CNBC when this horrific event happened ... changed everything ... and God bless the heroes attempting to save lives ....
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Photos: New York Immediately After 9/11

Associated Press September 11, 2020

Ladder 4 truck is surrounded by makeshift memorials as it returns to its midtown New York firehouse after a call Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2001.

NEW YORK CITY -- Each year, New York City and millions around the country commemorate 9/11 with mournful ceremonies, volunteering, appeals to "never forget," and drawing attention to the terror attacks' continued toll on first responders.

Relatives of the victims descend on ground zero in Lower Manhattan, and the events of that terrible day and the weeks, months and years that followed are never forgotten, nor are the memories of those killed by terrorists in hijacked planes.

Additionally, we remember all those who have died from 9/11-related illnesses from their heroic work at ground zero and those who suffer today.

Read Full Article »



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Watched a new documentary last night, "9/10 The Day Before"  showed events before the attack.  Out of the ultimate irony during the mayor's race, Mark Green referred to his lower Manhattan rally area as Ground Zero. :blink:


Watched only a little of "Bin Laden's Hard Drive".  Taught his kids hate by using little birds as target practice.

Weird in that he let them watched the Arabic version of Sesame Street. :wacko:

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7 minutes ago, NipkowDisc said:

I shall remember 911 by supporting a president who will never forget the threat of jihadist terrorism rather than a schtootz and his party that with the UN will treat them like some fraternal order of international politicians.

I shall remember 9/11 when the president at the time shoved the freedom taking Patriot Act down our throats. :angry:

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Online 9/11 memorial:


A quote from a company owner on the 47th floor of the North Tower:


Bruno Dellinger, founder of the company Quint Amasis located on the 47th floor of the North Tower, describes his evacuation.


“When I arrived at the sky lobby level, there were masses of people waiting to the elevators. And for some reason I decided to go back into the stairwell. The heat was quite intense. There were some people who had took their shirts off. The intensity of the warning signs, like the sound of the alarms—it was really pounding you. On the floors we had vending machines. They had been sliced and opened, and security personnel was giving out the water.


Anyway, so we went down. People were very calm. There were three flows of people: the regular people, like me, going down; the people who were coming down from the other floors and who were very badly burned. No skin. No hair. Just burnt. And so they were coming down, and they were walking or carried down by people, held by people. Screams were coming down from the stairwell: ‘Emergency, emergency.’ And people were coming down. And then the third flow of people was, of course, the security personnel and Fire Department people. Now, those people were exhausted—in some of those eyes, and you could see that they knew something. It was dangerous. They knew something. While there was no panic whatsoever in the stairwell, those people were concentrated, focused on doing their job. And while I was walking down, they were going up to their death. And I was walking down to live.”


Collection 9/11 Memorial Museum, Gift of Bruno Dellinger


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I was just watching Chris Cuomo, who is interviewing Rudy Giuliani. I had to change the channel. It's hard for a New Yorker like me, who lived through 9/11/2001, to witness what a lunatic Giuliani has become.  Evan if I disagreed with some of his policies in the past, and the way he treated his wife, he did his job on 9/11. But to see him today, he seems like a creature from a horror movie.



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