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A story that shows type of person *Kate was?

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(*-denotes OSCAR winning film or individual) I thought I'd share a story well-known to her & even just *Tracy fans. But it's factual/from 1 of my books. When *Judy Holliday-(1922-65) was done playing "Born Yesterday," on stage. Of course the film rights were bought. Columbia-(thanks mainly to *Capra by then, was not a laughing stock anymore!)& Harry Cohn-(1891-1958) the meanest man in town-alledgedly anyway!? Did not want Holliday whatsoever for film version. He thought she was to heavy, big & strange,etc & More-over, wanted a name for B.O. appeal. So *Katharine Hepburn stepped-in on her behalf, quite a bit! She loved Holliday in the show. & furthermore, *Judy was 1st set to play a role she des. a s. actress nom. for/same year-(just my opinion) "Adam's Rib" (1950)-(NOTE: I know some stats, even TCM say the latter is a 1949 release, but I go by OSCARS & It was nom. for it's Script & even more irritating, is "Bad Day at Black Rock" always being listed as a 1954 film by TCM??? *Tracy & Director J. Sturges were nominated in the '55 ACADEMY AWARDS?) Well, *Kate's great friend *Cukor was directing also, so *Judy H's 1st major scene being interviewed by *Hepburn,etc After shooting her husband & therefore being arrested. *Katharine deliberately set it up, so camera would focus mainly on *Holliday, as opposed to herself-(she basically kept her back to camera) She in essence did the 1 sequence as a "screen test" for H. Cohn over at Columbia! When that scene was shot, *Kate had-it immediately sent over to "Gower Gulch"-Columbia & Cohn obviously changed his mind-which was veeery rare for him!

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