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Choosing Media Types in posting editor

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Are attachments the only Media Type allowed within this feature? I can find no other options. I have, in the past, posted YouTube URLs via the Special BBCode/Media feature, but none of those appear in my Media Library. This is confusing.



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Posting a link is just posting a link.  I think that is all you have been doing.  Here you are looking at a minimal amount of storage space that they allocate to each account.  Since you use Photobucket, you haven't used this storage space feature yet.  Linking to Photobucket is much better though, because people need to be logged in to see anything that is hosted here on the forum (typical of any forum really).  That might come in handy for using permissions on who you want to share it with, but otherwise not so much.  If it is only linked (but not stored here), then users don't need to be members or logged in to see your stuff. 


That is part of why I bit the bullet and got a real domain to link to in my signature, to share my project files.  Also they never would have fit here, and would probably be too large for wordpress-type sites, but that is beyond the scope of what I cared to look into.


P.S. I just looked, and all your posts would be filed under "My Content" (on your account), but you would need to dig through those.

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The name "Media Library"  just seems to represent much more than is offered here. Perhaps the builders had a larger scope in mind when they constructed this site but economics prevented its application.


I imagine it as a place for videos, photos, and audio files.


I'm not actually looking for my previous posts. Many of my early YouTube posts were made using the BBCCode/Media feature here, so I was wondering why they weren't listed in my Media Library. 

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