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Madhouse/Last Man on Earth

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What did you think of these?


I wasn't aware that "Madhouse" was a cult movie. I watched it on DVD earlier this year and thought it was very interesting but unsuccessful.


I've never seen "Last Man on Earth," but I read a hillarious interview with Richard Matheson in which he (author of "I Am Legend" the novel the movie is based on) ripped it to shreds. Matheson went on and on about how he had gotten screwed over by the makers of this film and "The Omega Man," which is a remake of the same story (but even more removed from Matheson's original.)


Frankly, I've never cared for "I Am Legend." I think "A Stir of Echoes" is Matheson's best novel, and his short stories are terrific. Still it seems like every year someone is trying to film "I Am Legend" with either Arnold Schwarzenegger or Will Smith with Ridley Scott to direct and the thing never gets off the ground. Truly a cursed property.

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I liked Madhouse better than Last Man overall. I didn't like the ending of Last Man, since it was pretty crazy to me that they had to immediately kill the doctor, and not let him explain his side, or that he had found a cure. They didn't even listen to their own "spy". It was funny to see the zombies come night after night though and not get into the house. I also kept thinking, why doesn't he just move somewhere else during the day, so they have no clue where he is? I think I like Omega Man better, but not much more, heh.

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After reading the Matheson interview, I've never seen "last Man on Earth."


A new version of "I am Legend" will come out this year starring Wil smith. there was an article about it in the Jan. 14th New York Times.

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