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So I watched this just now. It was pretty silly, although no sillier than most other rock movies. P.J. Soles was adorable, and the Ramones were fantastic. Watching it was bittersweet, realizing that three of the band are now passed on, way too young.

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> A better questions is why was it shown on TCM at all?



I had to wonder this as well. I'm sure there were other, more deserving rock n' roll movies from the 50s and 60s that they coulda played. I'm definitely not a fan of the Ramones so I just skipped the flick.


I did wonder what Robert Osborne REALLY felt having to introduce that movie tho. :)

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As someone who loves classic films AND the Ramones, I was thrilled to see this on TCM. (Of course, I already own the DVD, but still...) It not only fit the theme of the night, but IS also a classic American (Rock) Musical.


What's more, the Ramones were a band VERY MUCH influenced by the films they saw and loved. One of their signature songs, PINHEAD (as seen in the film), was written after the band had gone to see FREAKS (1932) in Cleveland after having a show there cancelled. They also covered songs from films they liked, and Johnny Ramone was a HUGE collector of vintage Hollywood autographs and the like.


So, yeah, it was great to see this on TCM, but it was kind of funny watching Robert Osbourne's awkward comments after the film - talking about things he clearly has no first-hand knowledge about.


And I still miss the Ramones, bless 'em - especially since they aren't just broken up, but flat-out dead...Sigh...


Gabba Gabba HEY!

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> > A better questions is why was it shown on TCM at

> all?


> Because it fit the night's theme.



I believe that many themes are dreamed up just so they can show a specific movie that really doesn't "fit". I personally don't think cutesy themes are needed to show a lineup of good movies - but I know that is not the popular opinion around here.

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