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"Sully" a terrificly, detailed work by *Eastwood & *Hanks


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Most probably already know of this big 2016 release, based on a true incident from a few years ago, where a veteran pilot actually was able to land is 727 or 747 plane in the Hudson river in NYC & with all surviving on board


"Sully" is a terrificly detailed, but slow moving work by 86 year old living legend *Clint Eastwood & the *Jimmy Stewart/everyman of our era, in 2 time *Oscar winner *Tom Hanks.


I'm reminded of his 2003 *Academy Award winning "Mystic River"

in he deliberately takes his time in adapting the book, as he does here as well.


Younger viewers may not be that thrilled with this drama, but older-(as was the crowd I saw it with) & mainstream audiences will & do like this picture a lot sofar


The epic landing of the jet is more then worth seeing in itself


& *Hanks is perfect again, though come *Oscar nomination time his performance may be taken for granted (i.e. 2013's "Captain Phillips") because he's just that good & like *James Stewart, blends into the film


& the last line of the movie is a hoot & got a big laugh!


My rating (***1/2-out of 4)


Next up: "The Magnificent 7" rehash



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My spouse and I also liked Sully. The script is a little odd, shifting back and forth between the events of the day itself and the hearing to decide whether the pilot and co-pilot were at fault for not heading to one of the nearby airports. This leads to a little awkwardness during the first third of the film, but then works just fine. We see the big event twice.


Tom Hanks is an excellent choice for the quietly unheroic hero, and Aaron Eckhart, for once, gets to play a good guy, the co-pilot. How nice to see Delphi Harrington, a much underused actress, as the passenger in the wheelchair. She was marvelous as an intelligent, sophisticated woman in the long-gone soap opera Where the Heart Is and was also believable as a trashy Southern murderess on Guiding Light and as a trashy Southern prostitute on All My Children. Here she plays a somewhat stereotypical New York Jewish mother. As a daughter she gets Valerie Mehaffey of Desperate Housewives.


Sully shows something rarely seen in movies these days, the simple heroism of ordinary people, like the ferry boat crew members who rescue the passengers from the plane.


Be sure to stay for the credits, where you will see a reunion of many of the actual passengers and crew from the flight.



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