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Breakdown of a Gag, Episode 7: Making Old Gags New (Again)

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I was so glad to see The Three Stooges being mentioned in the course. I also understand Vince Cellini's  concerns about being a pure Stooge fan against being... well an all others on the team Stooge fan. I am sure the mention of Emil Sitka would not please Vince nor the mention of the "Fourth Stooge". :lol:

Yes, the Stooges were thirty years after their prime when they made "Have Rocket --Will Travel" but their appearance fit into Dr. Edwards remarks about re-purposed gags reacting to advances in technology, changes in cultural tastes and consumer enjoyment. In the Three Stooges we see them bringing in space exploration as perhaps the new technology to react to and we see them being seen by and enjoyed by a new generation. As Moe Howard stated in his book:"Moe Howard and The Three Stooges": "Almost overnight, the Three Stooges became one of the hottest children's TV properties. A whole generation -- millions of kids who had never seen the Three Stooges -- were suddenly exposed to something brand new in TV fare." (157). This same draw applied to their feature films in the theater. :blink:

Perhaps Blake Edwards reuse of gags did pay homage to Hal Roach but a part of me hopes that this huge pie fight gag paid homage to those pie throwing "Knuckleheads"... The Three Stooges". :D

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I was born in 1951. Grew up with TV and going to the saturday matinee. To this day I can watch the old b&w stuff, with Laurel & Hardy, Abott & Costello, Our Gang, Little Rascals, The Lucy Show, Red Skelton, Jack Benny, Jacki Gleason  and The Three Stooges, and laugh. Really laugh. Whether it was what they said, how they looked, or what they did (or was done to them) you laughed. Slapstick was a necessity to their comedy.

The Long, Long Trailer was great. It was a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World was great. And along with several other films this week seen at the theater. And with my family's money limitations at the Saturday matinee. You went with a dollar. Got admission, popcorn, a cold drink and a good time. And for all the great movies the comedies are the ones I watch over and over through the decades.

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My mother raised me on so any comedy greats including the Three Stooges, Benny Hill, etc. I remember this scene in the rocket and this trio were so brilliant. Think about the timing, physically and verbally, that had to be correctly synced between all the actors. Such craftsman!


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I was born in 1952. I remember seeing The Little Rascals and Our Gang. Buster Keaton also had a TV show. I started seeing I Love Lucy as reruns. I saw the Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour when first shown. The Three Stooges were on. And Laurel and Hardy films were shown. The cartoons of the day also showed slapstick in their episodes. Captain Kangaroo showed funny bits with Mr. Moose, Bunny Rabbit, and Mr. Greenjeans. And I saw at the movies Have Rocket Will Travel, Snow White and the Three Stooges, and The Three Stooges Meet Hercules. The comic routines were new to me. But I liked the characters and still enjoy these films and shows.

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