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"Howard the Duck" & "Mommie dearest" (tie) for worst on...


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   Already posted that *"CASABLANCA" was voted the all-time favorite motion picture by the group-(799 to date) on FB's companion pc "TCM FANATICS (A Celebration of Hollywoods Golden Age)


& there was a much lower turn out in the #2nd poll I initiated on "All-Time Worst?"


But, it was a (tie) though still running between "Howard the Duck" (l986) & the cult camp classic "Mommie Dearest" (l98l)


The latter is by no means among mine though I think it'

s camp & all, but *Faye Dunaway is brilliant as *Joan Crawford & was "ROBBED" of another *Oscar shot!?


I personally voted for 2 Ed Wood flix-(which are fun though) & then the staggeringly awful 1970 "Myra Breckinridge" anybody ever catch this mess?


& just started a #3rd poll on all-time favorite motion picture actors?


Next of course "THE LADIES'" :P


Please do check it out though & again, especially-(for some reason) our beloved TCM has not, yet?


This is probably thee sole cinema related site/medium that has yet to conduct this jazz? :angry:


(P.S. & our very own (TopBilled), gave me permission to post his as well)





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I remember first seeing it on a cable channel back about '83.  During the scene where Dunaway is whipping that poor girl with a wire hanger my older daughter, 11 at the time, looked over at me and said, "Don't get ANY IDEAS, Dad."  :D


Of course, we both knew I would never dream of doing that, but in the joking mood I replied that I'd probably go with the WOODEN hangers.  Her sister, not to be left out said, "If I were your mom, I'd use that POLE we put the hangers ON."  :D




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I agree but the trevor jones music score is good.

Split with ya' on "Dark Crystal" though I went to it way back as a Christmas release for 1982-(NOTE: A great movie year by the way)


& found it dull, but not bad, just mediocre (**)

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 *Faye Dunaway is brilliant as *Joan Crawford & was "ROBBED" of another *Oscar shot!?


Completely agree with this! I have seen Mommie Dearest about ten times and that ^^^ is the reason why!




*KATHARINE HEPBURN in "0n Golden Pond"


MARSHA MASON, "Only When I Laugh"

SUSAN SARANDON, "Atlantic City"

& MERYL STREEP, "French Lieutanant's Woman"

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back in the early 1970s I had the issue of marvel comics' man-thing where howard the duck made his debut...



he called us naked hairless apes. :)


Did they try to mate in the comic....




....or better had an offspring?  :lol:



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