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SF & Fantasy Trivia

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This trivia thread is dedicated to films and television in the science fiction and fantasy genres. From the silents to the newest releases, all questions are welcome on the subject.



First question: This science fiction film, released in the early days of the SF movie boom, was highly advertised before its release so far in advance that low-budget producer Robert Lippert rushed out a copycat SF film to be released at the same time. The original film's producer took Lippert to court, resulting in Lippert's film's posters and press releases having to prominently declare that it was NOT the other movie!


Name these two science fiction classics.

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DJBeacon--These were the three; "A*P*E*" (1976)--Starring Alex Nichol and Joanna Deverona (Kerns)


                   "King Kong" (1976)--Starring Jessica Lange and Jeff Bridges.


                   "King Kong" (1933)--Starring Fay Wray and Robert Armstrong.


Lawrence's Thread.

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What low-budget fantasy film starred both an actor that went on to appear in one of the biggest SF films of all time, as well as a man that had previously starred as perhaps the most famous detective? 


Hint: B.I.G. in the 60's.

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This visual effects pioneer and inventor directed 2 SF films roughly a decade apart. They both have become cult favorites. The first prefigured some aspects of Star Wars as well as having a strong environmental storyline. The second was using ground-breaking camera techniques, but was marred by real-life tragedy that critically damaged the film and it's eventual release.


Name the inventor/director, as well as his 2 directorial efforts.

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I should have gone with my guess but thought Douglas had directed more than 2 films.

But let's keep this thread / topic alive!!!


Next: This movie was another production based on a legendary S/F and Horror writer's story and starred a former US president's wife.

Name the movie, writer and even the former Prez's wife's maiden name.

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This SF tale is considered a benchmark in both the original novel and the first film adaptation. The film was later remade for TV 18 years after the cinema version, followed by another, big-budget cinema version 24 years after that. Some of the novel's terminology has entered into the common vernacular, including a word associated with this very website!


Name the story!


Hint: The two big cinema versions were American films, but they each starred an Australian actor.

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