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"All I Do is Dream of You"

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Someone pls help! I've had the song stuck since watching The Affairs of Dobie Gillis earlier this week... and what's driving me nuts is not the song itself (which is lovely!) but the fact that I can't remember where else I've heard it... Im 99% sure that it was used in some clip that was in either in one of the That's Entertainment movies or in MGM: When the Lion Roars... but more likely the former...


Anyone know?

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It's an old standard, so it's been used a lot. The first thing I think of though, is when it's used in Singin' in the Rain. Kathy Seldon sings it with the other gals after she jumps out of the cake...


Gene Raymond sang it in Sadie McKee...

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Thanks for pointing that out...


For some reason I keep thinking that it was also used in some musical in the late 20's or 30's and that the clip was used in one of the That's Entertainment movies... though sometimes I can't recall exactly which clip is from which one of the three... I'm gonna take a look at the DVDs and see if I wasn't imagining things.... =)

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I have the feeling I've heard it elsewhere, too. The song's title is "All I Do is Dream of You", not Think. Gene Kelly also sang it in Singin' in the Rain (it survives as an outtake on the soundtrack CD issued by Rhino). Judy Garland sang it in Andy Hardy Meets Debutante but it got deleted.

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Ah yes, my bad. No wonder I was having a hard time finding the lyrics:



(Nacio Herb Brown / Arthur Freed)


All I do is dream of you the whole night through

With the dawn I still go on and dream of you

You're every thought, you're everything

You're every song I ever sing


Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring

And were there more than twenty four hours a day

They'd be spent in sweet content, dreaming away

When skies are grey, when skies are blue

Morning, noon and night-time too

All I do is dream of you the whole day through

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Well yeah it *is* a catchy tune... ^..^


Oh well, I'm starting to think it rang a bell because it was used in Singin' in the Rain. But I tell ya, spend enough time watching all the That's Entertainment compilations & outtakes, then a bunch of actual MGM musicals, and everything starts blurring together a bit somehow... or maybe I just haven't had enough sleep lately, heh.


P.S. just adding I found the following info, apparently all the times it's ever been used on film:

Introduced by Gene Raymond in the film "Sadie McKee," 1934

A Night at the Opera (played by Chico Marx at the piano), 1935

Singin' in the Rain (sung and danced by Debbie Reynolds and Girls Chorus), 1952

The Affairs of Dobie Gillis (Debbie Reynolds and Bobby Van), 1953

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Just wanted to point out you missed a flick... It was also featured in 1934's Hide-Out (w/ Robert Montgomery and Maureen O'Sullivan) sung by a lounge singer as Lucky arrives to collect laundries.


The first one I always think of with this song is A Night At The Opera... It's my favorite version!


:) Love the lyrics...

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Gee, BHF---you are on it with your Bob Montgomery trivia! I didn't remember the tune sung in Hide-Out....another reason to get out my tape and watch it again. :) I REALLY wish this one would come out on dvd...in fact, we need a RM box set.


Miss G

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I think I heard this song in a trailer for the Woody Allen movie "Crimes And Misdemeanors". It was an upbeat version followed by a line of dialogue: Something like "God is a luxury I cannot afford".


I prefer his earlier, funnier movies.

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Well it's a popular song... and apparently the theme for Affairs of Dobie Gillis, at least the movie (never watched the TV show).


Kinda wish Affairs of Dobie Gillis was out on DVD.


Mabye someday we'll get a Debbie Reynolds box set? *grin*

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