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I first saw this 1947 Edmond O'Brien movie dubbed into German on TV many years ago when I was visitng relatives back in the "old country", but I don't think I've ever seen it show up on any TV schedule here -- at least, not in the past few years.


According to the TCM database, it's not available on VHS or DVD, and isn't currently scheduled.


Are there any rights problems with this movie? It was released by Universal International, and I know we haven't seen all that many movies from UI recently on TCM (especially from the days of the "mirrored ball" logo). Some of the post-1950 movies show up, and at least one of the pre-code movies they showed back in December was from Universal (if memory serves, it didn't have the plane flying around the world logo, but something even older!). But movies from Universal seem relatively few nowadays on TCM.


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Fedya, to make clearer which movie I was thinking of

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THE WEB is just one of a number of truly fine films noir produced by Unviversal in the 40s and 50s which continue to languish in the vaults without a DVD release. I doubt that there are any so-called "rights" problems here, just a peculiar lack of interest on the part of MCA. In fact, given the success of Warner's and now Fox's film noir box sets, a Universal Noir Box would seem like a sure bet. Although I wouldn't hold my breath.

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Ella Raines, the female lead in the Web also was in a number of other noirs " The Suspect " with Charles Laughton, " The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry " with Geraldine Fitzgerald,and George Sanders, " Phantom Lady " with Elisha Cook all three diected by Robert Siomak ( " The Killers " - Lancaster ), " Brute Force ", directed by Jules Dassin, as Whit Bissell's wife,and " Impact ", a lesser noir that featured the great Helen Walker as the murderous wife of Brian Donlevy. The Web " need a DVD with an audio commentary. Michael Gordon, the directer of " The Web ", was blacklisted.

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I watched this one a few nights ago, along with PHANTOM LADY. Ella's a knockout in both. I particularly enjoyed William Bendix as the cop in THE WEB as well as Vincent Price. It's a very fine piece of film making by an under-rated director. Watched a "b" last night also directed by Gordon--UNDERGROUND AGENT, a 1942 Columbia with Bruce Bennett. A tight little film. Too bad Gordon doesn't get more credit.

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