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One week until the NEW TCM Programming Challenge...with prizes!!

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Hi, everyone,


This is the first announcement for the upcoming Fifth TCM Programming Challenge that will start on February 1st in the General Discussions Forum. I have the honor of hosting this next Challenge and I hope to many of you on the boards participating in this fun contest...and in order to spice it up, I will be providing prizes (DVDs, filmbooks, etc.) to the three contestants who receive the most votes. And the winner will have the honor of hosting the sixth Challenge.


This contest is for ANYONE who would like the feeling of programming a week of TCM movies.


You may have already seen one of the previous four Challenges we have had in the General Discussion Forum during 2006. It is a lot of fun (and work, too). In doing the Challenge, you imagine yourself to be the TCM programmer and schedule one week of TCM programming (following certain criteria given at the beginning of each contest).


The TCM Programming Challenge is a fun-only contest for fans of TCM that was started here by fellow Message Board poster, path40a, in early 2006 as a great exercise for fans of TCM on the Message Board and is not sponsored by TCM. However, the TCM programmer looks in on each contest and if he finds ideas he likes he will borrow them to use as part of his schedule. Many of us have been fortunate enough to have our themes used on TCM.


Here's are samples of entries from our last Challenge contest:













Do not start putting together any schedules yet, though. Each time someone hosts the Challenge, they get to add certain programming criteria to the contest, and I am am looking forward to introducing some of my own. Wait until February 1st to find out the rules.


Keep an eye out for future Challenge announcements.



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Sounds good. But I'd like to know why the "guest programmers" on TCM always have to be celebrities. After all, TCM's meat and potatoes are al the average folks/movie lovers out there who watch its programming. Why are the picks of celebrities of so much more importance and interest? Why doesn't TCM sponsor a contest in which the winner gets to go on TCM with Robert Osborne and introduce and discuss his/her picks?

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I hope you will give us a chance to program many of the smaller movie studio options for your challenge since TCM now leases fron many lesser known Distributors. Here are some of the Production Companies I have seen on TCM this month:


Eagle-Lion Films Inc.

Two Cities Films Ltd.

British Film-Makers Ltd.

J. Arthur Rank Films

British Lion Films Ltd.

Gainsborough Pictures

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rkf0513, for the most part, I am keeping my plans for the new Challenge secret at this time; however, I will let everyone breathe easier by saying the new Challenge will have no Guest Programmer this time. After all, in each month of TCM, there is only one night with a GP. That means only one week out of the four or five in a month happens to have a GP. Well, the week you will be programming will be one of the weeks without the GP.

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Seven days from now (February 1st), we will begin the 5th Programming Challenge, this time called The Great TCM Programming Challenge - Take Five!. Read the very first post in this thread for details. I hope to see you join in.

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