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Gotta love Noel Francis

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I love Noel Francis - does anyone else? She was usually a real threat to

the leading lady whenever she appeared on the scene.

She was the "other blonde" in "Blonde Crazy" - the one that almost stole

James Cagney away from Joan Blondell. She was so sultry and sexy in

that movie.

With films like "The Line-Up", "Guilty as Hell", "Night Court" and "Ladies

of the Big House" - it was easy to see what side of the law she was usually on.

She was also in "I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang" - trying to drag Paul

Muni down on his flight from prison.

Suprisingly she was a follies girl and first came to films in the musical "Fox

Movietone Follies of 1930". In 1935 she was in "Satellite", a Broadway play.

It ran for one performance and she had the female lead.

She made her final film appearances in 1938 in some Buck Jones' westerns.

She died, very young I thought, in 1959.

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I been raving on Noel Francis for a year now. I'm surprised she doesn't receive recognition. She was the ultimate bad girl, badder then Jean Harlow or Bette Davis and that says a lot! Noel could steal Bette Davis title of being a perfect definition of a B****. Noel Francis could really make you hate her. She was a great seductress, great vamp, and cold-hearted towards anyone who she couldn't benefit from. Noel knew how to seduce men with her mind rather then her body. Jean Harlow seduced men with sex and her body while Noel made love to a man's mind and with her smarts got what she wanted. Noel was so good in Night Court, she made me hate her. There's very little info on her and she quit films in 1937, no info why though. She was at her best in the pre-code era. It seem when the pre-code era ended most of the prominent stars of pre-code careers ended too. Was it because pre-code cursed them or they couldn't build a new movie image since they were associated with the immoral pre-code movies?

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